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Diana Amos

Diana works in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, oils and collage. Her work is varied as it includes Bermuda landscapes and architecture, in addition to nude figures.


   2 Water Street, St. George's
   (441) 236-9056


Rated by hazel bell on 01/30/10
have a limited edition
print-the bermuda
moongate--love it
memories of trip with
my faqther and his
brother-have since died

Rated by doris price on 12/02/08
I I purchased 2 prints 41 years ago while on vacation - still cherish them to this day. Wish I knew what they are titled - one is a pink cottage and the other is a yellow cottage at the top of a white staircase with the ocean in the background. from

Rated by Lori Fiddle on 07/25/07
I have a hand signed lithograph from Diana Amos numbered 60 of 1000 made. It is named "Moongate at Honeymoon Point". It is "mint" except for a tiny discoloring on the mat. I am looking to sell it and I have the appraisel. Please feel free to e-mail me for pictures and other info:
Thank you!

Rated by Lori Fiddle on 07/20/07
I have a signed lithograph of hers - it is called moongate at honeymoon point - I am trying to sell it - email me for pictures and info
Thank you!

Rated by Mary Ann Walters on 10/20/04
I discovered a Lithograph by Diana Amos and it is the most beautiful lighthouse I have ever seen, but I am trying to gather information about it. It was signed, autographed and numbered, and no matter how hard I look, I can't find out any information. If you can help, please e-mail me at
Thank You
Mary Ann

Rated by grace on 04/22/04
I have a small watercolor called "Miniature Bermuda" signed Diana. I've owned it for about 3 years now and have fantasized that it was painted by Princess Diana!! Same signature..but alas, it was I found out about Diana Amos, and can't be happier that I have found the "right" Diana...the picture is absolutely breathtaking...6 small water sketches that make me long for Bermuda..where can I buy more of her works??

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