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LIAT operates a fleet of sleek Bombardier aircraft and claims to serve more Caribbean destinations more frequently than anyone else. LIAT flys to 25 Caribbean destinations with more than 700,000 passengers per year.


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Rated by jackie williams on 10/20/17
Absolutely dreadful airline, but islanders have no other options. I am based in UK. Four of us will be spending Christmas in Barbados and decided to put in a few days in Tortola while in the Caribbean. Due to the hurricanes in Tortola, our hotel has been destroyed and won't be available until 2018 as most other hotels there with no infrastructure. Liat has refused to refund or rebook us to another island. We now had to book another Liat flight at full price last minute to Grenada instead. How can they get away so long with this. Who represents the people in the Caribbean for this craziness?

Rated by Bryan Mellon on 02/28/14
We just experienced a 5 hour delay in a flight from Guadeloupe to Antigua (25 minute flight). Delays happen to all airlines but with Liat the delays are longer and more frequent. What sets this airline apart from all others is the poor service, rude behaviour of their agents and the unprofessional manner in which they run their business. Avoid booking a Liat flight if at all possible. My sympathy goes out to those islands that rely on Liat to transport tourists to their island.

Rated by Lauren on 09/20/13
My husband and I were honeymooning in Dominica. Because of a delayed flight and missed US Airways connection, Liat cost my husband and I an extra $2500 when they were incapable of booking another connecting flight that their awful service caused us to miss, and they absolutely refuse to take any responsibility. They have the audacity to say that their only obligation is to get us to our final destination with their airline--they completely disregard any obligation to get us there ON TIME to make our connecting flight. So, according to them, since they got us to St. Maarten, albeit five hours late, they fulfilled their obligations. Okay, cool, thanks Liat. I guess I'll just live in St. Maarten forever now, since you got me here so nicely. I didn't want my flight to the US anyway. You would be better off investing in the training it would take to swim from Miami to any of the carribean islands rather than fly Liat. You would get there much faster, and you'd have much less fury and exhaustion upon arrival. I wish there was a way to make this company go bankrupt. I bet if they actually paid all of the refunds they owe people for their shitty customer service and flight execution, they'd go broke in two seconds. Don't ever, ever fly with Liat. They will ruin your vacation, send you into debt to get home, and refuse to cover a penny of a flight that you're forced to schedule on your own.

Rated by Mark on 08/31/13
I gave it one star only because negative numbers were not available. Flight was four hrs late letting to our destination and three hours late leaving for our return. We missed our connection and had to do a overnight in San Juan and rebook at a cost of over $2000 for our party of four. The islanders HATE L.I.A.T. for the damage done to tourism for their foul customer service, poor maintanence, inconsistent flight schedules, and idiotic administrative policies. Several islander suggested that the only way to solve the problems at LIAT is to fire EVERYONE who works there. The consensus is that the staff are incompetent, corrupt, lazy, and / or stupid.

Rated by david barker on 08/16/13
I beg ppl please boycott this airline they are the worst airline ever ever they disgust me beyond

Rated by Jim on 07/30/13
If you can avoid this airline, even if it means going through Miami or San Juan with another airline, you should do it. I have had regular experience with LIAT as I have had to hop between islands and I am now doing just that. You have a high likely hood of it actually taking less time and money then being with LIAT.

1) Time - LIAT is awful about being on time. They arrive when they can and leave when they can. If you are sitting in the waiting area and are supposed to be boarding at 5:15, it can be 5:45 before they even bother to announce a delayed flight that. I have had multiple flights that were delayed by HOURS and hadn't even left the last airport. LIAT personel knew the flight was delayed yet can't be bothered to announce it to waiting passengers.

2) Customer Service - You have not experience LIAT service until you get to the front of the line and are told that you have been bumped from your flight. You then get to go over to the "customer service desk" and wait for the lady to stop talking about her clubbing plans with her girlfriend in order to ask you what you want. Then she will sigh and roll her eyes like you are putting HER out of her way by making her help you after you are bumped from your flight. DO NOT EXPECT COMPENSATION. If you are in a foreign country and are stuck over night from being bumped, they will not pay for hotel, food, transport, anything. You will be lucky if they give you a "credit" to use on LIAT in the future if you have to cancel your trip due to being bumped. You are also told to wait two weeks before they can confirm if you have any sort of reimbursement.

3) Planes: The planes are obviously old and poorly maintained. Sitting in Antigua you can hear flight after flight being delayed due to maintenance issues. When you board the flight, count yourself blessed if there is enough A/C (not really AC as it is rarely cold) blowing through the nozzles to give you an semblance of comfort. You are better off expecting a hot sweaty flight in a tiny seat.

Rated by Nico on 07/23/13


Rated by Nick on 04/18/13

Liat = "Leave Island Any Time"
Liat = "Luggage In Another Territory"

I guess it's just a fact of life living in the caribbean - there's either none or minimal competition, so most companies get away with absolute murder.

LIAT just another example...


Rated by Lisa on 01/04/13
We checken in 10 bags in st Vincent. Jumped on the Liat plane to Barbados. When We got to Barbafis NONE of our bags were there. 1 day later the bags arrived. Almost Every bag was destroyed, cut open and things were stolen From them!
Liat are thievs! NEVER fly with them!!!!

Rated by jennifer Dontfraid on 12/23/12
I have been trying to retrieve my luggage since the 19th of december,calling the airport .in dominica for help I received two suit cases the orther two I have not is now the 23 rd and all I AM HEAEING IS FLIGHTS ARE COMING IN IT SHOULD BE ON THE NEXT FLIGHT. HAVE NO CLOTHES FOR THE XMAS SEASON .FROM SANJUAN TO DOMINICA LIAT TRANSFERED ME TO ANOTHER LIAT FLIGHT TO DOMINICA. AND DID NOT LOAD THE LUGGAGES TO THE FLIGHT I WAS TRANSFERED TO. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP. I CAN BE REACHED AT 203 435-0396 THANK YOU.

Rated by Peggy on 10/21/12
We were caught by a tropical storm and Liat fed us lies and exaggerations for 3 days. They NEVER run on time, so please NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE. I was concerned before I left, and every single concern came to life. We had to deal with them in St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Antigua, and St. Thomas due to massive delays, and they don't seem to have any real employees working for them. They seem to contract out workers at the airports, so they were really no help and felt not a bit bad for not telling us anything for hours and hours. We watch other airlines move passengers and aircraft for 3 days, while Liat, the mafia Caribbean airline, lied and hid from us. It was really horrible.

Rated by Isaac Barnwell on 09/01/12
the liat offical is a disgrace not informative enough and when they do they lied give you a different story every time knowning it is untrue

Rated by C Dub on 04/16/12
The horrible standards by which Liat operates are well-outlined below, so I will not belabor those points. Just a word of advice for those stuck on Liat - because trust me, you will be stuck on Liat eventually if you fly in the Caribbean with any frequency - is to treat their check-in and gate agents like they are princes and princesses. Make it seem like you realize it is you inconveniencing them and not the other way around, and they will bend over backward for you. Yes, your flight will still be cancelled (or leave early) and you will be stranded for a day, but at least they will pay for your hotel, retrieve your baggage, and help you work with your ongoing airline. Without exception, I get treated well when I politely beg for mercy. The second I start to behave as though they are not superior to me is the second I end up buying my own room and figuring out my own mess. Just a heads up for those of you stuck on the Liat monopoly.

Rated by peters on 01/15/12
change of flight without previos notice and had to overstay in trindad on my own expences

Rated by Chris Trickett on 12/09/11
LIAT on strike yesterday refused to help get a sick baby to a connecting flight from Antigua to London for very urgent treatment at Great Ormand Street Hospital. Apalling people. BVI AIRLINE came to rescue.

Rated by Evan on 08/31/11
To whom it may concern,

I flew Liat airlines on tuesday the 30th of August. I am sorry to say it was one of the worst and disrespectful experiences of my life. I have never written a letter of complaint in my entire life, but I truly think this is worthy of one.

I flew on flight # 754, from Dominica to Antigua. There was a connecting flight from Antigua to San Juan. Flight # 362. We were not able to board the flight due to a security strike within Antigua (a place I will never go back, and make sure everyone I know does not go there as well). I fully understand that the security strike was NOT part of Liat.

The Liat workers were not helpful to say the least. We were supposed to get on the flight at 9:50. We waited in the security line for 3 hours. There was about 30 people in the line. The Liat workers laughed at us and were siding with the security strike (which they said they had nothing to do with). The Liat workers did not want us to get on the flight. They told us the plane would wait for all the passengers (since more than half the people in the line were on flight #362.

I finally got through security only to find out my plane had LEFT. I ran down to the gate to ask what to do. This part I wish I was joking about. The Liat worker who was working at the gate LAUGHED right in my face and told me the computers were down and then just turned his back on me. So now I am in Antigua with no clue what to do or where to go. There was one Liat worker who was very helpful. I wish I could remember her name.

So it is about 15 people who are just wandering around begging for an answer of what to do next. We would talk to people and they would literally NOT respond. I thought I was being singled out for being an American but that was not the case, they were treating everybody like this. I cancelled my flight because the next flight they had available would not work for me. The flight was leaving at 10 AM and I had another flight through UNITED that left at 11:30. I was given a credit of only half of the 917$$$ I paid, and the credit was good for only Liat airlines. Unfortunately this is an airline I will never be taking again.

It is hard to believe that I can not get a refund on my ticket. I know there is a policy but what happened to the pride of a business. I have had to spend another 900$ to get a flight from American Airlines, just to be able to get to San Juan on time. I will not accept anything besides a full refund. I am sleeping in the airport tonight because Liat WONT put us in any hotel or anything of that sort. It was a sad sight to see, for both the airline and the country of Antigua.

I was given this email by a Liat worker (i believe he was a manager) his name is Marvin Charles. He told me there was nothing he could do. He understood my situation and was actually quite nice about it. I will be sending this email every day until my request is heard. If it is not heard I will contact my embassy and explain the problem to them to hopefully advise Americans not to fly Liat. It is a good thing I live in Washington DC, so this will not be hard to do.

Rated by chekov on 07/03/11
we were pretty chilled - on holiday, no connecting flight - so when were bumped off a LIAT flight in Nevis (incoming plane had too many passengers ?!) we thought ok - they'll have a system and look after us - we won't take it hard.
WRONG !!!!
Supervisor disappears, junior check-in girl comes on like it's our fault and it's messed up her day !
Bizarre because the attitude of alll the other islanders we met in two weeks could not have been more helpful.
And the lad who drove us to the ferry to St Kitts was spot on - as was the LIAT supervisor in St Kitts - very solicitous.
Would have thought :
1/ action plan thought through and trained for each flight mishap
2/ customer service training
3/ Nevis LIAT management concern
NOT a bit of it !
and compensation ? $75 voucher for a LIAT Flight -like we're going to want that based in the UK ?
They then went on to lose luggage on a too-fast transfer in Antigua -no compensation due if delivered within 24 hours - so toiletries etc are just tough.
Unfortunately this shower have a monopoly - and clearly know it !

Rated by ts on 07/03/11
Another dissatisfied Liat customer: I flew Liat airlines for the first and final time last week. I was flying from St. Vincent to San Juan, PR via St. Lucia and Antigua. When I arrived in St. Lucia, my flight was delayed for 4 hours. When we finally left, they announced that they added an additional unscheduled stop in St. Kitts. My flight was then delayed in Antigua. I arrived in San Juan 8 hours after the scheduled time missing my connecting flight to the US. Liat refused to provide a hotel room or cover the change of flight fees. Poor customer service, difficult to contact. DO NOT FLY WITH LIAT!

Rated by Lynn T on 04/06/11
The worst airline ever. Lost our bags in December 2010. Still waiting for response for them after filling in all the paperwork. Have had to replace everything that was lost and unable to claim on Travel insurance because of LIAT`s no response. Told lies in the airport when we reported our bags missing that LIAT never lose a bag, they never read the web either than because we have found nothing but complaints about missing bags. The flight was terrible, hot and smelly and late. Never, never again. In fact we were never meant to be with this airline in the first place but got transferred and had no choice as we had to get our connection to London

Rated by DEEE on 02/11/11
Worse airline ever....the poorest customer service. Listing to the employees talk is like listening to a pre-programmed parrot. They are consistent in their lack of customer service and that is as far as consistence goes. If you intend to have the worse travel experience they are the airline to book with.

Rated by Thomas Curtin on 01/06/11
It was infuriating that my nonstop flights from SJU to SLU over the holidays, purchased in September, became 1-stop flights, both ways, two weeks before travel with Liat not acknowledging any difference in fare. These days, one pays a premium for nonstop itineraries. I chose St. Lucia as a destination in September expressly because they offered nonstops out of San Juan after Christmas. For two persons, the fare was nearly $1,000. I think it unfair, in the eleventh hour, that stops are added (which I had to agree to, under duress) with no reduction in fare offered as a credit. It\'s a shame, too, since the company\'s fleet of overtaxed Dash 8 aircrafts are poorly maintained. Walking on board was like walking into a men\'s room with urinals that didn\'t flush. Overall, a very disappointing experience. American Eagle it is.

Rated by Beckie Reynosa on 12/22/10
They are THE WORST airline ever! I fly often and have never experienced anything as horrible as what I experienced from them. The customer service is AWEFUL! The people at the airport are unfriendly, unhelpful, and act annoyed if you ask them questions (like "which gate will be boarding my flight?"). We flew on Liat 4 times on our last trip and every time was aweful!! The flight was over 3 hours late arriving due to "change of staff" delays. They lost our luggage and didn't care at all. We had to talk to 6 different people before someone would fill out a lost luggage report. Everyone told us to talk to someone else or to to go the front desk. The front desk was empty!
When someone finally stopped talking with friends long enough to come help us, she didn't even care. She acted like it wasn't her problem. They wouldn't even reimburse us to buy new toothbrushes and deodrant for the 2 days we were without our luggage. They refused to call me to tell me when my luggage arrived because my cell phone was a long distance call for them (not an international call, just long distance). Instead, they told me to call them each day to find out the status. I called EVERY 20 minutes from 7am until 2pm before I finally got someone to just answer the phone. They found my luggage, but were completely put out when I asked them to bring my luggage to my hotel (every rental car on the island was sold out and taxi rides are expensive). It was AWEFUL! We went hoping to have an enjoyable anniversary, but we spend most of our time fighting with this stupid airline. DON'T FLY LIAT! You will regret it!!

Rated by sandra horsford on 09/05/10
wow , these comments are no similar than that of the many Airlines out there, LIAT is not the worst trust me. Try COPA , American , Us Airways or British . LIAT agents are always helpful, we were stuck in Antigua and they even bought baby food and accesories for my baby, no other airline would bend backwards for us like that

Rated by Eldin on 09/05/10
i go to school in the caribbean and i and my classmates fly out from the usa or canada several times a year.. Liat is the worst airline for customer service, and the worst airline for arriving on time. i flew in to puerto rico, my airline was late from USA, and i was put on standby every day for 2 days..When i got my chance to go on, little did i know i was also standby in Antigua,, and when i arrived they refused to allow me on saying the flight was full.. After a few moments the plane was getting ready to leave and then a person appeared saying they were on the plane.. The attendant rushed the person on to the plane.. When i was asked why she had tole me the plane was full when in fact there was actually room,, the attendant replied "im sorry sir the flight is full, thank you, good bye"...
I then caught the evening flight to a neighboring island closer to my destination,

complaining doesn't help , liat is a monopoly run by poorly trained , rude, agents,

my bags were also not on my flight, even though i was assured they would be,,

don't fly LIAT, Dont listen to the good reviews they are very isolated, and not the majority,, I flew out on tuesday and reached my destination on saturday..

fly american eagle, american airlines or any other american jet, customer service and reputation is above anything you will see on the caribbean airlines, LIAT and WINAIR.

Rated by The objective observer on 08/08/10
First , let me say: I don't work or LIAT or have any friends that do. I have flown on LIAT multiple times over the last 10 years without major issues (thank goodness). I wouldn't deny they have operational problems from time to time (any airline will have them). For those of you who say they're the worst airline on earth, realize that there are other airlines that routinely loose not just the passenger's luggage, but also the passengers as well... be THANKFUL YOU ARE STILL ALIVE TO MAKE THE COMPLAINTS you are making. LIAt is just in need of some better customer relations skills... but they got YOU to your to the destination alive and quickly. I would wager the majority of LIAT's customers have a positive experience else , how could it stay in business?

Rated by Sarah V on 07/21/10
I've flown LIAT a few times during the past year or two and haven't had problems of any sort. They were on time, courteous, and the bags went on the same plane as I did. In fact, they've made an extra effort to help me out on two occasions. So even though it's tempting to laugh about Leave Island Any Time, etc., I've stopped dissing them. In my experience, they really have improved.

Rated by Mary Ann Krating on 07/11/10
Worst airline we have ever flown - avoid this airline at all costs. We will not go into too many details, but PLEASE DO NOT book a flight on this airline. I cannot stress this enough. I wish we would have never flew on LIAT. Customer service is terrible and they could care less about you or your situation. They just want your money.

Rated by Ethan on 07/09/10
I fly ~50 segments a year and Liat is by far the worst airline I've ever dealt with (and this includes quite a few other third-world airlines). They misbilled our credit card on a reservation (purchased by Orbitz), said "everything was fine" when we called in advance to ask what was up, flew us on our outbound legs, then pulled us out of the boarding line during a stopover on the return trip and demanded $900 cash to let us board. We offered multiple credit card but they would only accept cash ("we'd be happy to take you to Western Union so somebody could wire you the money"). We ended up having to buy tickets on another airline to get home, though this required intervention by the US Embassy because Liat tried to have us held by immigration officials for "not paying them".

Rated by Faith on 07/07/10
The airline itself is quite a long way off from being perfect. They need a new fleet of planes, but imagine the horrible ground staff especially some Barbadian Travel reps they give the air line a worst name.Too many women in the organisation who have no training and manners.

Rated by Mya Chisi on 06/28/10

This airline does nothing to provide quality service, the airline pilots went on strike. The staff did not provide any information at all. Spent 5 days stranded without any help/ assistance form Liat. They did not even bother themselves to respond to my customer complaint.

Rated by S. Neabore on 05/19/10
If you have no luggage and no time constraints, it's a fine airline. If you need to be on time or have luggage you would like to see within 2 weeks, find another airline. I've flown with them multiple times and NEVER get my luggage sooner than a week later.

Rated by S on 04/13/10
We boarded the plane at Tortola, with a connection at Antigua back to london. Only one of our three bags arrived, because the flight was overbooked, and they failed miserably to put \\\"Connecting \\\" labels baggage on in front of those without out the tag. When they were sent on, both arrived in Antigua, when they arrived only one was still there, which has arrived safely in the UK, and now back to our house, courtesy of BA. However the other one is now said to be stolen, and appears that it will not return.

Rated by H Kochs on 03/12/10
Avoid this airline if you can. Flight cancelled because too few passengers booked on it. No compensations at all.

Rated by HNX on 02/11/10


Rated by Disappointed Passenger on 12/28/09
Traveling a lot. Experienced many airline companies. LIAT IS THE WORST! Expensive, flight canceled, harshly employees, no customer service at all, lost luggage, poor management not taking responsibility, neither in the airports nor in Antigua, promises not kept, incompetent & lying personnel. Waiting for 6 months for an answer from headquarter. Very unprofessional!!!

Rated by fed up on 10/13/09
never again. This airlines is charging you taxes that noone can explain to you. There is airport taxes collect on you tickets and when you check in you still have to pay these taxes and no one can give you and answer. complete rip off.

Rated by joseph on 06/25/09
LIAT- worse Airline flown, its time we Caribbean people have a change. Good-bye LIAT it was nice being around 50 yrs.

Rated by laurel on 06/14/09
Me being from the caribbean I knew about liat and the problems . BNUT imagine my suprise when I got to the counter and was told taht my second bag was $60 which started in december althougth I got my tickets in october it did not make a diffrence I ended up paying $240 for the second bags. Then I was told that the regular #22 bags where too big for carryons and would have to be checked. After all of this I went to wait for the flt only to find out that there where other people there of a diffrent race with the same size and bigger bags than i did but thay let them go. I think that the workers in sju are racist and I wrote the company about it noting it has been 4 months.

Rated by Tricia on 06/14/09
LIAT = awful. My story seems to be everyones story so I will spare people with the details. All I can say is what they did to us should be considered criminal. We got into the US and then had to stay at a airpot hotel b/c they delayed us by 7.5 hours. We didnt get a hotel voucher, a meal, hell... a drink would have been a nice gesture. NOTHING!!!! Their stance was that they got us to our final destination so they were not liable for pay our additional hotel, food and transportation costs. NEVER again. They suck.

Rated by Becky on 05/26/09

Rated by Karen Nunez on 04/12/09
An update: If anyone is based in the UK and you have had a bad experience with Liat Airlines then feel free to email me: - I am looking to now get legal and as they say there is strength in numbers.

Rated by F Cox on 03/23/09
i have flown with a few major airlines and to me Liats service is no different from any of them really i've had Air Canada loose my bags American lost and damaged my bags Caribbean Airlines(former BWIA) damage my bag but with Liat i just had an hr and a half delay in SVG - st. vincent. the idiotic people on here just dont know wat the hell their talking about and no i am not an employee i even had trouble with the same damn CSTAR they were awful no one working for the company just didnt know wat they were doing. all in all liat was here before us and will be around long after us. believe wat i say

Rated by evan lobo on 03/17/09
well once u get the first flight out it seems to go ontime but during the afternoon and night u bound to be late - also grenada makes u pay departure tax when all the other islands at least trinidad and barbados taxes are included in the ticket - had a bad experience years ago out of dominica when we got to antigua - late by an hour they sent us into the terminal and flight left without any message and the male staff was so rude i had to restrain my friend from punching him big time - we then were put on a flight to st vincent - when we got there staff there did not know who we were and why we got there - so we were put off there and given a sandwich and had to wait for that flight to go to grenad and trinidad and come back for us - finally got to barbados at 1.30 am - talk bout jet lag from a turbo plane - but still liat gets u there safe - i have been travelling with them since the days of the avros and bac 111 jet -

Rated by Jivan T-N on 03/13/09
me and my mom went to dominica on a holiday im part domiican so and it was my 1st time there. from gatwick airport (BRITAIN) we went on a british airways flight which took 8hrs to aintiga. we stopped at antigua for 1 night then the next day went to dominica.when we got there non of out bags wer there!!!! we dident retain out bags for a further 3 days!!!. 4 days l8ter we went to the airfield in domnica.all the flights wer cancelled and we had to pay our money to get back to our familys home via taxi and cost £65!!.
we waited at the airfield for like 7 hrs for a flight.everybody was pushing,fighting,swearing,spittin at each other to get though the door onto the flight.luckily me and my mom got on the plane.when we got to antigua we wer relieved to get our luggaged back.but we spoke to other people and they dident get there luggage back we wer the lucky 1's other people missed there connection flight back to the uk to wait for there luggage.other ppl left there bags in the carribean to get there connection flight. next time me and my mom are taking the ferry to dominica.

Rated by Alex Corbin on 03/13/09
I would have to say that every airline has it's problems. To all those passengers that come through the Caribbean and want to have an attitude just because they have a fixed mentality before they even get infront of the agents try behaving like that at Virgin Atlantic and see if you and your many bags don't get offloaded. I have seen improvements in Liat's service since last year and it is phenominal. Some areas still need to be improved but every airline needs to work on some aspect of their service. And stop thinking that a straight answer is being rude, I mean what do you do in the U.K., talk in codes. All in all you either get a good experience with Liat or you get a not so good one. Stop freaking out on people when you know you can't do it on a U.K. carrier or a U.S. carrier!

Rated by karen nunez on 02/28/09
I have to say that I am really shocked that this airline is still in operation. They lost my luggage and had the cheek to get rude and have an attitude with me! Staff were totally unhelpful and cold-hearted - even though I was blatantly upset they still showed not a single drop of human kindness. I returned back from my "holiday" totally stressed, upset and mad as hell. I definately intend to pursue this - anyone else interested then pls email

Rated by MAFF on 02/28/09

liat is the best because it's the only choice you have

Rated by David Lea on 01/28/09
I have just flown LIAT around the Caribbean over Christmas and New Year. Liat were on time staff polite. They changed our flight back to San Juan from Antigua to go via Torolla and it gave us a nervous time thinking we might not make our connection in SJU but hey nothing ever goes smoothly. I have complaints about the major airlines so LIAT are no different. One more thing for those of you who are whinging, you only booked LIAT probably because they are a `LOW COST AIRLINE`, you get what you pay for!

Rated by Jim on 01/13/09
LIAT is a strong contender for the worst airline in the world. They canceled our fllight from San Juan to Tortola without prior notice long after the scheduled departure time (having listed it as "on time" for four hours), blamed either Anguilla ATC or crew timeout (alternatively), then refused to even help find a hotel or alternative flights. Their best offer was to fly two of our party of four late the next day and the rest later in the week.

Returning (through St. Maarten), the flight was two hours late with no explanation other than "the arriving airplane was late". Duh.

The employees were universally unpleasant and uncoooperative. But who wouldn't, working for such a disgusting operation.

On the positive side, the one flight they did fly didn't crash. But I do wish they would redo the lettering when they put patches on their airplanes.

I wouldn't send a goat on this airline.

Rated by Anthony Jean-Jacques on 12/29/08
Completely agree with most of the negative comments made here. LIAT also lost my luggag and no help given. Staff very RUDE. If you use this airine then on you head be it because this airline is inept and a complete JOKE.

Rated by stephanie on 12/19/08
Any one who rated LIAT more the 3 stars probably works for the airline. This airline stinks. The only reason people fly with them is because they are the only airline that goes to certain islands. The staff is rude and unhelpful. They lost our luggages. Two days later they dont even have a record of my lost bags nor anyone else on the flight and they have yet to help me out. DO NO FLY W/THEM... STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST

Rated by Never Again on 11/20/08
You know, it's easy to say "If you're respectful of their culture..."

But, since they took your money and your bags... and then kept your bags and ignore you. Or give you another number to call. And then another number. And then call someone else.

Maybe they should be respectful of our culture. Or at least the legal contract created when you PAY them. I have been polite a lot. They use that as an excuse to treat you like crap. Still don't have my luggage after four months.

Hey- Any attorneys want a class-action lawsuit? Let's bankrupt these guys. I'm on board for it. Maybe whoever replaces them will learn.

Rated by Annie on 11/18/08
What a shambles. Customer Care? Customer Service? I dont think so, if your lucky you will get a member of staff to serve you fully, from issuing an e-tickets to finally taking a payment for your excess baggage. Some even take more then is necessary for excess baggage and when payment is made with a large note, the comments that follow is 'I DON'T HAVE ANY CHANGE' and this comment normally comes five minutes before your flight is due to depart,so your priority is to get on that plane with your luggage. Well! maybe you might get on that plane but wave goodbye to your luggage cause it is still sitting on the tarmac watching your sorry behind depart. Who knows when we will meet again, as you are on the very last flight out tonight. I must say I was impressed with the robots operating the lost luggage desk. as that seems to be the only software that is kept updated as they reply in their automated pre programmed voices and thier pens and lost luggage pads at the ready. Once you have completed the said forms, you are then left to wonder around like a stray dog not knowing when you are likley to see or change into you clean underwear again which was purposely bought for your trip, who knows if may turn up on ebay or a new little boutique at Melville Hall Airport called 'Annie's Wears'

Rated by Tracey on 10/22/08
Tracey Antoine UK
LIAT is the pits. They put shame on the caribbean. Very sad. I had fond memories of LIAT, when my mum first took me to Dominica at the age of 10 years. I hope it improves.

Rated by Trent F. on 10/22/08
LIAT have not refunded me for flights they cancelled, and at least five others I know of. I have set my bank and VISA onto them to have their credit card accreditation revoked. Maybe my lawyer too, however much it costs. If I steal $100's I'm a thief.......

Rated by Jericho on 10/16/08
My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon...and we're lucky to have survived. We experienced the single most terrifying flight that either of us have ever been on. I'm not the biggest fan of flying in the first place, but the one LIAT flight we took from St. Lucia to Barbados (for a transfer to American Airlines) was a horror. The pilot went headfirst into a stormcloud when he could have easily avoided it. The result? Imagine a 300 foot drop in the span of 1 second. The plane banked hard from side to side and we almost flipped upside down. Luggage came crashing out of the overheads. 5 minutes of total terror that felt like hours. The lousy pilot didn't even radio back to check if everyone was okay, let alone warn us what he was doing. I will never forget this nightmare flight...people were screaming, crying, hyperventilating and praying. On top of that, the plane smelled like they use it to routinely transport mountains of animal dung. I got sick to my stomach from the stench alone, then the pilot took us for a tailspin. Avoid this airline if you can. American Eagle still operates and runs smooth. When we landed in Barbados I crossed myself. Thank god American Airlines was a smooth, comfortable flight home.

Never again.

Rated by Sean Edridge on 10/10/08
LIAT is the best Airline i've ever travelled on for 10 years of travel on them have been wonderful. Ive seen the staff at their best to assist people because they helped my family through thick and thin when travelling, my bags were somewhat delayed but i always got them in good time. There is a special bond that my family and I have with the airline because it belongs to us, the caribbean people. I will not entertain any negative chatter about LIAT. It's competitors left us high and dry, namely American Eagle, Caribbean Star,EC Express and some small mosquitoes around. Liat is my monument and I will welcome anyone to use LIAT my airline of choice in the caribbean. Its not easy to take harsh criticisms from the haters out there, but I celieve in LIAT and I hope that they will continue to hold their head up high no matter what.

Rated by levi martin on 09/29/08
I flown on liat since at the age of 5 years old, i'm now 28 and i've never lost my bags nor delayed at any airport nor encountered rude staff, I feel sorry for them , when they meet inconsiderate rude people like us who continue to put these agents under pshcological trauma. I have many good friends who work there and are very helpful and kind people but passengers make it to difficult for them to function to go beyond and assist.

Rated by Leslie on 09/18/08
I just got back from my honeymoon and I must say, the resort we stayed at in the carribean was amazing but LIAT nearly ruined our entire vacation. For starters, the airline caused us to miss out on an entire day because we were a day late getting there. Then they lost my luggage. At the resort, you can't go to certain restaurants without being dressed up! All I had was what I wore there and a bathing suit. 2 days into my honeymoon, I finally got my luggage. Most of the LIAT staff is rude and unhelpful.. We made stops along the way that were not even on our itenarary. I will never fly LIAT again, even if it means avoiding the carribbean. I encourage all resorts to speak up and do something about this horrible airline. After all, it's tourism most islands depend on.

Rated by Josianne on 09/11/08
Returned from vacation in Santo Domingo to Medical school in Commonwealth of Dominica in January 4th 2008.. LOST ALL LUGGAGE, FILE DCLAIM AND REPEATED CHECKED WITH LIAT IN SANTO DOMINGE< ANTIGUA > & COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA. ITS NOW SEPT 11th 2008 and rembuirsement NOR any word to luggage which i am sure was already auctioned off and money placed in LIAT ACCOUNTS!!

Rated by valencia on 08/11/08
liat is the worst airline
lost my luggage and rude customer service agents.

Rated by John Bloomfield on 05/22/08
Liat representatives failed to tell me that the flight I was checking in for was going to have 2 stops adding an hour and 45 minutes of flying time (my flight was only 20 minutes) due to one of their flights being cancelled. They should have informed me on the spot and given me the option of flying the next day. If you are a flier of Liat, I am sure that this is not a surprise. I will NEVER fly on Liat again.

Rated by Ashley Harris on 05/20/08
I never write comments about things on the internet, but LIAT lost my bag, and were so UN-helpful it was un-true. I visited the airport every day and got no-where.

Rated by Patrick H. on 04/16/08
Sitting in Antigua for the 4th hour.....flight to Trinidad is delayed help...stuck in security area....bad food..flight to Trinidad on Caribbean Airlines just left....should have booked w/them!

Rated by Jeanpierre Casimir on 04/01/08
I am from the caribbean and I love LIAT, but what them American and British people say about the Caribbean Airline they would never say about American Airlines or British Airways, LIAT has always been good , very helpfull staff even bended backwards to assist me and my family and even though my bags are delayed, I know that I will get them on the next flight. It's surprising that the French completely supports the airline more than our own english peoples, LIAT WILL ALWAYS BE MY CHOICE OF TRAVEL


Rated by j.welch on 02/25/08
Just returned from two weeks in the Caribbean Islands, which involved five LIAT flights. In previous years the service has been fine- this year we noticed a severe deterioration. Four of the five flights were seriously delayed, the main reason being given was shortage of crew. We arrived in Antigua from Barbados four hours late ,after midnight and the return flight from St Lucia eventuallly took off after the cancellation of three previous flights. Since we had allowed six hours for a 50 minute journey, we were not happy to miss our connecting flight to the UK. The ground staff do not seem to be given any information to help passengers and the reputation of LIAT with locals and tourists alike seems to be at rock bottom. But there is no competition.
On the plus side , the planes and cabin crew were good on all the flights we took, once they arrived. And under pressure they did manage to sort out an alternative transatlantic flight to the UK, later that night.
J welch 02/25/08

Rated by kaitlin on 01/15/08
we got mysteriously bumped off one of our flights in the morning so they put us on the next flight. Then the next flight was 4 hours late because something was wrong with it. This caused us to miss our flight back into the states. To our surprise we couldnt get anther connecting flight back into the U.S. for three days. So we were stuck on st martin for three days. The representatives told us to go to Liat for them to pay for a flight that we had to now buy just to get back into the U.S. where they refused so we ended up paying 5,000 more dollars without getting repaid. we are never flying liat again. seriously the worst airline i have ever experienced.

Rated by Maplegirl on 01/08/08
Missed my connection as a result of a flight that was 2 hours late. Lost my bags, then found them but stuff had been taken, just cheap jewelry but still annoying. They did pay for hotel rooms, cabs and meals, however.

Rated by simon on 12/21/07
still no bags....

Rated by missing my bag on 12/20/07
Lost my luggage between antigua and st martin. no one wants to help or locate my bags!!! this airline is a joke and should be taken out of business. the staff are unhelpful and down right rude no customer service not one appoliogy my bag is worth about £4500 and now its gone.... do not use this airline...

Rated by Eileen on 12/10/07
I travelled with Liat in June, July and December this year - only because it was not possible to use another airline as they have an almost complete monopoly in the Caribbean.. On each occasion our baggage has been 'lost' - which actually is a code for not putting it on the aircraft! On the most recent occasion, 7th Dec 07, the aircraft we boarded was actually unsafe! - although this was discovered only when about to take -off. Despite being only approximately 60% full, the staff informed us - while ON the plane waiting for take-off - that no luggage had been loaded due to 'weight restrictions'!! Can you imagine the concerns & fears of the passengers as we took off for Antigua? As the plane was so late in arriving, I almost missed my connecting international flight. Thus I was unable to complete the lost baggage form, as they are only available in the Arrivals Hall, after passing through Passport control. I suggest that in future Liat makes these forms available ON THEIR AIRCRAFT as well as at all Liat / Information points in the airports. I agree with the comments about rude, unhelpful staff and that the positive comments must have been posted by people connected directly o try with Liat. The pilot of our aircraft left the plane and went back into the Liat offices on Tortola, to get some answers about compensation for his passengers - and the Liat staff refused to the aircraft come out to speak to him!! If the pilots of the aircraft are treated like this, what can anyone expect? When YOU finally locate your luggage, expect to pay for its delivery to your address or to collect it yourself from the airport - unless you have had the foresight to book your complete journey through an international airline such as BA., who will then pay for delivery.

Rated by Jene' T. on 11/11/07
Flew Puerto R. to St Vincent and St Vincent to Puerto R. 8/25 and 9/2/07.

Flight was on time, left on time in both cases. Customer service was fine.

Carried on one bag, checked one small bag. No luggage lost.

Note to travelers- Don't carry your whole house with you and it has less chance of getting lost. Always check your bag tags before they are loaded to ensure they are going to correct place.

Also if you are respectful of the 'culture' and the people that service these airlines perhaps you will have a better experience.

I observed some very rude Westerners on the flight on the way back-you get what you give.

I will fly them again.

Rated by George on 10/28/07
Ask any student who went to school in the Caribbean and they'll tell you that they shudder at the thought of ever having to fly LIAT again. Assume that your luggage will be lost and assume that you will not arrive to your destination on time. Other than that, God help you.

Rated by Caroline Liburd on 10/23/07
I agree do not use them for international transfers as you definately will not receive your luggage, all they want is your money!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!!!

Rated by eulanie ouseley on 10/11/07
Travelled on LIAT, Sept 22, 2007 on a connecting flight from london. Lost baggage. returned with broken lock and missing itmes. i left my mobile on the flight from barbados to guyana. when i called the airline i was told that my mobile was located and i should pick it up from the office the following day. when i arrived at the office, the mobile had mysteriously disappeared. No response from LIAT to this day. No response from customer service. Very unethical staff. the worse airline ever. i will notrecommend LIAT to my WORSTenemy

Rated by Eulanie Ouseley on 10/11/07
Travelled on LIAT, Sept 22, 2007 on a connecting flight from london. Lost baggage. returned with broken lock and missing itmes. i left my mobile on the flight from barbados to guyana. when i called the airline i was told that my mobile was located and i should pick it up from the office the following day. when i arrived at the office, the mobile had mysteriously disappeared. No response from LIAT to this day. No response from customer service. Very unethical staff. the worse airline ever. i will notrecommend LIAT to my WORSTenemy. Too bad there isn't a rating below one star for me to choose

Rated by Michael on 10/02/07
Connections...don't think about making them with this airline...OMG!! What a disaster! always arrives
and leaves late from Guyana to Trinidad especially.The aircraft feel like they are going to fall apart.This airline is the most pathetic around and I have travelled quite a bit around the world and this airline is light years away from being considered even slightly ok. I'm surprised they haven't killed anyone yet.

Rated by floyd A. Emmons on 09/08/07
Absolutely disgusting service. some of the most unhelpful and impertinent staff have eve encountred.

Rated by Thomas on 09/07/07
Horrible, horrible, horrible. Words cannot describe the incompetence of this airline. They got me where I was going, but put my luggage on standby and promptly forgot about it. Cust. service says they have already delivered it or "it will be there tomorrow" or simply let the automated operator route the phone call around in a big loop. And, as mentioned, no returned phone calls or emails. This is worse than dealing with French govt. employees, and believe me, I don't make that claim lightly. This airline won't change anytime soon because 7 countries own 70% of it, and therefore don't have to answer to shareholders. Sadly, they have a near monopoly on Caribbean flights. If your only luggage is carry-on, it probably would be safe to fly, but anything more, take the inter-island ferries. It takes longer, but FAR less hassle in the long run.

As a disclaimer, I should note the problems here are managerial and operational in nature: The airline does not prepare for peak travel times and most cust. service folks aren't helpful because they literally CAN'T help you; The sheer volume of complaints they have to deal with due to the aforementioned problems is staggering. So much luggage is routinely left behind that station managers are forced to CHARTER flights to get all the missing luggage to final destinations.

Fly at your own risk

Rated by John on 08/30/07
Dont use them they are the worst company to deal with. They will loss your luggage and make you pay charges that make no sense. Expensive and unefficient.

Rated by Floyd A. Emmons on 08/30/07
I have to emphasise that Liat offers one of the worst customer service within the airline industry. Having travelled with numerous airlines to various destinations around the world, I have NEVER EVER encountered such impertinence from airline staff and representatives as I have with Liat's. Customer service is non-existaence where they are concern. What a shambles!!!!

Rated by Ivan on 08/30/07
Liat lost my baggage about $9,000 worht of stuff. And they got me stuck in Puerto RIco for 4 days and in Antigua for a week. They will not pay for your accomodations unless you have a group of 24 people or more. Avoid using Liat. Your vacation will turn into a nightmare.

Rated by June Mckenzie Gomba on 08/09/07
If yoou want your luggage, travel with another airline. Lost In Air Travel (LIAT)...The worst I have travelled with. June McKg

Rated by Tom Chatfield on 08/01/07
(Luggage In Another Terminal)
Whatsmore, whether you are lucky enough to get it back or not, you have not a hope of making any claim.
Emailed a dozen times with absolutely no response.

The positive comments here come across as very contrived and I am sure that LIAT themselves must have placed these.

They can only get better I suppose...

Rated by elle on 06/25/07
Liat lost my luggage despite the fact that I checked in 3 hours in advance of my flight. Staff was rude and unhelpful, and gave me their fax number as the line to call and check the next day. The service was just horrible. I would NEVER fly with LIAT again.

Rated by Julz on 05/31/07
BEWARE!!!! Terrible service! Be warned! Incapable of transporting luggage from one island to another. Will lose it every time!Delayed/cancelled flights, missed connections with no responsibilty or help taken. Ruined holiday and incredibly rude uninterested staff too! BEWARE!!!!

Rated by CHRISTINE BENNETT on 05/04/07
It beggars belief that an airline can get it so wrong, late and cancelled flights, unhelpful staff, lost luggage and no compensation.

Rated by slader/salid on 05/04/07
I travel on LIAT frequently through the airlines and have met wonderful staff and have seen a dramatic improvement in their punctuality..Their challenges are no worst than any other airline I have used internationally. It is definitely my first choice especially as it relates to safety.

Rated by Pauline Philips on 05/04/07
I always travel Liat, it has and always will be my airline of choice when travelling though the Caribbean. I admit that there may be areas of improvement, but show me a perfect airline? There is something special about Liat and I would reccommend them to anyone travelling though the Caribbean.

Rated by Pedro white on 04/25/07
Customer service has its ups and downs. My flight was cancelled and no one contacted me so I had to endure four hours wait at E.T Joshua Airport for the next available flight, but I do recommend Liat for inter Caribbean travel.As for baggage they were very accomadating with me and my family

Rated by osman sabir on 04/23/07
Delays. Lost baggage. A Lavatory sign on the cockpit door. A passenger managing to open the emergency exit as if it were a car window. No Oxygen masks. A propellor engine that sounded like it was going to break any second. Nice fruit juice though

Rated by M. Gerstein on 03/28/07
If I ever have the money, I will start my own Caribbean airline to purposely put LIAT out of business...they are an embarrassment to the world's airline industry with no customer service, zero baggage handling skills, and a track record of cancellations that is frightful. Nice job LIAT! You are the best of the worst.

Rated by carolyn on 03/15/07
I was planning to use this airline but now after seeing all the negative way

Rated by Jan Delay on 02/13/07
Never fly Liat! They overbook the flights every time and your luggage is already lost at the check in. your luggage will never arrive at the destination.
No customer service at all!

Rated by thuy on 01/22/07
Liat airlines purposely misplaced my luggage for 3 days. They never attempted to track my suitcase nor did they return any of my calls. Liat's staff just doesn't care about you. The worst part of this matter is that when my baggage was returned to me, half of my things were gone... stolen! And the most interesting part is that the lock was still on. I will never fly with Liat again. Lets just see how they will deal with my claim.

Rated by Tom B. on 12/06/06
Although customer service was quite reasonable, they have changed our flight schedule drastically 3 times (!!!), causing all sorts of problems with connections, and this is clearly business as usual. All they could say was "sorry, we won't pay for a hotel" ..We have now had to pay fines to other airlines to get our connections to work, plus pay for an additional night at a hotel both going and coming! I hate to think what we have in store...

Rated by Sandra Eyles on 11/27/05
We have flown with LIAT many times and have not been disappointed. In fact, there have been instances where the staff have gone out of their way to help us when a problem has arisen. I'd say to all those grumblers - lighten up!
Sandra Eyles - England

Rated by Chris on 11/02/05
Called and e-mailed several times to try to handle a reservatrion issue with no response and message boxed that were full. This is a terrible way to treat customers

Rated by Richard on 10/06/05
Very good airline between the caribbean islands

Rated by 1allsop on 08/24/05
Absolute garbage airline, staff is rude, uninterested. Never return a call? It is normal practice!

Rated by Phil Richards Eng on 06/29/05
I went to St Vincent from St Lucia & the customer service was disgusting. I took it personal but now I see that employees at the company are just rude.

Rated by Michael Meier on 05/15/05
I absolutely can`t recommend LIAT. No customer service and no response to any phone call or e-mail. I can spend my money better at a competitive airline

Rated by Mr Paul Heavyside on 01/28/05
I have been trying to recover a refund for 3 months, they are not very good at customer relations, and never return a call. ? is this company in trouble

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