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Palm Island – Southern Grenadines Private Escape

It’s all the solitude and bliss any private island lover could ask for: at the southern end of the Grenadines belonging to St. Vincent, and just 400 yards offshore from Union Island, Palm Island is a 135-acre private island resort where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean. From the air, it invites with offshore waters […]

Barbados, Off the Beaten Path

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

In addition to its classic resorts, world-class shopping and pristine beaches, Barbados is also worthwhile to explore off the beaten path – both coastal and inland – for its one-of-a-kind encounters with the island’s past and present. The roads are generally excellent in connecting you from one end or […]

St. Croix – Snorkel, Dive, Sail, Kayak and More

(courtesy – USVI Dept. of Tourism)

Many come for the entertainment or shopping, but St. Croix has a coastline providing plenty more to do just offshore.

Scuba and snorkel: A popular destination for diving is small Buck Island. It’s actually Buck Island Reef National Monument. There’s just one authorized dive operator, Caribbean Sea Adventures, […]