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Emerald Princess Review

This was our first cruise with Princess. We have cruised many times on a couple others and this-the Emerald Princess was far more than I anticipated. The ship was just the right size, although I didn’t even expect it to be that big. It is definitley a step above the others, service was fantastic, and […]

A Rum Affair: Tasting the Finest of an Island Legacy

Wherever there has been sugar production, there has been rum. Nowadays, I sometimes wonder if my own fascination with rum is tied to some genetic predisposition that goes back to early nineteenth century ancestors on Jamaica who rode the sugar cane fields regularly. Put it this way – I certainly don’t feel the worse for […]

Turtle Time – from Tobago to the Turks

It’s that time of the year when the turtles of the Caribbean in all their variety make their way to protected beach location to lay their eggs. Smaller islands from Tobago to the Turks & Caicos often have some of the best protected shores to observe or even help in the ongoing conservancy of this […]

Agritourism Bahamian-Style at Goodfellow Farms, New Providence

Growing vegetables and fruit in a pesticide-free, soil-based agricultural environment is something that Caribbean farmers are now following with some fine results. Travelers and residents can already sample some of the range of thriving produce by stopping off at the inland location on New Providence, Bahamas of organic-based Goodfellow Farms on New Providence, Bahamas which […]

Big Game Events for Every Caribbean Angler

You can be an old man and the sea or a young man just discovering the Caribbean seas, and there will likely be something you can look forward to over the rest of this summer. The marine diversity of the Caribbean and its longtime popularity with anglers of all stripes and abilities means that nowadays […]

When a Caribbean House Tells a Caribbean Story

Just as it’s often said that the interior of a home can tell you much about the individual that lives there, so too many of the greathouses that you can still visit around the Caribbean also often tell even more about the wider culture, history and people of an island. The book that provides a […]