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Golf at Its Best, Bermuda Style

Bermuda offers more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Characterized by spectacular scenery as well as firm fairways and an unpredictable wind factor, the island’s courses are renowned for both their beauty and challenge. Undulating greens are attributed to preponderance of […]

Golf and Relax in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Once you’ve tried out the golfing and resort options at other Dominican Republic destinations, it’s time to find out what the southeastern resort of La Romana has to offer. Most people who know a thing or two about the DR instantly think of Casa de Campo when asked about the La Romana area. While the […]

Grand Cayman – Blue and Green

Although it’s so close to the North American mainland, Grand Cayman – main island of the Cayman Islands – keeps its own easy pace even while it leaps fast forward into the twenty-first century. While giant blue iguanas crawl around the island’s lush botanical park, just a few miles away lie burgeoning commercial and financial […]

Canouan Island – Ultimate Grenadine Escape

One minute you’re out on the openness of the turquoise waters between St. Vincent and its smaller Grenadine islands, speeding along in a high-powered inter-island motorboat, the next you’re in the very heart of the Grenadines in a magical bay and disembarking at Canouan Island. Nowadays just about two hours by regular high-speed ferry from […]

Barbados Sports Classics – Sailing, Golf, Cricket Traditions Live On

From sailing regattas to golf and cricket — Barbados represents the most active center of traditional British West Indian sports. Some of these are seasonal, some are year-round – but whenver you’re on the island, you’re likely to find at least one or more sport to participate or watch – even a match, or tournament […]

Caribbean Golf Update

Some golf courses have mountain ranges on one side, and are bordered by the Caribbean at another stretch. Others look out across acres and acres of rolling fields of plantation estates. But no matter what the conditions of the location, there is usually much that contributes to making the game of golf something special on […]

Nature Lovers Flock To St. John

There are many reasons why people love visiting Caribbean islands. Some of the most beautiful sights are found in the Caribbean, from pristine beaches to panoramic views from mountain peaks. It is impossible to visit these breathtaking destinations without enjoying the best nature has to offer. While this is true for most […]

Hitting the Greens in Antigua

Some of the most breathtaking and exclusive golf courses are located in the Caribbean. Many major professional tournaments have been hosted at these greens. Most of these courses are designed with both amateurs and professionals in mind. In and around Antigua, there are a number of golf courses including Cocobay Resort, K […]