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The leading tax-free shopping centre in Barbados. At Cave Shepherd a world of internationally famous quality merchandise at unbelievable prices awaits you. Cosmetics, clothing, liquor, electronics, crystal and china.

Branch stores are located in Holetown, at the airport, and in the Cruise Ship Terminal.


   Broad Street, Bridgetown
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Rated by P Skinner on 04/05/08
I found the staff ignore black people and have the opinion they dont have any money. They ignore people of colour but bend over backwards to serve the whites - I will never purchae anything from the store

Patricia, London

Rated by Sonya Simpson on 01/25/08
Over-priced and staff actually insulted me and my girlfriend when we went there.
I refused to buy a thing.

Rated by j on 12/11/07
i was ripped off.... jus dont go develope any digital fotos there ...they over charge like hell....for everything

Rated by Andrew on 11/29/07
I have always found the staff at Cave Shepherd to be friendly, professional and extremely helpful. I love the 2nd floor restaurant... although I still haven't learnt to balance the food on the plate. People may say that think the prices are high and they are, in some situations. But they always say, "Cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap!" If you want you can always go to Swan Street. (that was dripping with sarcasm).

Rated by Gloria Gittens on 11/26/07
Cave Shepherd is a nice store, but the things are definitely too expensive, if you are black do not even go to Columbian Emeralds, you will be ignored, but what the sales associates should understand is that we would not make them pull everything from the shelves if we are not buying. We see, we like we buy.

Rated by Lion Conqueror on 10/23/07
I went to Cave Shepherd and was attacked by their staff publicly. Also I was held against my will by their security while they tried to trump charges against me. This store is the worst. The prices are too high and the customer service towards those of color is more than poor. It is an atrocious place built on the back of African slaves.

They constantly attack the local youth and need to be held accountable.

Rated by jeremy on 07/31/07
I love Cave Shepherd and the restuarant is just great, i always eat there when i'm in town. love the island, people and food. Jeremy. England

Rated by Hannah on 10/13/06
I have shopped at Cave Sheperd's before. i am not from Barbados. It is crazy how many locals come up to me and ask if they can use my ticket to purchase items from the stores there. That says alot about the prices or I guess they just want to get it a little cheaper and who deosn't.

Rated by Songbird on 05/24/06
as a local, the prices are definintely high, but the products are of a high quality

Rated by Mrs Langham on 05/02/06
In one day I had to help out three locals with duty free purchases because prices too expensive for them!

Rated by Kaz on 03/20/06
I visit every year and find things very expensive especially for the locals. I Love the elderly lady on the Columbian Emeralds counter with short curly hair and glasses, she always smiles and says Hi se you all soon.

Rated by Lin Johnson on 02/12/06
I must agree that they are expensive but nice to walk around. The restaurant is first class and where the locals go for lunch so who will argue with them. I go often to Barbados and it is one of my first stops after the beach.
Lin of England

Rated by Maureen Hinds, Essex, England on 01/14/06
Thoroughly enjoyed lunches in the Balcony Restaurant at Caves Shepherd in Broad Street - such variety and quality. The staff were professional and knew what good customer service meant. Well done, keep up the good work. See you at Easter.

Rated by Paying Attention on 12/11/05
In my opinion the stuff sold in that store is priced too damn high. They direct the tourists to Broad Street, but if you take the time to look around you will find the real bargains. They are ripping off the customers, but i must admit that some of the cashiers are very pleasant and professional(Especially, young lady C... of toiletries)

Rated by Thomas. on 08/04/05
I really enjoyed shopping at Cave Shepherd since there is a wide variety of items, so you can make it a one-stop shop. The food served at the restaurant is very good and even though lines may seem long, you are served very speedily. The staff in electronics and lingerie can be a little more friendly though (cannot say which shift).

Rated by talisha on 11/04/04
cave shepherd is really good and the one in bridge town is even better it serves some real good food at a cheap price deres not 1 day i dnt hav cave shpherd food wen i go 2 barbados

Rated by Helen Harrison, England on 08/31/04
What a fantastic shop, they have everything under one roof whihc is good value for money.

Rated by Danielle on 06/30/04
I Love Cave Sheperd! They have everything that i need in they have wonderful souvenirs in the store!

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