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Water Sports in Grenada

(courtesy – Grenada Board of Tourism)

From city-side bays to remote inlets and coves, the tri-island state of Grenada‘s coastal formations along with the diversity of marine activity operators add up to an excellent mix of water sport options. Some of what you can expect to find and enjoy:

Diving and Snorkeling – With […]

Reader Caribbean Cruise Review

Four of us on this cruise – mom, dad, 17 year old daughter, and a very fit and active grandma. Ship was great, although we only had one day at sea. Arrived at SJU port at about 4:00; no line – very different from the check-in lines in New Orleans form our last 3 […]

Reader Review – Grenada

We spent three months in Grenada, and my attitude has changed markedly versus how I felt about the island after the first week or two. I suppose the primary shift in thinking is as a result of meeting more people. People with whom we have become acquainted – Grenadian people as well as folks […]

Laluna – Grenada Retreat Combines East and West

How best to describe the overall experience of Laluna? Escape seems like an overused word, but when you arrive into Laluna’s own particular brand of retreat and tranquility, you do feel as though you’ve reached a point at the end of the world that finally brings together all the ingredients of how life should be […]

Flavors of Grenada – Casual to Elegant Dining

(cedit: courtesy – Maca Bana)

While dining out is usually very relaxed around Grenada, this does not prevent the best local restaurateurs and master chefs from making some excellent use of the island’s famous spices and produce to create memorable island recipes and fine international cuisine. Where to experience either in first-class venues or […]

Grenada’s Finest Eco-Luxury Hotels

With a diverse landscape and plenty of harbors and marinas, little Grenada also is seeing a growth in its higher-end boutique sized properties, each with its own distinct amenities and locations. A still largely undeveloped and unspoiled coastline and interior landscape along with the absence of the high-rise all inclusive style accommodation means the slow […]

Shopping the Caribbean’s Finest Hidden Treasures

Where do you find local and authentic handcrafts and goods on an island that’s not imported from the other side of the globe? While there’s always great finds and bargains at the world-renowned duty-free shopping hubs of the region such as Nassau, Bahamas, or Philipsburg, St. Maarten, or Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, and other ports […]

Tall Ship Luxury Aboard Star Clipper

While its magnificent sails and classic hull might suggest a voyage aboard will include just the essentials from another era, in fact the Star Clipper, one of three tall sailing ships operated by Star Clippers, provides the perfect combination of past and present in outward design and onboard modern amenities while voyaging between eastern Caribbean […]

New Air Routes and Carriers in the Caribbean for 2011

When you’re planning a trip that takes you from one point to another within or even into the Caribbean, it definitely helps to know all your options in advance. And with a recovery in tourism being talked about more frequently, one sure sign of that may just be the introduction of new routes and the […]

Queen Mary 2 Cruise – Cunard Meets the Caribbean in Royal Style

Queen Mary 2

The Cunard name itself speaks volumes about the history of ocean travel in grand style. Nowadays, that name is also present on Caribbean waters, making the the visit to island ports of call while enjoying the classic Cunard style a seafaring voyage not to be missed by discerning travelers. The planning […]