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5 Great Barbados Beaches

Famous in large part for its world-class beaches, Barbados is located farther east than all the other Caribbean Islands and is surrounded only by the Atlantic Ocean. Each of the beaches has a distinct character, and it’s difficult to choose only five to recommend, because what you consider a top beach also depends on what […]

Five Great Caribbean Honeymoon Villas

The Caribbean is a dream destination for newlyweds, with plenty of sandy beaches to stroll together under the tropical sun or by moonlight. What’s even better than honeymooning in the Caribbean? Honeymooning at one of these 5 great honeymoon villas! A villa offers you more privacy than a hotel or resort- perfect for any newlywed […]

Explore the BVI’s by Boat

An exciting adventure awaits you when you explore the BVI’s by boat. The British Virgin Islands are a tropical getaway with 25 breathtaking islands. While you may be able to enjoy its beauty on land, nothing will take your breath away like seeing all that there is to see by sailing these tropical waters.

One […]

Discover the Culture and Beauty of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival

Imagine rich culture, historic atmosphere and 13 solid days of music all set against beautiful blue waters of Pidgeon Island. St. Lucia Jazz Festival runs from April 30 – May 11 and will feature more than fifty “acclaimed entertainers and artisans” from across the globe.

Artists scheduled for 2013 include:

R. Kelly – a highly […]

St Maarten Heinekin Regatta takes place from March 9 to 13

The next St Maarten Heinekin Regatta will take place between March 9 and March 13.

The regatta, which is named for the Caribbean island of St.Maarten and its principle sponsor the Heineken Company, started in 1980 with a modest 12 boats competing. In 2013 200 hundred boats competed and the event operator, the St. Maarten […]