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Shopping Grand Cayman – Landmarks and New Arrivals

(courtesy – Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)

Shopping for anything in luxury lifestyle items – leather goods, watches, jewelry, designer apparel – is a huge draw for travelers to the Cayman Islands – and Grand Cayman is the hub for the widest concentration of retail and duty-free adventure. What can you look for in […]

Peter Island: Pirates and Private Escapes

(credit: courtesy – Peter Island)

Among the most remote of the smaller islands that form part of the British Virgin Islands, Peter Island has a past as colorful as its terrain, and a refined resort and marina that makes it one of the most desirable. The other interesting aspect of Peter Island for present-day […]

Disney Cruise Line – Magic in the Caribbean

(courtesy – Disney Cruise Line)

The name Disney and the word “imagination” have always made a brilliant partnership. Nowadays, that genius for bringing the fantastic alive is also found aboard their Disney Cruise Line. And when that includes routes and destinations around the Caribbean, the combination produces another kind of Disney magic for the […]

Caribbean Reading – Rums: A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

With Rums: A Social and Sociable History of the True Spirit of 1776, author Ian Williams provides a lively account of the early history of rum production in the New World, or as he puts it himself – “The origins and role of sugar, molasses and rum with slavery for the development of the Atlantic […]