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Antigua & Barbuda – Luxury Stay Options

The dual island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has long been home to the most high-end accommodation in the region. Recent additions to that have expanded the choice for discerning travelers open to anything from a large-scale luxury inclusive guest room to their own private villa.

(courtesy – Jumby Bay)

On Antigua, existing leading […]

Barbuda – Footprint of Princess Diana in the Sand

(credit: Time-Life/Barbuda Council

by Hal Peat

Less known and visited than its larger sister island Antigua, but maybe even more desirable to travelers in search of the unspoiled small retreats of the region, Barbuda is celebrating its past most famous visitor while moving forward with welcoming new guests.

The Barbuda Council has announced that […]

Caribbean Honeymoon in a Royal Style

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose a Caribbean island for a hideaway during their royal honeymoon in May 2011? Whatever they decide, ordinary travelers who also dream of seclusion and luxury on a tropical island can find favored past royal Caribbean destinations anywhere between the Bahamas and Barbados and the Grenadines. In fact, royalty […]

Barbuda’s Wild and Luxurious Solitude

Just 26 miles north of Antigua is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean – its smaller sister island of Barbuda. This 62 square mile oasis can only be reached by either ferry or air (via Carib Aviation) from larger Antigua, and its remoteness lends it all the charm of a strictly private […]