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Four of the Best St Barts Restaurants

St. Barts is a European island set in the Caribbean; though currently belonging to France, it was in Swedish hands for a little over a century, so that many of the people who live there look distinctly Scandinavian, with blonde hair and blue eyes.  The island balances an unspoiled natural beauty with a culture of European luxury and indulgence.  And one of the best ways to indulge yourself in St. Barts is to enjoy its diverse restaurant scene.

Restaurants in St. Barts offer a range of cuisines, including French, Creole, Italian, and Asian.  Beyond the delicious food, many of these restaurants are set in beautiful locations.  The following are four of the best St Barts restaurants, featured here because they reflect unique dining experiences distinct to the island:

Le Gaïac.  If there’s one restaurant you shouldn’t miss in St. Barts, it’s this one.  It offers high-class French cuisine with a wide variety of dishes that draw heavily on freshly grown local ingredients; the wine list is also extensive.  Most notably, if you book your visit in advance, you’ll get a seat at one of their themed meals: the delightful seafood dishes of the Tuesday Fish Market dinner, and Sunday’s grand Brunch du Toiny, a world-famous feast.

Le Ti St Barth.  This is where you go when you want to party.  Live music, cabaret and fashion shows, disco dancing…  the energy is boundless.  Though you’ll also find a variety of delicious, colorful dishes and drinks, the main draw is the entertainment and the chance to participate in the fun.

On the Rocks.  In this luxurious restaurant, you’ll be seated on a multi-tiered covered deck overlooking St. Jean’s Bay and its shimmering waters and coral reefs.  The view alone would be worth the visit, but beyond the ambiance is the food, a mix of high-quality dishes, many of them inspired by Asian street food.

Maya’s Restaurant.  Founded and run by a husband and wife who spent eight years living on a sailboat, Maya’s Restaurant is set in Gustavia, the island’s capital.  Its uniqueness stems in large part from the way the menu changes every day so that only the freshest ingredients are used; fish and vegetables are the focus of the menu, but there’s a wide array of dishes to choose from.  In the evening, diners can catch a magnificent sunset over the water.

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