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Jamaican Farm Dinners by Moonlight

There’s something magical about a leisurely meal taken out under a Caribbean sunset as it deepens into a clear tropical night, with the evening star and all the heavens as your eternal overhead lamps.  I’ve had the pleasure of doing this from idyllic locations stretching from the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  When you can also do it right at the point where the food is both grown, harvested and then prepared, a cycle of nature and man that you have to experience at least once in a lifetime.

credit courtesy - Jakes/Island Outpost

One such magical earth-to-table location where you also find the produce prepared with culinary excellence is at Jakes, the boutique hotel nestled in the fishing village of Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s south coast, is introducing monthly Farm Dinners in conjunction with Liz Solms, accomplished chef and local sustainable agriculture expert. Here’s what the setting and fare are like in this unique al fresco farm setting experience on a Saturday evening

The dinners feature savory organic dishes prepared and served on-site at local farms, with wine pairings provided by Caribbean Producers Jamaica.  Each dinner begins at sunset, once a month on the Saturday closest to the full moon, on a small farm in the hills of St. Elizabeth parish.  On arrival, guests are greeted with a cocktail created from fresh fruit grown right at the farm. The table is elegantly set with white linens in the middle of a working field, with lanterns hung around the table and among the curling vineyard-like rows of yam vines. Dinner is cooked table-side, and the rotating menu reflects seasonal local produce and 100% organic ingredients. Mouthwatering dishes, such as penne with lime basil, goat cheese crostini, and chicken with dill yogurt sauce, are served up family-style.  The dinners will also play host to various specialists such as honey experts and wine sommeliers to lead tastings of locally-produced fare.

Jakes’ commitment to supporting local farmers and fisherman began when it first opened its doors in 1995 as a simple seaside restaurant. Now a vibrant and stylish resort with its own distinct laid-back-chic atmosphere, Jakes has partnered with Ms. Solms and the Pedro Plains farms to provide visitors with the opportunity to see where their food comes from, through locally-guided Farm Tours and the new introduction of the monthly dinners.     HP

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