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Barbados Sports Classics – Sailing, Golf, Cricket Traditions Live On

From sailing regattas to golf and cricket — Barbados represents the most active center of traditional British West Indian sports. Some of these are seasonal, some are year-round – but whenver you’re on the island, you’re likely to find at least one or more sport to participate or watch – even a match, or tournament […]

El Yunque – Puerto Rico’s Rainforest

Imagine a cluster of mountains just a short ride from the ocean and rising some 3,500 feet and inside the relative small space of 25,000 acres seeming to contain every shape of leaf and every shade of green, broken by occasional brilliant flowers of pink, white or red. Add in the presence of cascading waterfalls, […]

Barbuda’s Wild and Luxurious Solitude

Just 26 miles north of Antigua is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean – its smaller sister island of Barbuda. This 62 square mile oasis can only be reached by either ferry or air (via Carib Aviation) from larger Antigua, and its remoteness lends it all the charm of a strictly private […]

Kayaking Around the Caribbean

There you are, way out on the middle of a crystal blue watered cove with just the occasional glimmer of fish racing under you, or on a busy lagoon with yachts nearby but a diverse underwater and mangrove life below and beside you — that’s just a little of what the simple pleasure of kayaking […]

Queen Mary 2 Cruise – Cunard Meets the Caribbean in Royal Style

Queen Mary 2

The Cunard name itself speaks volumes about the history of ocean travel in grand style. Nowadays, that name is also present on Caribbean waters, making the the visit to island ports of call while enjoying the classic Cunard style a seafaring voyage not to be missed by discerning travelers. The planning […]

St. Thomas – Shop and Explore

The cruise ships put in every day at Charlotte Amalie and probably the main attraction in the streets along the waterfront here for most is the shopping—or at least the window-shopping. A duty-free paradise with world-class brand name merchandise on display at numerous store locations makes this St. Thomas, USVI capital and port town a […]

Dining around Nassau, Bahamas

Along with its growth over several decades as a popular port of call for cruise liners and easily reached destination for many North Americans and Europeans, Nassau, Bahamas has also enjoyed an expansion of the dining scene to cater to the wide range of visitor tastes. That spans everything from American style to European/Asian dining […]