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On Barbados, The Central Bank of Barbados must grant permission to any non-Barbados resident who wishes to buy property on the island. An off-shore bank can approve a mortgage for a property on Barbados, and it is best to have your financing secured before you enter into a binding agreement. The buyer must employ a licensed Barbados attorney to search the register of title to establish title to the property before the sale takes place. The buyer and seller sign a binding contract, and the seller's agent holds the 10% deposit until the sale is completed. When the transaction is complete, the balance of the purchase price is paid and the buyer takes title to the property.

Most non-Barbados residents purchase the property through a company that is must be registered to do business in Barbados, but can be incorporated outside Barbados. The seller pays the stamp tax and transfer tax. The buyer must pay his own legal fees, which range from 1.5% to 2%. The annual land tax ranges from 0.2% for properties under $350,000; to 0.7% for properties between $350,000 to $700,000, and 1% for properties over $850,000. Property owners who plan to rent their proporty must apply 7.5%VAT tax to the rent they collect.

The above was quoted from our feature article on Caribbean Real Estate.

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ASK Real Estate and Financial Services
ASK Real Estate and Financial Services, Inc. has offered financial and property management services in Barbados since 1978... more

Atlantic Realty
Atlantic Realty is an INNOVATIVE, energetic and all encompassing Real Estate Company offering services in: * Property Sales & Rentals * Project Management [Design, Tendering, Construction ... more

Bajan Services
If you are looking for Bajan properties for sale, these professional sales agents offer a superb personal service and will guide you through every step of the process of purchasing property in Barbado... more

Blue Ocean Realty
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Boardwalk Realty
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Elegant Properties Realty
Elegant Properties Realty's Barbados luxury villa portfolio exceeds all other agencies on the island, with Elegant Properties representing vendors from more than 85 countries around the world, with su... more

George Ramsay & Co. Ltd.
This family real estate business, now in it the third generation, was founded in 1966... more

Global Estate Agency
Established in early 2003, Global Estate Agency, Barbados offers a personal professional service... more

Harry Manning Associates
Harry Manning Associates was founded by the husband and wife team of Harry and Natalie Manning in January 1995, to represent the dynamic Barbados villas market to investors and holiday-makers from Eur... more

Island Gold Realty
Island Gold Realty Barbados and Fairways Real Estate is the coming together of two of the leading quality real estate companies in Barbados with a dedicated, friendly and efficient team... more

Padani Corporation
Padani Corporation is a Barbados company founded in 1985... more

Terra Caribbean
Terra Caribbean specializes in Barbados property for sale and real estate in the Caribbean. Terra Caribbean is a regional real estate sales and brokerage practice with offices in Barbados, Trinidad... more

Trinity Caribbean
Trinity Caribbean Ltd links directly with our Barbados office, Trinity Homes Ltd to provide turnkey services to British and European buyers of homes in Barbados and the Caribbean islands... more

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