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Luxury Resort vs. Luxury Cruise – Which is Better?

Are you trying to plan your next getaway but can’t decide between a luxury cruise and a luxury resort? You may have avid cruisers telling you to take the cruise and the avid beach goers telling you to choose the luxury resort. No matter which you choose, you are bound to have […]

Ride the Waves – Finding the Best Caribbean Surfing Spots

Some of the most gnarly and sought-after waves are found in the Caribbean, especially on the eastern coasts where the waves have journeyed uninterrupted across the Atlantic ocean, creating the ultimate surfing experience. Barbados may have some of the best waves to catch but Rincon Bay, Puerto Rico is a self-proclaimed Caribbean […]

Hitting the Greens in Antigua

Some of the most breathtaking and exclusive golf courses are located in the Caribbean. Many major professional tournaments have been hosted at these greens. Most of these courses are designed with both amateurs and professionals in mind. In and around Antigua, there are a number of golf courses including Cocobay Resort, K […]

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

Caribbean Wedding Couple

Your wedding day is the one day in your life that you want to look back and remember as being special, romantic and memorable. Perhaps this is one reason so many couples today are forgoing the traditional church wedding and opting for a destination wedding with […]

Celebrities in the Caribbean

The next time you’re headed to the Caribbean, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of celebrities. From millionaires, to Hollywood’s elite, to American Idol’s top judge, the range of stars to be seen run the gamut. Which island you choose to visit may also determine which celebrities you’ll see. Some of […]

Benefits of Staying in a Caribbean Villa

Caribbean Villa

When planning a stay in the Caribbean you will be faced with numerous choices for hotel and resort accommodations; however many of the most discerning travelers will opt for the ultimate vacation/holiday experience and book their stay in one of the thousands of villas available throughout the Caribbean.

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