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Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas is the largest full service dive operator on the island of New Providence. The operation can service upwards of 200 divers a day at full capacity and has a fleet of 8 boats, 5 of which are over 40 feet in length and are custom dive boats. The Dive Bahamas facility is truly a state of the art dive center.

A wide spectrum of diving activities is available. Holiday travelers who have never gone diving before will enjoy the 3-hour "Learn To Dive Program". In this program guests will be introduced to the equipment used in the sport of diving in a swimming pool, receive an introduction into the basics of diving theory, and then complete their first ocean dive. All of this is done under the supervision of a professional dive instructor who is working exclusively with a small group of guests.

Experienced divers can participate in up to 5 dives a day. Two dives are offered in the morning, with two additional dives in the afternoon. An optional night dive is available on selected evenings as well. Dive sites encompass steep vertical walls that plummet to 6,000 feet of depth, shallow tropical reefs, 13 different locations containing ship or airplane wrecks, and numerous locations that were used as underwater movie sets for feature films.

The feature activities at Stuart Cove's for our divers are our "adventure dives". These consist of our Shark Adventure and Wall Flying Adventure programs. The Shark Adventure program is a 2-tank dive trip that takes divers on an underwater encounter with Caribbean Reef Sharks. On the first dive divers participate in a "free swim" with the sharks along a beautiful wall. On the second dive, the group forms up in a semi-circle on the 50-foot bottom and watch while a professional shark feeder enters the water with a box of bait. Upon reaching the bottom, the feeder begins feeding the sharks with the aid of a pole spear. To say the sharks come close to the divers is an understatement - they are everywhere!

Our Wall Flying adventure is equally fun. In this program divers utilize a fleet of underwater scooters to explore the expanses of underwater walls formed by the Tongue-of-the-Ocean trench that runs 120 miles long and 24 miles wide. Diving as a group - divers utilize the scooters to travel at speeds up to 2.5 knots underwater. During a typical Wall Fly divers cover roughly 2 miles underwater. During this time the support boat follows the divers bubbles and picks them up as they surface.


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