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Celebrities in the Caribbean

The next time you’re headed to the Caribbean, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of celebrities. From millionaires, to Hollywood’s elite, to American Idol’s top judge, the range of stars to be seen run the gamut. Which island you choose to visit may also determine which celebrities you’ll see. Some of the islands frequented by these stars are St. Barts, St. John, and Barbados.

St. Barts may be considered the isle of the elite. Top fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his partner are quite fond of St. Barts and it’s rumored they may have wed there over the holidays. Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo boss, enjoys the sands of St. Barts as well. Recently, singer Avril Lavigne vacationed there. To ring in 2010, Russian Oligarch billionaire Roman Abramovich and his girlfriend, Daria Zhukova threw a huge and extravagant party for 250 of their celebrity friends. Some of these friends, flown by private jet to Abramovich’s St. Barts palace, include Lindsay Lohan, Miranda Kerr, and Orlando Bloom. Party performers included megastars such as Prince and Beyonce. Late night’s David Letterman and actress Uma Thurman and their families favor St. Barts.

Barbados is the home island of singer Rihanna and she visits often, near St. Michael. When there, she finds no end to her eager crowd of fans. Topshop tycoon Sir Phillip Green, Lady Christina, and their son and daughter recently rented an ocean front Sandy Lane villa for a Christmas vacation. Also enjoying Barbados, are the English band Sugababes, TV presenter Emma Forbes, and 2008 X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke.

American Idol’s top judge, Simon Cowell often visited Barbados and other Caribbean islands. He recently chose to rent a luxury yacht to cruise the Caribbean with his mother and family. Simon also recently bought a piece of land on the island of St.Barts.

St. John is now the home of Country singing sensation Kenny Chesney. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have homes on Paradise Island of the Bahamas. In 2004, Tiger Woods rented the entire Sandy Lane resort in Barbados.  Over the years I have made travel arrangements for Kevin Costner, Jane Seymour, Lisa Kudrow, and CBS’s Lara Logan among other Celebrities.

The peak travel season for the Caribbean islands is December through March, which is just after the end of hurricane season. This is also the time of coldest weather in the U.S. and highest travel prices when visiting the Caribbean. Of course this is not to be confused with travel on a Caribbean Celebrity Cruise where you are treated like a star but probably won’t see one.

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