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Caribbean Spas Offer Relaxation While You’re Vacationing

The whole point of a vacation is to relax and unwind. Sure, you want to see some of the sights and experience cultural diversity and perhaps do a little shopping as well. However, all of the “play” can actually make you tired just as if you’d worked all day. That is why it is always […]

Enjoy a Taste of the Bahamas

Imagine enjoying the cuisine of the Bahamas with a variety of Caribbean Restaurants. No matter what your palate craves, The Bahamas has a myriad of exciting restaurants that you can experience while you are enjoying a vacation filled with tropical weather and plenty of sunshine.

For instance, if you’re wanting to experience the local cuisine […]

Harbour Island – Bahamas Luxury Retreat

Boutique resorts and villa hideaways have made Harbour Island in the Bahamas a very alluring hideaway destination for high-end travelers – and thanks also to easy access from Nassau. Considering this islet measures just three miles long and half a mile wide, there’s plenty to choose from in accommodation, activity or leisure.


Caribbean Luxury Marinas: 5 First-Class Island Ports

Marina at Cap Cana (credit: Cap Cana)

From glittering yachting meccas in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic to more distant ports in St. Lucia, Antigua or St. Martin – here’s what you find at the full-service, high-end luxury marinas that have appeared at the best harbors of the region.

Bahamas – Bimini Bay […]

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean Summer Cruising

Do as much as you like while out at sea, or do as little as you prefer. But, some excellent ports of call on its summer sailings make Norwegian Cruise Line a voyage experience where you’ll be excited to check out the island offerings along your route.

NCL is nothing if not innovative in its […]

Nassau’s Colonial Era Highlights

(courtesy – Graycliff)

You may only catch a glimpse of it at first as you move around the Bahamian capital – it could be something as minor as an elaborate balconied wood frame house, a statue of Queen Victoria, a splendidly uniformed policeman, or the wall of a fortress – but the traces of […]

Caribbean Diving Adventures

Day trips to remote islets around the Caribbean that are accessible mainly through independent scuba or sailing operators is one way to go further afield after you have dived the larger destinations of the region. Island chains such as the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos or Grenadines are among the prime places where you […]

Casino Action Options Around the Bahamas

Casino action with some old-fashioned glamor and a lot of tropical outdoor access for your time away from the tables is to be found at more than one island destination around the many islands of the Bahamas. Grand Bahama and New Providence islands are both home to some legendary casino action with accommodation and other […]

Caribbean Honeymoon in a Royal Style

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose a Caribbean island for a hideaway during their royal honeymoon in May 2011? Whatever they decide, ordinary travelers who also dream of seclusion and luxury on a tropical island can find favored past royal Caribbean destinations anywhere between the Bahamas and Barbados and the Grenadines. In fact, royalty […]

Kayaking Around the Caribbean

There you are, way out on the middle of a crystal blue watered cove with just the occasional glimmer of fish racing under you, or on a busy lagoon with yachts nearby but a diverse underwater and mangrove life below and beside you — that’s just a little of what the simple pleasure of kayaking […]