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Barbados, Off the Beaten Path

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

In addition to its classic resorts, world-class shopping and pristine beaches, Barbados is also worthwhile to explore off the beaten path – both coastal and inland – for its one-of-a-kind encounters with the island’s past and present. The roads are generally excellent in connecting you from one end or […]

St. Lucia Dining

Boudreau Restaurant (H. Peat)

Thanks to an interior of green abundance along with a coastline that’s home to a varied sea life, St. Lucia has all the natural ingredients to provide a fine culinary voyage for any visitor. Add to that, a strong presence of world-class chefs, free-standing restaurants and food-related events, and St. […]

Bermuda’s Capital Highlights – Shop, Taste, Tour

(credit: Bermuda Department of Tourism)

While travelers are often headed toward the golf courses, marinas or beaches of Bermuda, there are still some other activities to savor around or near its capital of Hamilton.


The only duty-free opportunities while visitig the island is at duty-free zones when you transit in and out […]

St. Barts – Gustavia’s New and Classic Restaurant Options

It’s been a high point of travel to the region for culinary fans, and St. Barts maintains that position with its longtime favorite dining spots but also more recent arrivals. There are also food-beverage events putting this little island on the culinary map in a big way nowadays. Recent arrivals and longtime favorite dining […]

Books: St. Croix Food & Wine Experience

One good thing can lead to another in the world of Caribbean cuisine and its celebration by many. That’s certainly shown with the new book St. Croix Food & Wine Experience: A Culinary Guide to the Island Featuring More Than 100 Recipes from Island and Celebrity Chefs, by Jane Watkins with Steve Bennett & Katherine […]

Anguilla Traveler Review

Here is a short summary of our wonderful vacation: We stayed at Cuisinart, and the resort was fantastic. Our room was large, with a sitting area, spacious bathroom, and great view. Although the beach had been eroded by a recent hurricane, there was plenty of room for sunning and walking, and the beach staff was […]

Caribbean Reading: Restaurants & Recipes of the Virgin Islands by Karin Donaldson

This colorful and well-illustrated large paperback is a lively exploration of the cuisine and dining locations of the three main U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. While restaurants come and go with amazing speed in the present world economy, Karin Donaldson’s book has an enduring value thanks to the particular […]

5 Great St. Martin/Maarten Activities

Wherever you decide to base yourself on either side of St. Martin/Maarten, you can plan a visit that allows you to either relax or be active without going far, or you can take off to experience other sides that offer something completely different. It’s an easily traveled island internally, so you may want to consider […]

Aruba Celebrates Food, Film and Music in 2011

Already a southern Caribbean favorite for its beaches and offshore diving, Aruba is making itself even more attractive to travelers with cultural interests. The first half of 2011 will see the island hosting a number of events that are gaining a strong following among lovers of fine food, music and movies. If food or entertainment […]

Flavors of Grenada – Casual to Elegant Dining

(cedit: courtesy – Maca Bana)

While dining out is usually very relaxed around Grenada, this does not prevent the best local restaurateurs and master chefs from making some excellent use of the island’s famous spices and produce to create memorable island recipes and fine international cuisine. Where to experience either in first-class venues or […]