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Grand Cayman’s North Side Hideaway at Cayman Kai

(credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)

Grand Cayman is not one of those islands you come to for a huge selection of all-inclusive mega-resorts. In fact, its strong point may be at the opposite spectrum – with a wide choice of villas and condo rental options. And while the Cayman Islands‘ capital of George […]

Harbour Island – Bahamas Luxury Retreat

Boutique resorts and villa hideaways have made Harbour Island in the Bahamas a very alluring hideaway destination for high-end travelers – and thanks also to easy access from Nassau. Considering this islet measures just three miles long and half a mile wide, there’s plenty to choose from in accommodation, activity or leisure.


Grand Case – Gourmet Dining on St. Martin


Why is Grand Case considered one of the highlights of St. Martin? On the natural side, it may be for the sandy beach, nearby rolling countryside and wonderful bay. On the man-made side, the attractions are its combination of world-class dining that bring gourmands from near and far, along with its fine collection […]

Duty Free Shopping In Jamaica

Tourists visit Jamaica to enjoy the beauty of the Island, the powdery sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation, blue waters and to shop. Duty free shopping, a once kept secret, is a booming business in Jamaica and new and return visitor’s line up every day to take advantage of the great money savings. Diamonds and other […]

St. Lucia Dining

Boudreau Restaurant (H. Peat)

Thanks to an interior of green abundance along with a coastline that’s home to a varied sea life, St. Lucia has all the natural ingredients to provide a fine culinary voyage for any visitor. Add to that, a strong presence of world-class chefs, free-standing restaurants and food-related events, and St. […]