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Barbados Hilton Employees win a Trip to the Grammys

Kamar Gall and Shanika Haynes, a pool attendant and a hostess at the Barbados Hilton, have a feel good story to remember a lifetime.

They were winners of a worldwide Hilton sponsored video contest which asked Hilton employees to show how music has impacted their lives.

Kamar surprised Shanika night by proposing to her while […]

Aruba Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

Aruba, one of the smaller of the popular Caribbean Islands, is a breathtaking place to visit. The Island’s tropical warm breezes allowing for perfect tropical weather, sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters attract visitors looking for a warm get away. Amazing food, water sports and a variety of night life activities add to the […]

Cruise Planning Time Line

Booking your cruise is the easy part; all the planning for your departure is what takes the most effort! Careful planning will help ease last minute stress and assure that you have everything you could possibly need when you are ready to set sail.

Three to Six Months Before Departure


Coffee In The Caribbean

Coffee dates back to the 15th century and is still a drink enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Coffee is unique in that it can be grown in a variety of climates. This is why […]

Movies Shot in the Caribbean

If your next vacation plans take you to the Caribbean, a fun way to take a peek at your destination is to watch a movie that was filmed there. Throughout the years numerous box office hits have […]

Cut Loose in San Juan

If you are young or just young at heart and are ready to live it up and have a great time, you should definitely consider a getaway to the tropical Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Also called the Island of Enchantment, this tropical paradise offers visitors exotic beauty including miles of dusty white sandy […]