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5 Great Activities in St. Lucia!

St Lucia is a destination loved by those seeking adventure or simply wanting to relax on a romantic getaway. Located in the Eastern Caribbean, this Windward Island of the Lesser Antilles is nestled between the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and The Atlantic Ocean. If you’re planning a visit this tropical paradise, here […]

St. Martin/Maarten Fishing Excursions

The coastline of St. Martin/Maarten with its many bays, inlets and offshore deep waters all provide a variety of fishing opportunities easily accessible through the established big game fishing operators here. Big fish that you might be able to reel in off St. Martin/Maarten include marlin, tuna or wahoo, and there’s also yellowtail snapper and […]

Water Sports in Grenada

(courtesy – Grenada Board of Tourism)

From city-side bays to remote inlets and coves, the tri-island state of Grenada‘s coastal formations along with the diversity of marine activity operators add up to an excellent mix of water sport options. Some of what you can expect to find and enjoy:

Diving and Snorkeling – With […]

Caribbean Fishing Tournaments for 2011

Big game fishing events from the Bahamas to Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic and Tobago offer something for everyone during the second half of 2011. You can be a seasoned sport fisherman or a novice angler, there’ll be an event that will include your skills and let you improve them too. Some to consider during […]

Port Antonio – Jamaica’s Eco-Luxe Retreat

Port Antonio, Jamaica, near the eastern end of the island’s north coast, retains a feeling of serenity and the enduring magic of its landscape – stunning vistas from so many points along its hillsides towards its unspoiled bays, coves and offshore islets. At the same time, magic and reality have been coming together here on […]

Little Cayman Adventures

How does a small, flat island like Little Cayman come to have its own unmistakable character and flavor? Man, history and nature have all put their stamp here, creating a serene environment which in spite of the limitations of geography is a point of arrival in the Caribbean that offers much in the way of […]

Making Memories with Grenada Sport Fishing

Want to experience the excitement and memories of a lifetime? Then consider catching a fishing expedition opportunity of the coast of Grenada. Game fishing in the Caribbean Island of Grenada will land you a thrilling adventure. Here anglers will cast their lines in hopes of snagging the famous blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, […]

Cancun Water Sports

There is nothing more refreshing than spending some time enjoying one or two of the many water sports attractions that Cancun, Mexico has to offer its visitors. Cancun is in a unique location where the fresh water of the lagoon meets the salty ocean. Cancun has long been known for its abundance […]

Nature Lovers Flock To St. John

There are many reasons why people love visiting Caribbean islands. Some of the most beautiful sights are found in the Caribbean, from pristine beaches to panoramic views from mountain peaks. It is impossible to visit these breathtaking destinations without enjoying the best nature has to offer. While this is true for most […]

Fishing in the Bahamas

Whether you are an avid sporting fisherman, just someone who likes to occasionally fish for fun or even someone who has never fished in their life a trip to the Bahamas is not complete until you have […]