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Editor Rating: (info)
Derricks, St James
Cuisine Style:
Price Range:
$50+ per person
Dining Service:
Dinner, Cocktails
Dining Hours:
6:30 - 10:00 in season - 6:30 - 9:30 off-season
Credit Cards Accepted:
Dining Attire:
Elegant Casual
Popular Dishes:
Fillet of red snapper on a baked potato cake with a grain mustard sauce
Additional Features:
Ocean view from every table, Limited wheelchair access

The Cliff Restaurant

Barbados Restaurants

One of the West coast's finest restaurants, The Cliff opened in January 1995 to rave reviews and hasn't looked back since. Chef Paul Owen's innovative and creative cuisine has been matched with an imaginative setting awash in candlelight and art, where every table has a view of the Caribbean Sea. The restaurant is located on a clifftop, overlooking the calm waters of the Caribbean.

The Cliff Restaurant is also available for private functions such as weddings, retirement parties and corporate functions.

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Rated by PAULINE BARTON JOEL on 11/14/13
My Husband and I come to Barbados quite oftenl(sept 2013 our last visit),but only dine here on special occasions as it is a bit pricey but worth it,as it has the most beautiful romantic setting in the world,also the staff charming & attentive would recommend this fine establishment to anyone with something special to celebrate, if only you do it once you will never forget the experience truly Amazing, cant wait to come back next year,obtw the food is to die for spoilt B---. Pauline Barton Joel Liverpool UK ******

Rated by p joel on 04/09/13
gorgeous setting staff were fine, but have to say the food was better in the lonestar and champers,and not as expensive.pauline barton joel Liverpool uk x

Rated by Jim on 10/20/12
First time to Barbados and we ate at Cin Cin, The Tides and Sandy Lane (Bajan Blue). At each of these restaurants, the service was outstanding, the food was excellent and we had a wonderful view of the ocean. On our last night we decided to try The Cliff, even though we had been told it was very poor value. Over priced is one thing but they have a minimum charge of $245 ($BBD) per person for two courses. We weren't aware of this and when I asked about it they didn't care or offer any explanation. The only accommodation they make is to let you choose a dessert instead of an appetizer. If you want a steak dinner and an appetizer, it is overpriced. But if you want fish or chicken for dinner, the price is ridiculous. Just as disappointing, unlike the other three restaurants above, the service was not warm or attentive and the view was only comparable. When our driver picked us up he told us a lot of people are disappointed.

Rated by Elizabeth H. on 05/22/12
The food was excellent but the place is not geared to the customer, we felt - we dined there, it seemed because we were fortunate enough to be granted permission to eat there by the management, the service condescending, the staff superior although the actual waiters were fine! A beautiful, beautiful setting, of course. If they got their act together regarding their attitude to diners - it would have been perfect!!

Rated by Cecilia S. on 05/16/12
Loved it!

Rated by Mrs S Mitchell. on 01/19/12
I would say this restaurant is pure class.... We dine there every visit and love the place.

Rated by BarryAscot on 04/30/11
My wife and I have been to The Cliff a few times and found it progressively worse each time. It is grossly over-priced for the average standard they produce.
Our travel agent, Seasons In Style have advised me that “The most sought after winter season dinner reservation on the West Coast of Barbados is on the lower level at The Cliff” and asked if we needed any reservations made prior to our trip to Barbados. This lower level at The Clff is the very area in this restaurant where diners risk being drenched by high, crashing waves when the sea is stormy yet The Cliff sell and re-sell these tables on nights when they can reasonably expect waves to hit “the rail” (the ledge carved out of the side of a cliff where lady diners sit, having had their hair done, wearing nice dresses) only, in some cases I have witnessed, to have the actual food washed off their plates and be soaked from head to toe, while waiters smirk. Why? I can answer that.....they sell and re-sell every table if they can, no matter the weather. I have been there and seen it happen and then seen waiters re-set the tables and then seat new diners who then also got a drenching. One night at Sandy Lane where we always stay, I saw guest after guest arriving back drenched from The Cliff. 

2nd last time we were at The Cliff we turned up on time and were kept waiting, without any apology, for well over one hour for our table. The snooty woman who told us to wait made no attempt at any explanation, having said that, we find the management all seem to have “attitude.” Terrible service, average food and a stupid view into lit up nothingness (the dark sea at night). This place is The Kings New Clothes personified.
After many visits to Barbados the very best restaurant experience is Fisher Pond Great House. The Cliff is the worst. Apart from Fisher Pond Great House which is fantastic, always good is Whispers On The Bay and Daphnes....but Fisher Pond is simply the greatest dining experience in Barbados.
Our first visit to Fisher Pond Great House was in 2009, nobody had told us about it until Michael Winner raved about it in his "Sunday Times" column. As regular Barbados visitors even our hotel concierge at Sandy Lane had repeatedly failed to recommend it. We have now been three times (last time was October 2010, next visit will be April 2011) and it has been nothing short of an incredible experience.......almost worth a special trip to Barbados. The Chandlers who own this 400 year old plantation house are wonderful hosts. The food is best ever in Barbados and we have tried it all, over the years. Amazingly, even our travel agent, Seasons In Style, failed to even mention Fisher Pond Great House until we told them about it.
They have now mentioned it in their house magazine which goes out to clients.
 Fisher Pond Great House is also a total bargain when compared to The Cliff.

Restaurant critic Michael Winner, in his book, gave The Cliff his “worst restaurant in the world” award. I fully agree. Let’s face it, there are far worse restaurants but for a place that considers itself the best in Barbados, it deserves to be exposed for what it is.

Rated by Bill Thompson on 03/29/11
We had dinner twice in a week at the Cliff on our trip to Barbabados two weeks ago. The food and service were excellent, the setting is fantastic the staff attentive, cant fault it.
also had dinner at Tides, Lone Star and Cobblers Cove, The Cliff is the best, I will struggle to find a restaurant in England to match it. Yes its a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.
Can't wait till next yeat to go again.
Bill Thompson Telford UK

Rated by Melissa S. on 03/13/11
(We reserved our table by the railing in July for Dec) --VERY BEST overall dining experience. Incredible setting, excellent food and service. We ranked The Cliff #1 best dining of any restaurant we have been to in the Caribbean.

Rated by Mikah T. on 03/13/11
This may be the best restaurant in this hemisphere and that is not hyperbole. The only thing that equaled the culinary experience at The Cliff was the attention to detail and the service. We had a hint of rain and a button was pushed to send the automatic awning over the entire outside area. The whole experience was so incredible we made a reservation for the next night and were fortunate enough to get the same table on the corner edge overlooking the ocean.

Rated by Graham T. on 02/27/11
We celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary with dinner at The Cliff, which was excellent.

Rated by Unlearned Hand on 02/12/11
Daphne's and the Tides are far better and less dear.

Rated by Steve G. on 02/09/11
The Cliff was fantastic, everything as good as you would expect.

Rated by Graham M. on 01/01/11
– superb location, good food
- Otherwise, this is the most over-priced and low ‘value for money’ establishment I have ever been to.
- Way over staffed resulting in the staff demonstrating an air of superiority
- their ability to provide acceptable customer service is highly questionable
- management patrolling the restaurant trying to look important but doing absolutely nothing
- having ordered our meal, the wine (St Emilion) was delivered after we had commenced our starter and it was cold. Asked the wine waiter to let it breathe. Wine Waiter left only to be instantly replaced by another waiter who wanted to pour the wine – I almost had to stop him physically!
- My empty plate was removed before my wife had finished eating – twice!!
- Would I recommend this restaurant to friends? – Yes, but only as a place to avoid

Rated by Jim and Helene Sumerson on 12/24/10
We have been visiing Barbados for the past ten years. We always make a reservation at the Cliff for our last night on the island. We like to be left with fond memories of Barbados when we have to go back home to New Jersey. The Cliff is our favorite restaurant in Barbados. The ambience of the Cliff is as nice as it gets in Barbados. Sitting out on the terrace with the Atlantic Ocean below is as serene as it con be. Add the torches and the Christmas lighting and you have a vision that lasts until the next year when we come back. The food is as good as we have had anywhere and we have eaten in 4 and 5 star restaurants in several countries. The food is always served with a special presentation that at times has been personalized for us. We can't praise the service enough as the wait staff is always very attentive to our needs. We will continue to relax and eat the the Cliff as long as we continue to come back to this beautiful island. Congratulations for a job well done.
Jim and Helene Sumerson

Rated by Paul Armitage on 12/01/10
Simply fabulous, great food, service and in such a stunning setting. Looking forward to March when we visit again.

Rated by Ann Day on 08/16/10
have been to the cliff about 10 times now and is a must for me everytime I go to barbados. It is expensive, but it is the most perfect setting i have ever been too. we are in babrabdos in september and is a pity that they will be closed. However we are back in february 2011 and we will be back

Rated by Barry McKay on 08/10/10
We are holidaying in Barbados twice in the next few months. The Cliff is not a restaurant we would revisit. It is over-priced, they think nothing of keeping you waiting for an hour after you have arrived at the time of your reservation, the food is not that good at times, if the weather is bad diners by the rail are soaked by waves but The Cliff still fills all the tables, it doesn't matter to them if people get soaked. There are far better restaurants in Barbados.

Rated by Michael C on 08/03/10
The Cliff lived up to its international fame - expensive not outrageously so but expensive nevertheless - the food was outstanding as was the service.

Rated by george@kenny micheal on 03/04/10
best food in the world along with the setting

Rated by Nigel S. on 02/12/10
Just the most perfect meal, when visiting this magical island.

Rated by ang and john on 02/08/10
we have just returned from barbados where we found ourselves visiting the cliff restaurant.. Amazing.. staff excellent and friendly, food superb.. the whole experience was one we shall treasure forever! thank you guys xx

Rated by Jane on 12/02/09
We ate at the Cliff last December (08) and are back this year (Dec 09) because we absolutely loved it. The food was amazing and the ambience spectacular. Interested in everyone's favourite menu items!

Rated by Boggus one on 11/19/09
Our experience of the cliffe was fabulous. Food and service was 1st class, not to be missed, Thanks Brian, Steve and Ted.

Rated by Colin Rawson on 11/17/09
I have been to the cliff every year for the last 6 years and can say that I want to do it an injustice but I just cant. I only wish I owned it.
I tend to find that if you visit several times in one week you could start to criticize a little, If not through the fact you spend £250 for a decent bit of grub, but lets face it, it's a beautiful setting and the Food is good, Wine list is extensive, But most times we are on holiday so what the hell,
Can we not appreciate the hard work and effort that’s gone into setting up a venue and its reputation is well deserved.
I think this is my No 1 Restaurant in the world, better than the Fat Duck or El bulli.

Rated by Editor on 11/16/09
Another excellent dinner at The Cliffs! Scallop appetizer followed up with Swordfish Caribbean Style. Strawberries
and champagne afterwards were amazing.

Rated by S L on 11/15/09
There are some very sweeping statements on here, people expecting canapes? Suggesting that The Cliff should provide petit fours and comparing it to Michelin starred restaurants. If The Cliff boasted a star or two then yes, I would expect an amuse bouche and a higher standard of cooking and service, but it doesn't. The fact is The Cliff has the most stunning location I have ever seen and the food and service is of a very high standard, chef Paul Owens is clearly a very talented man but his food is no better than some of the other restaurants on Barbados. What makes this the best restaurant on the Island? We do, we come in our droves because we love it, they serve over 100 covers each night and people are booking up weeks in advance to get a table. I had a wonderful evening here and if I am fortunate enough to ever return to Barbados I will visit The Cliff again, it is absolutely beautiful and worth every penny.

Rated by Mac MacIntosh on 07/12/09
Fantastic food, service, atmosphere.
Only spoilt by the back of Wayne Rooneys head. We will return.

Rated by Zack on 04/23/09
On our first visit to Barbados we were fortunate enough to find such a wonderful and beautiful place to dine. The setting at night is like something out of a movie set, something you will never see anywhere else in the world. Our service and food were wonderul. Yes, it is very pricey, but worth every penny. We go back every year now.

Z& S New York, NY

Rated by John Viney on 04/20/09
What a place, could not have picked a better place for my 60th Birthday. Food, service, everything was great.
John & Chris Viney 20/04/09

Rated by Paul & Viv Weaver on 03/14/09
Without a doubt the finest food,location, and service we have ever experienced anywhere in the world!! DO NOT MISS IT!

Rated by GP on 03/10/09
Dined at the Cliffs 05th February 2009. Superb setting, wonderful ambience. Very good food and service. We were made to feel very special. Pricey yes but, worth it. This was a special occasion made even more special by the staff. Will look forward to a return visit which is a risk because the first visit was so superb.

Geoff Page

Rated by D. Weinberger on 03/04/09
Went on Valentines ay 09.
Usually one of the worst nights of the year for any restaurant but the food and the service were both superb. Most beautiful place on the island for a special meal.

Rated by Nicole Hendrickson on 03/02/09
I went to The Cliff on Easter Sunday of last year (2008) with my family. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. We got reservations the same day we called and the service was unlike any other I have ever seen or experienced. Breathtaking views, exceptional food, and remarkable service. Worth every penny.

Rated by lisa spencer-baxter on 03/02/09
wonderful surroundings very attentive and pleasent staff excellent food and service had a very special wedding anniversary. recommended

Rated by christine brennan on 02/28/09
We dined on Feb 6th and it couldnot have been amore perfect setting.Peoplesay it is expensive and yes it is but if you are going to quibble about the price then you should not have made a reservation.It is well worth the money.Service, staff and ambience excellent as was the food. Will definately visit again

Rated by ST on 02/14/09
Fabulous setting and attentive service, and had a great evening to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary. A little disappointed with the food, very gritty scallops. Found the price of $250 for two courses overpriced, but nonetheless a great evening.

Rated by TB on 02/14/09
The Cliff was outstanding but so was the price, Daphnes and particularly Tides are running it close.

Rated by Mike Southgate on 02/14/09
We were very disappointed with the table, we thought the menu was very expenssive for the quality of food, and be very careful about the minimum charge on the menu. In addition we were charged supplementary charges to our credit card after we left the restaurant without authorisation. A very disappointing experience

Rated by christine brennan on 01/28/09
just looked through the reviews and the one David Kennedy left on 10.05.08 is spot on. I have a reservation next week and despite the so called negative reviews I WILL enjoy my meal because I will not go nit picking like some silly people,

Rated by Kim Lloyd-Elliott on 01/10/09
This is our second time at the Cliff and as always the food was fabulous. Staff are warm and friendly and attentive. You pay for the service and the good quality of food, well worth every penny. Highly recommend this and have done to friends who will be visiting the island for the first time this year.

Rated by MS J BARR on 01/09/09
absoulutely fabulous and having an evening dinning it was the very best i have ever experienced and the service warrants a 10 star. the view and ambience is all you will need to trully have an amazing eveining.The food is then the iceing on the cake.

Rated by taylor hampson on 12/20/08
first class dining ,love the big guy on the door he is tops

Rated by Joel Puleo on 12/06/08
Recently returned to Barbados for our high school children's Spring Break. Our family of eight has gotten older and more spread out over the years, but when we have the chance we return to signature establishments such as The Cliff to recharge. It never fails to impress us and as we grow older both my wife and I and now our children appreciate the extremely attentive and exceptional staff that are employed here. A case in point: my youngest daughter Blair had an assignment for school to turn in upon return from Spring Break, and she felt the need to text her report to her teacher the rough draft prior to our return to the mainland (during our first and second course). Our waitstaff took interest in Blair's report about the origins of the Rum Trade and the role of Barbados in early Colonial American economics and arranged a private tour of the old sugar plantations the next day complete with interviews of 6th generation decendants of the original owners! All this in addition to enjoying a five star meal al fresco under the caribbean moon. Places like The Cliff don't just exist because of the good food. They exist because they know what it takes to be the total package, from administration to the valet - first class all the way.

Rated by Suzette Hewitt on 11/17/08
Dined at the Cliff Restaurant this weekend..Impeccable service, food is fabulous and the view is breathtaking...Highly recommend for Fine Dining....

Rated by Paul & Helen Sharples on 11/16/08
My wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary on Barbados and decided to dine at the cliff on our special evening. After drinks we were escorted to the terrace corner table and an absolutely perfect eveng followed. Rest assured, we WILL be back

Rated by Justin McCreery on 11/10/08
Having been married in Babados in 2000 , my wife and I have visited the island a few times since and decided to visit the cliff on my wifes birthday. The setting of this restaurant , the atmosphere, the friendly and professional staff help to make this one of the nicest restaurant I have been to . I would recommend it to anyone and I am sure you will have an exceptional time and one to be remember.

Rated by Annette Illidge on 11/06/08
My sister celebrated her wedding at The Cliff 11 years ago and I was looking forward to another memorable night this year when we returned. Sadly this was nothing like our first experience. First there was a mix up with the booking - which was sorted out by Francois after I complained, but more importantly since the extension, I believe that the staff are a over pretentious and lacked warmth - especially the rude attendant in the Ladies Washroom. Although the food was lovely - there were ordinary bread rolls, lack of canapes as stated before by others. I was very disappointed by the experience - the restaurant lacks the wonderful service and cosy atmosphere it had in the past. On a more positive note I would strongly recommend a restaurant called Tides - where the staff were pleased to greet us and the meal was out of this world.

Rated by PETE HORSMAN on 10/19/08

Rated by David Kennedy on 10/05/08
I am going to The Cliff in early November as I am celebrating my sister in laws wedding on the island. I have been looking forward to my experience here since hearing reviews from friends who have visited the restaurant, all of which I must say, have been very positive. As I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I will take on board all of the reviews on this site aswell, with the exception of one. I expect criticism of a restaurant's food, service, ambience, staff etc if it is deserved, but for somebody to state that their 'only criticism of Paul is that he has an open seating policy' which 'sometimes allows boorish classless diners' really just shows what type of person he is. I also note he claims he and his family have been here ten times over the last few years. If this was such a problem for him why did he return nine times ?? I also wonder if he has ever thought that he is exactly the type of person that both the restaurant and every other diner does not want- someone so far up themselves that they think they are far better than everyone else !! I am still looking forward to my experience here. This person hasn't put me off and I will make up my own mind. I just hope that it isn't a diner like this, (or this reviewer), who spoils my night at the restaurant.

Rated by Robert Bowman on 09/24/08
Awesome food and sevice, with a wonderful view. 9/18/08 Bob Bowman

Rated by Shereen on 08/29/08
Hi, I have not had the pleasure of dining at The Cliff however my fiance and I are thinking about having our small wedding reception there. I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you!

Rated by DIANA BARHAM on 06/16/08
I went to the Cliff in 2006 my daughter got married 18 of us it was amazing very top class, went again may 2008, again beautiful, food and service great
Diana and Daren London

Rated by Cheri on 05/25/08
One of the best views I have ever experienced in combination with a fantastic restaurant. You can still see the blue water at night as it laps against the quiet cove. Food was excelletn, and service was very nice also.

Rated by Simon & Denise Scott on 01/26/08
Service second to none, without being intrusive, food outstanding as you would expect of such a first class establishment.

Denise & Simon

Rated by ellie tasker on 01/24/08
i visited the cliff restaurant in october 2007 it was the most special evening ever!truly wonderful.the setting is magnificent,the food superb as was the service.this is truly magical.ellie tasker

Rated by Joel Puleo on 11/15/07
I grew up in Western New York and braved 18 years of winters before I learned that places like this existed. My six children all raised in North Carolina must have thin blood, as they all like warm weather resorts over cold ones. Oldest daughter Ashley first dined at The Cliff during her honeymoon and raved about it, so dear old Dad had to try it. I have taken the family to the island and this restaurant 10 times over the past several years and each time the food, the ambiance, the service, the vista is always the same - fantastic! Paul Owen is the consumate host and his skill sets are second to none in creating the ultimate resort dining experience. My only criticism of Paul is that he has an open seating policy in that all parties are accepted. This sometimes allows boorish classless diners such as some of the raters listed above access to his superb establishment. One suggestion would be to pre-screen your clientele such as the Jules Verne Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower does. That way, people that want an elegant meal served in paradise, won't have to dine next to the pseudo-executive with matching stereo bluetooth headsets who is trying to order something to go so he can get back to the tables in town.

Rated by Jonathan Pullen on 06/06/07
I had to book the restaurant 6 months in advance for a Christmas Eve booking for a family of 4 adults.
I was given the usual 6.30 or 9.30 choice of seating(I am sure they reserve all middle bookings for 'named' guests!)
The day before Christmas Eve I received a phone call from the restaurant asking if I would prefer to be seated at 9.00 instead of 09.30 - a major breakthrough I thought!
My party arrived at the restaurant at 8.30 to enjoy a cocktail before the meal - the bar area has a beautiful seating area on a balcony overlooking the sea.
We had to wait 30 minutes to get a waiter to take our order for a drink and an additional 20 minutes to get a seat in the bar area - out fault you may say for going early?
However, by this time we were supposed to be seated at our table.
After another half an hour I asked when our table would be ready - I was informed that I should 'take a look around and see how busy they were that night'.
Beleive me when I say I was a little put out at this comment.
When I tried to expalin that I had received a phone call asking me and my party to arrive for 9, I was told that no such thing had happened and I must be making this up as this is not company policy to do this.
I was by now, even more than a little put out.
We were eventually showed to a table at 11.00pm with no apology for the wait or any drinks to keep us going - I was not going to order another round as by now I was more than a little put out.
When we were seated, we were told that there was an hour wait to be served as the kitchen was very busy - hard to beleive when the restaurant was now only a quarter full.
We eventually ordered our food to be told that most of the things we requested were no longer available.
We were by now so fed up that we just ordered anything to get some food so that we could leave - it was far too late to try to get in somewhere else.
The service left a lot to be desired as the staff by this time were tired and really wanted to get home to their families to start their own celebrations - so did we.
On trying to ask for the duty manager to let them know how we felt, we were told that the Restaurant manager was not working that night and the assistant manager would see us.
When I pointed out all that had gone wrong, I was told that I was just making trouble and that all of this could not possibly have happened to us as no other complaints had been made that night - I didn't want to point out that I had seen at least 2 parties leave under a cloud earlier in the evening.
As if to make matters worse, the manager then said that they were closing soon and as I did not have a valid complaint, if me and my party did not move they were calling the police as he felt that my complaint had somehow verbally abused him.
I assuer you that I was very polite and refined to this point that I was completely taken back by this comment.
By this point my party were ready to do more than that to him, I can assure you but we left without a sorry from the whole night!
I have had a few great nights at this restarant in the past and that is where they will be staying - in my past.
I have not taken anyone there in a year now and do not intend to do so in the future. I was given a telephone number to call of the manager who I rang the next morning and I have heard nothing back from him at all - another case of poor management skills!
Everyone that comes to visit I tell about my experience and choose to go to one of the other superb restarants on the Island - Sassafras and Lone Star come immediately to mind.
I am sure that they do not miss my patronage as they seem to be consistently busy when I drive past - but I can't help feeling that they thought I was a tourist who they could treat how they wanted as I would not be able to do anything about my concerns - beware all fellow 'tourists!'

Rated by Jenn on 05/20/07
I must be confused, I have heard that The Cliff is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. How could that be when management does not have a pulse on their base clientel? My husband and I found the management of The Cliff to be not enthused at all about our time spent at their establishment. They acted as if we should have been privileged to even have secured reservations. My husband was not even asked if he wanted a second drink after being there for 2 hours. The food was ok, but anyone having been exposed to other dining experiences on the island would concur that it is not worth the price to be treated in that way.

Rated by Jo Parsons on 05/12/07
Sixteen members of our family dined at the stunning setting of The Cliff on 23rd February 2007 following our daughter's wedding. From the time we arrived and handed our car keys to the car valet - a charming gentleman - we knew we were in for a wonderful evening. We were greeted by a very friendly reception staff and shown to our tables. We all enjoyed exceptional food with an extensive wine list. The waiting staff were very sensitive, caring and alert to our every need. The chocolate decorated plate presented to our daughter and son in law in recognition of their wedding was a very thoughtful touch. Thank you all so much for helping to make Clalre and Paul's day so very special for them and for the family.

Rated by Alison Jones on 05/03/07
Had the most amazing evening at The Cliff - a really memorable experience. I am always looking for fault, but there was none. The greeting at the taxi blew me away and so did the rest of the evening. The food was absolutely delicious and the surroundings were to die for. Everyone treated my boyfriend and I like royalty although nothing was stuffy and snobbish about the evening. Absolute tops!

Rated by Leslie Torrey on 04/02/07
Very good restaurant however, we were very disappointed that the table we were sitting at was right next to a smoking table! Of all the restaurants we visited while in Barbados, this was the first that we had to deal with second hand smoke. This, coupled with the fact that it was a warm evening made it hard to enjoy the meal. While the food was very good, I have to say that our dinner at SouthSeas was much better. All and all, I did not think that the food at the Cliff was worth the expense. I'm all for fine dining and paying the price but the quality did not match the cost. Lovely venue but we had equally as lovely venues at a few other restaurants on the island for a lot less cost.

Rated by Alison Lochrie on 03/30/07
absolutely excellent! can't say much more. food, service, location, price all fantastic! just wish there were more restaurants like this in London/England! Will def be rebooking if I return!

Rated by Christine McCreath on 03/16/07
We dined at The Cliff on March 11 2007 to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. It is a fabulous location, very romantic and we had a marvellous time. The food was wonderful and the service was exceptional from the moment we arrived. We had a waterfront table and also witnessed the canopy being deployed when rain threatened. It turned out to be nothing but they certainly get the cover out very quickly. It was a wonderful evening and I can't understand how anyone could be disappointed here.

Rated by Keith McIntosh on 03/01/07
Rated by Keith McIntosh, Canada
Unbelievable atmosphere, surrounded by the sounds of crashing waves, this is our second experience is as many years and on both occasions the food and service has been spectacular. The Cliff gets top ratings. By Keith McIntosh on February 19th, 2007

Rated by Lorraine Hart, Derbyshire on 02/22/07
Wow! The whole experience was amazing. Ambiance, delicious food and service, just a perfect evening.

Rated by Tom Goldie on 02/21/07
This was by far the most fantastic place i have ever dined at! How people can say the food is average is beyond me. It was execptional in everyway possible. The service was fast and friendly with a very proffesional touch. And the setting made it almost magical. Would dine here again for sure. This place cannot be faulted.

Rated by Alison Williams on 02/06/07
A stunning setting, particularly with our terrace table; attentive and helpful staff made for a most memorable evening. Beautifully presented and proportioned meals with an extensive wine list. Liquers in the bar area overlooking the terrace and cove itself finished off a wonderful evening. A thoughtful touch was the chocolate-decorated plate presented to us in recognition of our 25th wedding anniversary

Rated by Stephen & Angela Fordham on 02/06/07
Would say this was one of our finest meals and no more expensive — even a little bit less then a top London restaurant.
Ravioli for the starter was unbelievable
Service from staff was faultless and very friendly.
Location what more can you say.
Do not miss this restaurant if you are in Barbados!

Rated by Tom Waldbillig on 02/06/07
This restaurant is absolutely beautiful , and the service and food wonderful. Prices are high, but well worth it.

Rated by Jill Byers on 01/09/07
Dinner at the Cliff was the highlight of our Christmas/New Year holiday. The whole experience was tremendous.

Rated by Vicky Boyle on 01/06/07
We dined at cliff on my 40h birthday last year.It was fantastic .The food was superb as was the impeccable service.A couple of bottles of cloudy to savour as well made this a truly memorable meal.We are returning and dining again here on the 18th January,this time taking our son with us.He can't wait and neither can we...Lucky us heh?
Sorry to be so painful,but it really is EXTRAordinary. Make sure you book and visit if you are going to Barbados soon! Enjoy!! y

Rated by J. Williams on 12/26/06
Dined at the Cliff with 4 other couples. New friends from around the world. All are well traveled and have high expectations. We were not disappointed. The ambiance, food, and wait staff were impeccable. Don't miss this experience.

Rated by Amelia Lowe on 12/17/06
A wonderful place and position however, we were sadly very disappointed with the food. The Cliff has a very high reputation and so we were expecting the best but sadly both starter and main course came to our table cold - we were right at the end of the rows so prob a way from the kitchen. The menu did not have enough Fish to choose from and that was also rather disappointing. The best thing was the guy in the carpark, the staff and the position/setting, just not what we were expecting.

Rated by Riva Kurz on 11/10/06
I have just returned from Barbados, I was
fortunate to go to The Cliff.I must say it was a fantastic experience for me. The staff the atmosphere and the food.Definitely rated tops for me.

Rated by Jack Monks on 10/06/06
An amazing experience.

Rated by Editor on 09/28/06
Dining at the Cliffs has always been a wonderful experience. We would highly recommend this wonderful restaurant.

Rated by MRS W HORNER on 09/13/06
celebrated my husbands 60th birthday at the cliff, meal was second to none, staff excellent and we look forward to our return, which we hope will be very soon

Rated by Lisa McGuire on 09/06/06
Ate here for my birthday in March 2003. Absolutley Beautiful! With out doubt the best restaurant i have been to.

Rated by Kimberley & David Pastina on 09/01/06
1st time at the Cliff Restaurant. Staff that greeted us more than gracious. Our table was not quite ready so we sat and had a coctail up stairs with a great view. Had one oft signature drinks great. Table was ready the Bar waiter walk us to our table carried our drinks was nothing less then helpful. Our waiters were all terific did not rush us at all it was a great memory and ever morsil was great!

Rated by Aron Grodinsky on 08/29/06
Unbelievable experience. The setting, the view the ambiance, the service and the FOOD! All simply perfect. We will come back to barbados simply to dine at the Cliff again!

Rated by Barbara Fielding on 07/29/06
This restaurant deserves to be rated amongst the 50 best in the world. I have never been to a more beautiful setting for a meal and the service was second to none. In fact my husband was about to take a drink of his wine when the waiter who was very inconspicuous ran up to the table and took the glass saying 'just a moment sir, there is a bug in your wine' - amazing, how could he know when we didn't see it, he then provided us with another bottle on the house. the food was exquisite and on our last visit a turtle returned to the beach to lay eggs. The restaurant turned all the lights off so as not to frighten the turtle and all diners were asked if they would care to watch. That will remain in my memory forever. Please visit this place it truly is out of this world.

Rated by laura unthank on 07/29/06
as always our visit to cliff is memorable certainly best in barbados.. love the new lounge extension we visit barbados on average twice a year min; over past 11 years and cliff remains top of our choice we watched it grow and grow and the service and food remains 1st class..last visit may 2006 next visit jan 2007//cant and mrs unthank

Rated by Keith Perry on 07/27/06
The food was awful and the management was very rude. I would nver eat here again

Rated by Donna Taylor on 07/05/06
Rated by Donna and Andy 26/06/06

Fantastic venue and amazing food. The steak does not need a steak nice it melts in your mouth. Staff very discreet and the car valet a true gent. Will be going back there next year

Rated by Alistair Jones on 06/20/06
I find it unbelievable how some people can be so callous in their comments. I have just returned from Barbados and visited this restaurant with my girlfriend and some friends.

The greeting staff most certainly are not 'very cold and quite obnoxious' as previously commented on this page, to suggest otherwise is totally misleading and an appalling misjudgement of character.

A previous comment on this page was ‘The waiters were indifferent verging on the rude’. My experience was that our meal was the most delicately served that I have ever experienced. The waiters daren’t even cross between you and the person you happen to be in conversation with in case their actions should interrupt. Indifferent and rude? Certainly not.

On completion of our meal we asked would it be possible to meet Paul Owen to thank him personally for a fantastic evening. He graciously accepted our request and so we spent the remainder of the evening chatting to him. Consequently we stayed longer and drank more than we had originally anticipated while a car organised by Paul waited patiently to take us back to our hotel.

Worth mentioning also is that Paul asked us to drop in the following day to accept a copy of his recipe book for the restaurant as a gift and memento following our visit. A kind gesture that provided us the opportunity to thank him once again while a little more sober!

In short, visit this restaurant we had a truly remarkable evening that everyone should experience at least once.

Rated by Susan Ashurst on 06/01/06
Had an excellent meal the scallops and tuna are the best ever and yes we have dined in Michellin star restaurants. The whole ambiance of the place is wel worth paying a visit.

Rated by Nick Ingram on 04/01/06
Having eaten at the Cliff on many occasions, and living on France's doorstep for quality food and wine, we have never been disappointed with the food or the attentive restaurant staff. The reception staff on arrival are the exception unfortunately. Having eaten at the Cliff twice in November 2005, the one time it rained, the staff were so quick with putting the canvas roof in place, not a drop of rain touched the table. Well done, keep it up.
Nick Ingram.

Rated by Barrie Wedge on 03/20/06
A dinimg experience not to be missed. Excellent food in a stunning setting with service to match.

Rated by Gary Sage on 03/13/06
Fabulous venue for our big anniversary. Most wonderful tuna tatare I have ever eaten. Snooty door staff which is overriden by fantastic table service. Nice special touches.Will go back next year

Rated by PAULA BORG on 03/10/06

Rated by PAULA BORG on 03/10/06

Rated by GR on 12/03/05
I must say I am surprised to see this entry here. At best the food in Barbados is mediocre and this makes the Cliff one of the best of an average lot, but to see it on a list with the Fat Duck and Tetsuya? Yes the setting is pleasant (on a shallow cliff overlooking the sea, just like Josef's or Carambola), but I would say it was actually nicer before they expanded the already cavernous dining floor space, it's a bit like eating in a theatre. The food is ok, but really just about consistent with the standard of any 'good' restaurant in London or New York. I get the impression that it's on this list just because it's in Barbados, which frankly isn't enough.

Rated by John Randall on 11/30/05
Fantastic! We had a wonderful time with good food. great service and a beautiful ocean side setting. The bad reviews may have someting to do with the diners themselves.

Rated by Naomi on 11/28/05
Overall a fantastic meal with great service although I agree with previous comments about the reception staff and the bread rolls! We will definatley return.

Rated by Dr Richard Pickard on 11/28/05
I really have to question whether any of the other reviews actually go to Michelin starred restaurants. This restaurant looks the part, in a beautiful bay on a cliff edge with the water floodlight, flaming torches and candles but that is the only thing to recommend it.
The waiters were indifferent verging on the rude. There were no canapes, no appetisers just straight into starters and main course. The bread rolls were merely average. I had a foie gras/ chicken liver terrine for starter which considering the meal cost (£170 for 2) had very little foie gras and lots of the cheaper chicken liver. It was served with toast!!! isn't brioche traditional! A main course of barracuda on mash potato tasted like fish pie. Acceptable but way short of historic. Desert of lemon tart with sorbet was nothing like the French classic and inferior to a descent supermarket. Unsurprisingly coffee was extra but unbelievably petit forts were an additional charge on top of this. Maybe this was once a good restaurant but success (it is often full) has corrupted it to becoming lazy and greedy. Unfortunately this restaurant is all style and little substance. I doubt it woult merit a single Michelin star let alone 3 which the prices it charges suggest it should be capable of.

Rated by Cecilia Klemen on 09/29/05
Absolutely amazing! We had our meal there after our wedding and I couldn 't have asked for a better place to have our dinner . Even though the sea was a bit choppy, we enjoyed every minute spent in this truly great restaurant, delicious food, nice atmosphere and excellent service, definitely go back there perhaps for our anniversary.
Cecilia Klemen

Rated by Tracy and Andrew Bone on 08/27/05
An absolutely fabulous dining experience. The whole evening from start to finish was wonderful. The food was the best we had ever experienced. The staff were very professional and friendly, especially pointing out the marine life. This was a special meal whilst we were on honeymoon and several couples from our hotel were so impressed by our comments they then booked and equally ejoyed their dining experience

Rated by L Denham on 04/18/05
We eat here about 6 times per year and the food is always exceptional with a wait staff that is extremely attentive. The consistent problem we have experienced here is with the rude reception staff. They are very cold and quite obnoxious in their approach to greeting you as well as assuring you sit no longer the 1 1/2 hour at the table. There are many ways to say things and they consistently choose the most non hospitable methods. If it were not for the particulalry rude reception I would clearly give them 4 stars. At this point we learn to get past the rude reception and get right to the exceptional food. (This does exclude the big guy who opens the car door for you - He is great!)

Rated by andrew and marie godfrey on 04/14/05
2nd Jan '05. A night to remember - service, atmosphere, setting and food perfect. We have visited all of Barbados' notable restaurants and no other comes near.

Rated by shirley westerman on 04/12/05
Absolutely wonderful place to dine. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Delicious food and great service. Certainly a night to remember. Shirley Westerman

Rated by rob fotheringham on 04/09/05
Apart from 'losing' our drinks at the beginning of the evening, we had a great night. Food excellent - you would have to go a long way to find better.

Rated by Linda Kilfeather on 11/23/04
Beautiful. We had my sisters wedding meal hear on Oct the 28th, the food and service well excellent and the setting spectacular.

Rated by elizabeth mead on 10/19/04
sitting on the lower level this was a fabulous experience with excellent food and service

Rated by cristy richardson on 10/14/04
Fantastic place to dine, great service and food to die for. Great way to celebrate an anniversary.

Rated by Michael Pembroke on 08/25/04
Fantastic restaurant. The food was delicious, the staff were friendly and attentive, and the view was jaw dropping. A truly magical place.

Rated by Suzanne Cosgrave on 03/14/04
Fabulous restaurant, food exceptional - service assured, attentive and yet charming. Couldn't be faulted

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