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Food Specialties in The Bahamas

The Bahamas encompasses over 700 islands and is a favorite vacation getaway, especially since it sits just 50 miles off of the coast of Miami. Something you must do when visiting is to experience the authentic Bahamian cuisine for a taste of food in the tropics that is exciting, fresh and unique.
  • Fresh Conch. Anyone who knows anything about The Bahamas is probably familiar with conch. Conch is a seafood that can be prepared a variety of ways such as fried, steamed or even served raw. To some, the flavor is similar to an oyster but no matter what your palate, a visit to The Bahamas isn’t complete without this local cuisine. The Boathouse Restaurant serves this dish as an appetizer with their conch fingers dish and in a salad where it is sauteed with grouper and lobster. The Poop Deck also serves conch in a chowder, as an appetizer, fried and in a salad.
  • Johnnycakes. These little accompaniment breads are made from corn meal and cooked in a frying pan. They go perfectly with a variety of dishes, especially chowders. They’re not only a Bahamas favorite but a favorite served throughout the Caribbean. Your visit to The Bahamas wouldn’t be complete without trying a johnnycake or two. You can find stewed fish and johnnycakes offered at the Columbus Tavern Waterfront Restaurant.
  • Bahamian Fish Chowder. This perfectly seasoned soup is a mainstay in The Bahamas. The most popular fish used to make it is grouper but it can be prepared with a variety of fishes. You’ll find ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, spices and some chefs prepare it using peppers and sauces such as A1 or worsheshire.
  • Specialty Drinks. The Bahamas has a myriad of drink options but a few local favorites stand out as true Bahamian fare and that’s the Yellow Bird, the Bahama Mama, and the Goombay Smash. You’ll also find that most places serve the Planter’s Punch and each place has their own version.

No matter what type of food you enjoy, The Bahamas has exciting cuisine that is tropical and fresh. If you love seafood and fruits, you’ll probably want to visit The Bahamas time and time again to experience their local food.

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