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Barbados – Reader Review – Turtle Beach

We had ANOTHER fabulous trip to your beautiful island.

This is our 6th trip and 3rd to Turtle Beach, which is in the process of undergoing refurbishment of the rooms.  Our room was wonderful – ocean front – overlooking the beach and palm trees, a fabulous way to wake up each day.  The staff were attentive, friendly and courteous. (A direct contrast with the first stay we had there around 6 years ago – but that’s another story). The food was great – Asiago’s was not great – and definitely not worth the extra as the food in the main restaurants was more than good enough for us.

We visited the Waterside (on the site of the old Restaurant at Southsea) twice!  It was amazing – food, service, view, ambience and location were simply awesome.  The Pieces Restaurant was as excellent as ever, the restaurant is just so charming, we love it there and it didn’t fail to disappoint, the lobster was wonderful.  Josef’s was a first time visit – it wasn’t great.  The service was slow slow slow.  The food was average and for the total cost we were disappointed.

Great trip and will be back again soon!


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