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Discover the Culture and Beauty of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival

Imagine rich culture, historic atmosphere and 13 solid days of music all set against beautiful blue waters of Pidgeon Island. St. Lucia Jazz Festival runs from April 30 – May 11 and will feature more than fifty “acclaimed entertainers and artisans” from across the globe.

Artists scheduled for 2013 include:

R. Kelly – a highly […]

Barbados, Off the Beaten Path

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

In addition to its classic resorts, world-class shopping and pristine beaches, Barbados is also worthwhile to explore off the beaten path – both coastal and inland – for its one-of-a-kind encounters with the island’s past and present. The roads are generally excellent in connecting you from one end or […]

Caribbean Windsurfing: Catching the Breezes from Cabarete to Aruba

Windsurfing’s come a long way since its early years as an offshoot of the surfing movement, and nowadays entire beach towns and small resorts are geared to the windsurfing lifestyle. Frequent favorable wind and water conditions at some island locations make windsurfing a popular sport option at many all-inclusives, but the best year-round winds attract […]

Aruba Celebrates Food, Film and Music in 2011

Already a southern Caribbean favorite for its beaches and offshore diving, Aruba is making itself even more attractive to travelers with cultural interests. The first half of 2011 will see the island hosting a number of events that are gaining a strong following among lovers of fine food, music and movies. If food or entertainment […]

Winter/Spring Caribbean Festivals

The first quarter of each new year brings along a wide variety of cultural events tied to local island histoy, arts, sport. Parades. street fairs, parties all unfold around this time – and it’s usually a great first-hand opportunity to connect with an island’s character and its people. Just a few such coming up that […]

Caribbean Festivals of Pirates and Flying Fish

The final months of every years see celebrations around the Caribbean of things either historic or cultural that are tied to the land and sea – sometimes, even all of these in one event. The emphasis is on local history and the people that shaped the island’s past and present, along with the foods and […]

Dining Round St. Croix

Everything from casual cafes to elegant bistros and world-class food festivals contribute toward making St. Croix an excellent destination for the culinary explorer in the Caribbean. Part of the adventure is also the blend of local food traditions and an infusion of other culinary influences from North America to Europe and Asia.

Casual and fine […]

Caribbean Culinary Fare from Bahamas to Barbados – Autumn 2010

Watching our cook fixing anything from pepperpot soup to rice and peas, a broiled lobster to producing rum and raisin ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, was one of the great treats I enjoyed as a boy. The preparation of food done the Caribbean way goes on being a defining feature of island […]

Rock to Reggae to Jazz: Summertime is the Time to Hear it All

Caribbean vibes fill the air in a wide variety this summer, longtime and new travelers to the region can catch up with many of their own favorite contemporary Caribbean and international artists. The entertainment gets underway on St. Kitts between June 24 – 26, when the 14th annual St. Kitts Music Festival reprises with its […]

The Caribbean Celebrates the Big Screen

Film festivals continue to be a growing phenomenon in every corner of the Caribbean – witness this week’s premier appearance of the Aruba International Film Festival. This latest festival on Aruba, running from June 4 – 12, and brings together regional talent, up-and-coming filmmakers, and international artists. The inaugural Festival will showcase between 20 and […]