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Riding Round the Caribbean: Horseback Living, Island Style

Horses were always part of the Caribbean way of life, and nowadays there are still great opportunities to experience the equestrian lifestyle from one island to the next with plenty of variety along the way. Nowadays, if you’re interested in horses and the role they still play in island life, you can either do it […]

Silversea Cruises to the Caribbean’s Finest Hideaways

courtesy – Silversea

The Silversea cruise experience embraces the most advanced onboard luxuries and amenities along with transporting the traveler to the most remote and magical of the Caribbean’s ports of call. Between February and May this year, you can escape from the larger world to such small and tranquil points as Grenada, St. […]

Contemporary and Classic Sides of Old San Juan

One of the reasons that people surely keep coming back to visit the old city of San Juan is to see more of what’s classic and a landmark, but also discover what’s new and changing. It really does have both sides to it – the new Puerto Rico is often to be found right there […]

Hiking and Diving Tobago

It’s the smaller partner in a two-island nation, but Tobago makes up in locations and activity for what it may lack in geographic size. Tobago is also a notable magnet for diving enthusiasts with its long stretches of beach and extensive coral reefs that are home to the largest brain coral in the world, along […]

Flavors of Grenada – Casual to Elegant Dining

(cedit: courtesy – Maca Bana)

While dining out is usually very relaxed around Grenada, this does not prevent the best local restaurateurs and master chefs from making some excellent use of the island’s famous spices and produce to create memorable island recipes and fine international cuisine. Where to experience either in first-class venues or […]

Eustatia Island – Little British Virgin Hideaway Emerges

Chances are you’ve never really noticed the name on a map of the British Virgin Islands for an islet called Eustatia. For the past 10 years, the 26-acre private estate on Eustatia Islands was only privately rented to wealthy individuals by request. Now, Eustatia has emerged to join the elite sphere of island properties available […]