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Grand Cayman’s North Side Hideaway at Cayman Kai

(credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)

Grand Cayman is not one of those islands you come to for a huge selection of all-inclusive mega-resorts. In fact, its strong point may be at the opposite spectrum – with a wide choice of villas and condo rental options. And while the Cayman Islands‘ capital of George […]

Shopping Grand Cayman – Landmarks and New Arrivals

(courtesy – Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)

Shopping for anything in luxury lifestyle items – leather goods, watches, jewelry, designer apparel – is a huge draw for travelers to the Cayman Islands – and Grand Cayman is the hub for the widest concentration of retail and duty-free adventure. What can you look for in […]

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean Summer Cruising

Do as much as you like while out at sea, or do as little as you prefer. But, some excellent ports of call on its summer sailings make Norwegian Cruise Line a voyage experience where you’ll be excited to check out the island offerings along your route.

NCL is nothing if not innovative in its […]

Grand Cayman Diving

(credit: Cayman Islands Dept. of Tourism)

Thanks to the variety of dive sites and the presence of several highly experienced diving operators and facilities around Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, it has long been an established leader in Caribbean dive destinations – attracting not only seasoned scuba divers but also beginner divers who all can […]

Grand Cayman – Blue and Green

Although it’s so close to the North American mainland, Grand Cayman – main island of the Cayman Islands – keeps its own easy pace even while it leaps fast forward into the twenty-first century. While giant blue iguanas crawl around the island’s lush botanical park, just a few miles away lie burgeoning commercial and financial […]

Winter/Spring Caribbean Festivals

The first quarter of each new year brings along a wide variety of cultural events tied to local island histoy, arts, sport. Parades. street fairs, parties all unfold around this time – and it’s usually a great first-hand opportunity to connect with an island’s character and its people. Just a few such coming up that […]

New Air Routes and Carriers in the Caribbean for 2011

When you’re planning a trip that takes you from one point to another within or even into the Caribbean, it definitely helps to know all your options in advance. And with a recovery in tourism being talked about more frequently, one sure sign of that may just be the introduction of new routes and the […]

Caribbean Festivals of Pirates and Flying Fish

The final months of every years see celebrations around the Caribbean of things either historic or cultural that are tied to the land and sea – sometimes, even all of these in one event. The emphasis is on local history and the people that shaped the island’s past and present, along with the foods and […]

Little Cayman Adventures

How does a small, flat island like Little Cayman come to have its own unmistakable character and flavor? Man, history and nature have all put their stamp here, creating a serene environment which in spite of the limitations of geography is a point of arrival in the Caribbean that offers much in the way of […]

Hiking the Caribbean’s Flats, Valleys and Mountains

Hiking or walking expeditions round the Caribbean – from easy to more challenging – can actually include everything from basic shoreline routes to rolling inland valleys and mountains. Aside from that, the terrain of an island that’s very flat can still provide a fantastic hike that’s gentler on the knees, if you need easier on […]