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5 Great Barbados Beaches

Famous in large part for its world-class beaches, Barbados is located farther east than all the other Caribbean Islands and is surrounded only by the Atlantic Ocean.  Each of the beaches has a distinct character, and it’s difficult to choose only five to recommend, because what you consider a top beach also depends on what you intend to do there: scuba dive, surf, snorkel, relax on the sand, wade in the water with your kids, or enjoy amazing views.  That said, here are five beaches you can’t miss when you visit Barbados.

1) Crane Beach

Located on the southeast coast of Barbados, Crane Beach has white-pinkish sand set before a landscape of cliffs and rock formations dotted with coconut groves.  The views are magnificent, and the beach has something for everyone: some good conditions for surfing, but also containing calmer pockets that are better for swimming.  A world-famous resort, The Crane Beach Hotel, overlooks the water, and a romantic atmosphere envelopes the beach.

2) Bathsheba Beach

While definitely too rough for swimming, this beach on the eastern coast will take your breath away with its beauty and variety.  The waves are dramatic, the surf is white and foamy, and there are stunning rock and coral formations, including coral boulders on the beach.  If you want to take a dip, do so in the inland coral pools, which are calm and shallow.  To stay by Bathsheba Beach, try the Atlantis Hotel, which is elegant and offers you great ocean views.

3) Mullins Beach

The water at this west coast beach is generally calm, which makes for good swimming and snorkeling; people snorkeling in these gentle waters have spotted sea turtles, which also lay eggs on the beach.  Relax throughout the day on the soft sands, enjoy the shade of palm trees, and watch a spectacular sunset over the tropical waters.  The beach offers a variety of family-friendly activities, including banana boat rides and a trampoline.  A beach bar serves up delicious drinks and food to visitors.  To stay in the general area and enjoy easy access to Mullins Beach, look into the Mullins town home villas located across the street from the beach.  Contact

4) Accra Beach (Rockley Beach)

Set on the south coast, this lively and popular beach has turquoise water and soft white sand.  Swimming, snorkeling, wind-surfing, and sailing are all popular here, and the waves are good for boogie-boarding and surfing too.  There are a number of vendors selling jewelry, local art, and various refreshments.  If you’d like to stay in the area, check out the Accra Beach Hotel.

5) Sandy Lane Beach  

Located on the west coast, the beach has clean sand, calm and beautiful water, and toward the north and south ends of the beach, some shallow coral reefs that are good snorkeling spots full of tropical fish and urchins.  Access is through the parking area on the southern end of the beach.  Sandy Lane Hotel will not allow access through their property but of course the beach is public and visitors are able to walk up and down the beach and swim anywhere.    Overlooking Sandy Lane beach is the world famous, splendid Sandy Lane Hotel, which has catered to famous visitors for years and years.  It is not only the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Barbados, it is one of the best hotels in all of the Caribbean.

Although these five beaches are perhaps the best in Barbados, if you’re interested in finding out about additional recommended beaches and other Barbados attractions and hotels, explore our website.

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