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Last Minute Cruise Deals

Are you the spontaneous type, last minute planner or just someone who has just found themselves with last minute vacation time? Does and almost all inclusive vacation sound divine? How about a floating paradise where you can relax, eat, have fun and visit a variety of exotic destinations? If so, a last minute cruise bargain just may be in your future. […]

Set Sail With the Largest Ship in the World: Royal Caribbean’s The Oasis of the Sea

Seasoned and new cruisers alike will be awed at Royal Caribbean’s newest masterpiece. Oasis of the Sea set sail for the first time in November, allowing passengers to be fascinated at its 16 deck, 1200 foot long (the length of 4 football fields) vacation oasis. The cruise ship can host over 6000 vacationers on one voyage and does so with the most unique layout of any ship at sea. […]

Packing for Your Tropical Paradise Vacation in Barbados

Barbados, the eastern most Caribbean Island, is a tropical paradise dream. The Island’s warm and sunny climate coupled with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches has made it a prime Caribbean tourist destination. Its northeast trade winds allow guests to be comfortable while they enjoy the warmth of tropical sunshine. Short tropical rain showers are common during the rainy season from June-November. […]

Carnival Victory Barbados Cruise

Sailing into tranquility and paradise are easily found aboard the Carnival Victory cruise ship. Right now you can make reservations for a 14-night cruise for the price of ten. This gorgeous liner makes it their duty to treat you like royalty. You’ll be in awe the moment you step aboard into their 9-story Seven Seas Atrium. […]

Safety Alert for Cruisers Traveling to Nassau

Nassau, a Bohemian Island just 180 miles off the southern Florida shore is a tropical oasis. Each year the Island hosts over two million cruise passengers who come to find sunshine, relaxation and adventure. Recently however, the Island has had the misfortune of bad press. A string of tourist robberies has put visitors to the Island on edge. […]

Hidden Paradise of Barbados

Traveling to Barbados is stepping into a hidden paradise of perpetual tranquility. In an eclectic mix of British and African cultures, are rambling sugar cane fields and pristine beaches lined with luxury villas English is the spoken language with a touch of British accent, so American travelers can communicate easily with the Bajan people, as they are referred to. There are numerous hotels, villas and other accommodations available with ongoing activities and events. […]

Celebrity Eclipse: New Ship Sets Sail in 2010

Celebrity Cruise Lines is gearing up for the inaugural voyage for its newest ship being added to its fleet. Celebrity Eclipse sets sail in April 2010. This spectacular ship will be able to host 2850 double occupancy guests. Once aboard this masterpiece, cruise guests will not know what to do first. This sailing resort has […]

Touring Barbados From Your Cruise Ship

Barbados, a tropical Island nestled in the Caribbean, is known for its tropical sunshine, puffy white clouds, crystal blue water and ten square miles of picture perfect sandy beaches. Numerous cruise ships visit the Island each week allowing passengers to get off their ship and explore this delightful place. Cruisers are greeted with a variety […]