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Dining Round Curaçao

(credit: Rojer Gibbs for the Curaçao Tourist Board)

While Curaçao shares much in its foods and their preparation with other islands across the region, it also has its own dishes and recipes that make a meal here a distinct experience from its neighbors. Along with that, the island offers much in the way of […]

St. Barts – Where Celebrities Choose to Holiday

Gustavia harbor at evening

A honeymoon, an anniversary, or just getting away from the ever present media glare; there’s any number of reasons that celebrities of screen and entertainment keep making their way to little St. Barts. In fact, it’s a longtime tradition for performers of all kinds to make this a favorite getaway, […]

New Books for the Caribbean Traveler

So much history, such diverse nature and landscape, so much living culture to explore – it’s all part of the kaleidoscope of the Caribbean waiting to be discovered. Some books and writers are out there, exploring deep into some of these many sides of past and present life on Caribbean islands.

Finding an island’s foods, […]


Emerald Hill – courtesy the Mustique Company

It’s remote, yet legendary as a long-favored hideaway of royalty, actors, pop stars. Lying near the end of the string of the Grenadines, Mustique nowadays is a little more accessible than it was in Seventies thanks to more stayover options and improved connections to the rest of […]

Caribbean Yacht Racing and Sailing Events for Spring 2012

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Some come to watch or support, some come to defend a title, others come to take part in the wider events surrounding an offshore race that’s a prominent annual feature. From Jamaica to Barbados to St. Martin, the high points on the calendar of major Caribbean yacht racing kick […]