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Carter's General Store

Carter's offers building supplies as well as outdoor living and automotive items.

Locations include:
* Wildey, St. Michael
* Barbarees Hill, St. Michael
* High Street, Bridgetown
* Carlisle House, Bridgetown
* Lower Estate, St. Michael


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   (246) 431-1500
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Rated by Nicholas Weekes on 07/18/10
I will not be doing business with your company anymore because your staff lacks training in customer relations.

Rated by Junior Payne on 10/19/09
You have started a good thing but it needs to step up, show greater variety, we know you have it and the prices displayed on items needs to be more accurate and helpful, for example in your building material section you have high tensile steel sold by the tonne but you have the unit price and not the per tonne price, little things like this hamper your customers from taking full advantage of your service, I need to be able to access all the information that I require in order to make my purchase, so single as well as bulk prices where necessary, a proper description of item and use in cases where necessary, like solvents or other chemicals, glues or special products, even if one has to click on the item to get the info, atleast it would be available for those who need it, ppl like to shop online these days there is a lot of money to be made here, I look forward to seeing how you improve the site so I can use it more easily, as a builder it would be an asset to my business.

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