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5 Great Activities in Antigua

When visiting Antigua, the beauty of the ocean and the numerous white sand beaches will immediately beckon you to the shore.  And while it’s fun to hang out on the beach, soaking in the sun and splashing around a little in the water, many visitors won’t want to pass up the chance to explore the surrounding ocean more in-depth.

Coral reef surrounds the island, tempting scuba divers and snorkelers to observe the wildlife and savor the natural beauty beneath the waves.  Fortunately, there are a number of tour companies that can immerse you in the waters off of Antigua.  The following are five of the best.

The South Coast Horizon Eco Tour: Kayaking, snorkeling, and stunning natural beauty, combined in one tour.  In addition to taking you through an exotic palm garden and aviary, the tour gives you an introduction to a beautiful lagoon from a 300-foot boardwalk, where you can spy on colorful fish and crabs.  From there, you’ll be guided by boat through the lagoon’s mangrove trees, a unique ecosystem where many species of fish grow to maturity.  Finally, you’ll get to a remote white sand beach, where you’ll be given the option of snorkeling at the nearby Cades reef.

Stingray City Antigua: You’ll be taken out by speedboat to a shallow pool in the midst of a coral reef.  There, you’ll be able to feed stingrays and swim or snorkel among them; you’ll also get to see many colorful tropical fish that share a home with the rays.  Although they may look a bit frightening, the stingrays are gentle, and an experienced guide will show you how to best approach them.

Antigua Paddles: Part of this eco-adventure brings you to an uninhabited island full of tropical birds.  In addition to hiking, you’ll get the opportunity to snorkel, spotting turtles and starfish.  Kayaking is also available, along with a journey through a maze of mangroves and small islands.

Adventure Antigua: They offer multiple tour options, including an eco-tour that introduces you to various oceanic habitats and a wide variety of wildlife.  Whenever you want to take a break from exploration, you’ll get the chance to luxuriate in the sun with a cold drink.

Treasure Island Cruises: Choose one of their available tours and enjoy hours of sailing, snorkeling, feasting, and dancing.  Onboard their catamarans, you’ll find a festive atmosphere.  One of the tours even offers an exciting treasure hunt.

Whatever tour you choose, you’ll enjoy some of the best experiences available off-shore from this beautiful Caribbean island.  What you’ll find is unique to this corner of the world, so try not to pass up your chance to marvel at it first hand.

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