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Cunucu Abao 37, Aruba
Cuisine Style:
Price Range:
$50+ per person
Dining Service:
Dining Hours:
6 pm to 10 pm. Closed Tuesdays
Credit Cards Accepted:
Wine Spectator Award of Excellence (2007); Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine Best of the Caribbean: Restaurant (2005)

Madame Janette

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The kitchen staff prides itself on preparing most of the dishes a la minute and it features a specials menu. Steaks, grilled meats from the rotisserie, salmon and sole as well as local fish like mahi mahi and grouper, fresh pasta and a wide choice of appetizers are some of the choices you'll find at Madame Janette's.

Madame Janette was founded April 2, 1999 by Ramon Helgers and Karsten Gesing. Their collaboration resulted in a place which offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Ramon is responsible for the exotic fruits, herbs and vegetables you will find in not only our dishes but also in most supermarkets on Aruba. Karsten, a European Master Chef trained in 'old school' traditions creates, with help from his knowledgeable, international oriented staff, tasteful and creative dishes. Their combined worldwide experience give their dishes an original flavor with a touch of Caribbean in them. We call it the Madame Janette experience!

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Rated by Tarneisha G on 11/23/12
I recently, went to this resturant on Tuesday, November 20th for dinner at approxinately 8:00pm. We had a great table near the guitar player and what we thought was a very nice waitress who said she was from Holland. Our dinner was amazing until today I found out that the waitres stoled my credit card number and other information. Now I have over $600 in fraudlentant charges made in the UK, when I am in Aruba. I know it was this waitress at this facility because this was the only place I used this card. Now I have to spend hours on the phone internationally with my bank trying to sort out this mess. Thanks,

Rated by Walter S. on 08/13/11
The entire experience at Madam Jeanette's is excellent.

Rated by Stefanie P. on 02/27/11
although not as good as it was with the previous chef it's still a top favorite!

Rated by Kilgor Trout on 02/08/11
Everyone said to try Madame Janette so we did - incredibly disappointing - First suggestion, never order off the specials menu - it appears to be all pre-made items that allow them to serve you in an instance - and thus turn the table quicker I suspect - ordered the Kobe carpaccio, a delicate dish, come out within in 3 minutes - knew something was up... didnt seem like Kobe Beef to me - it was just ok but clearly had been in a fridge waiting to be ordered because the edges of the beef where dry in appearance, and for some reason, not too much flavor. Also we ordered the "bang bang shrimp" as it was highly recommended - it was horrid - not crunchy, and some kind of sweet sauce poured all over it, more like poo poo shrimp - my tiny wife ordered the Whole Crispy snapper, also recommended with a "so good" from the server - perhaps we should have asked the size of the portion? or maybe it would have nice for the waitress to tell us that this fish dish was bigger than she was and maybe suggest we split it? This dish was big enough for 4 people!! But that would have brought the food bill down and bring about a smaller tip right? We're at fault for not asking perhaps... Even still, it was pre-prepared and apparently deep fried a 2nd time before coming out of the kitchen - not long enough - still cold in the middle, virtually tasteless and was sitting a pool of that sweet syrupy flavorless sauce - I had the Sea Bass - it too was drenched in a sweet glaze, no particular taste, just sweet - it was done all the way through, but cold in the middle? made me feel like it was also pre-made. Wanted some fresh veggies with my meal - was told stir fry veggies and mash come with it - mash was there, again, flavorless but no stir fry veggies! Where are they I asked - OH, they are under the mashed potatoes!! completely covered by the poatoes were teeny weensy bits of something green - I don't think I've had a worse meal for $163.00. we said no to desert and were looked as if, are you sure you dont want to miss this great desert, thats when I know for sure we made the right move... IF you do try this place, call first, they were out of the veal chop, the pork chop and one of the steaks (and we sat down at 7) Not sure what the story was with that, but realize now how much we had been pushed towards the specials menu. Not very special at all. The mojhitos were good... should be at $12 US each - $48 for 4 small drinks... OMG!

Rated by CFW on 01/28/11
The ambiance is very pleasant, especially the live guitarist whose performance made us feel mellow. The food, however, was disappointing. First, the flavor profiles were repetitious. The same sauce, probably Madame Janette's pepper sauce, was used in the sweet and sour, as a base for other sauces and tossed into the mayonnaise. Ditto for the white sauces which had a different base, probably Madame Janette's papaya sauce. Second, the ultimate sin was committed: the whipped cream on the desert was from a can, not freshly whipped. To top things off, the food was overly expensive. I would never go back.

Rated by John J. on 12/26/10
This is our sixth time going there. I can tell you Madame Janettes is always the best meal we have down there. For the older crowd and more of a stuffy decor, try Papiamento's. Pinchos was great for the sunset get there by 5:30 to see it :) Food is really good there too.

Costa Linda was good, that is our timeshare so our unit has yet to be updated which was a bummer. Lots of kids there though, the pool is pretty big but beware they are redoing the restaurant on the beach so there is some construction there. With all the rain the past few weeks, flooding everywhere.

The airport is still not finished with the two new additions (Store and cafe), we were there in March and they just broke ground. Now they have the buildings there but they told us not until March would they be ready.

We are Bucuti Loyal and whenever we stayed there its always top notch.

In the low rise section, where we are, the jet skiing is great, 60 bucks for half hour. They are located on eagle beach you can walk there from Costa Linda. Snorkling is great at Baby beach.

The new mall is finally complete, in the high rise section. They have a new movie theater there also which we tried (megamind in 3D) needed a break from the sun:) the seats are really comfy they recline and clean. Cheap also, 27 florin for 2 adults and one child.

We have eaten at almost every place down there, and to be honest it depends on what kind of mood you are in. High rise has a lot of good places, most of them are for couples very romantic.....There is always salt and pepper (tapas), Texas De Brazil (pricey) but good food.

Hope this helps. We use a local guy there to get us around, his name is Jean Carlo and he is really cool, been using him for a few years now. All the locals there are nice.

New club called confessions is open and you need to get there on Wednesday nights as that is the night to go out in aruba! It is located behind chino latino's another bar/club in the high rise section.

Rated by Maria on 10/09/10
We did go to Madame Janette's for our anniversary. It was definitely different. We enjoyed our meal and also surprised with a piece of chocolate cake and candle for our anniversary.

Rated by JJH on 09/12/10
We had the opportunity to eat at Madame Janette and found the dining experience rewarding. The staff was gracious and the food was outstanding. We both has fish entrees that was prepared with the infusion of deliciate herbs and almonds. We would definately recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Aruba.

Rated by George B on 09/07/10
We have eaten at Madam Janette in this past and have greatly enjoyed it, but I was disappointed this around.  It did not meet up to my expectations from previous years.  I thought maybe it was because of the dinner I chose the first night.  We went a second time after our friends arrived and I still was disappointed.  The menu has changed from previous times we have eaten there.

Rated by Angerie on 06/28/09
Fam. Dumoulin, uit Roermond. Vrijgezellenavond Leon en Marian.
Geweldige avond en uitstekend gedineerd.
Bedankt Ramon en speciaal Jorge voor jullie gastvrijheid.
Jullie suggesties waren top!

Bedankt voor een zeer geslaagde avond.

Rated by MARIE ELLIS on 03/05/09
My favorite restaurant
in Aruba. We starting dining there 6 yrs ago and make it a point to eat there 2x each February. Love the food,atmosphere & prices are reasonable. They don't have a kids menu but will let you get 1/2 order of anything on the menu (which most restaurants won't do) Looking forward to 2010 although we've only been home 12 days so far! Marie & Joe (and kids)

Rated by Amy on 03/03/09
This is the second year in a row we vacationed in Aruba. Everyone told us to eat at Madame Janette and we ate there both times twice. The food is amazing, especially the almond grouper. The staff is very friendly and the service is great. We loved sitting near the entertainment. This is definitely our favorite restaurant in Aruba.

Rated by laura on 02/26/09
have dined there several times during our stays for the past 9 years. this year was the first disappointment. caeser salad was limp and dressing tasted like it was bottled. portions definitely much smaller. staff still attentive, overalll nice, but can't compare to past years. going again tonight, hope it will be better

Rated by Bob Rosenblum on 02/25/09
We loved everything about Madame Janettes - the food, ambience, service. It is definitely on our list of places to return to next time we're in Aruba.
Bob Rosenblum

Rated by ron Goldberg on 02/25/09
Excellent as usual and ate there twice this year.

Geat Tammahawk steak.

Rated by janice smink on 02/03/09
We dined at Madame Janette twice while in Aruba this January. Everything was wonderful. we look forward to dining there again next January. We have been going to Madame Janette's for ten years and have never been disappointed.

Rated by Christine Woodworth on 01/08/09
Although the restaurant service and food were both excellent the restaurant itself was much too hot - not enough air conditioning and therefore the dining experience was unpleasant. Both my friend and I couldn't wait to get out of there, especially when you have been out in the sun all day.

Rated by Debbie Alvarez on 01/08/09
My daughters and I love Madame Janette's and recommend it to all our friends. There is nothing lacking - great food, atmosphere, wait staff, ambience. We wish it was in New Jersey so we could enjoy it more than once a year.

Rated by Faryn on 01/08/09
One of the best meals on the island. Loved the live music and great atmosphere. You must eat here if you plan on visiting Aruba!

Rated by Ann Power on 01/07/09
We go to Aruba every year and Madame Janette's is one of my favorite restaurant on the island. My husband wasn't happy last summer as the flies were bothering him while he was eating.

Rated by Harriet on 01/07/09
As always, Madame Jeanette's is the best meal we have when we visit Aruba. WE have been coming down for 8 years now. Huge and delicious portions! We can't wait to go back next year.

Rated by ckosloski on 12/02/08
First time in Aruba and it rained, I had heard it never rains there. Just my luck! The highlight of my visit was Madame Janette's, great food, service and atmosphere. Beware! the portions are very large, enough for sharing on some items great things don't always come in "small" packages.

Rated by chip on 12/01/08
Outstanding Food, great atmosphere We go twice a year !

Rated by Peggy Murphy on 11/05/08
This is one of my favorite places to dine in Aruba! Love the atmosphere and the food! Best beef tenderloin I have tasted in a long time.----------

Rated by freda sesnovich on 12/04/06
I hope this goes thru
we want two reservations one for 2/18/07
and 2/23/07

Rated by freda sesnovich on 12/04/06
I hope this goes thru
we want two reservations one for 2/18/07
and 2/23/07

Rated by tom carlson on 11/13/06
Love this place
great service, fantastic food, reasonably priced and we never leave hungry no trip complete without a trip or two to MJ's

Rated by Donna & Bob on 10/02/06
The food was good and portions large. Outdoor dining was good. All four of us enjoyed our meal.

Rated by Sue Ann on 09/18/06
I just got back from 9 days in Aruba and went to our favorite place to eat at Madame's. Started our vacation there and ended it as well. They are the best! You will never be disappointed! Will be back in February for Valentines and can't wait!

Rated by Sue Ann Votta on 08/21/06
I have been to Aruba 6 times so far and always make it a point to visit our favorite place to dine :) Madame's is always the best and the onion/vineger combo to dip your bread is heavenly! You will never have a bad meal there!

Rated by ROBERT GOUDEY on 02/17/06

Rated by mary adams on 01/24/06
very crowded on Fri. night. Portions are huge, but quality not the best. Marandis and Papiamentos are my favorite restaurants.

Rated by NLane on 01/14/06
We've eaten at all the finest restaurants Aruba has to offer & MJ beats them all...Fab food, very good service and reasonable prices too!

Rated by wbjones on 12/01/05
There were 6 of us and we all had a great meall and good service. Atmosphere is lovely and you really feel like you are on vacation when you eat here.

Rated by Jen Kaplan on 01/18/05
The food was fantastic, but the service was lacking. It was unbearably slow. I do have to say that the ambience, and the food were amazing~!

Rated by Elise on 11/10/04
Our favorite restaurant on the island! A beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff, and the best salmon I've had in my life - what more could you ask for?

Rated by Dorothy Ouellette on 09/25/04
Have been to Aruba 34 times. Will be there next week. Aruba never fails!! Love the people, the weather and the wonderful restaurants. Favorite places are the French Steak House, Madame Janetttes, and ElGaucho. Heaven on earth.

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