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Palm Island – Southern Grenadines Private Escape

It’s all the solitude and bliss any private island lover could ask for: at the southern end of the Grenadines belonging to St. Vincent, and just 400 yards offshore from Union Island, Palm Island is a 135-acre private island resort where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean. From the air, it invites with offshore waters […]


Emerald Hill – courtesy the Mustique Company

It’s remote, yet legendary as a long-favored hideaway of royalty, actors, pop stars. Lying near the end of the string of the Grenadines, Mustique nowadays is a little more accessible than it was in Seventies thanks to more stayover options and improved connections to the rest of […]

Caribbean Diving Adventures

Day trips to remote islets around the Caribbean that are accessible mainly through independent scuba or sailing operators is one way to go further afield after you have dived the larger destinations of the region. Island chains such as the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos or Grenadines are among the prime places where you […]

Canouan Island – Ultimate Grenadine Escape

One minute you’re out on the openness of the turquoise waters between St. Vincent and its smaller Grenadine islands, speeding along in a high-powered inter-island motorboat, the next you’re in the very heart of the Grenadines in a magical bay and disembarking at Canouan Island. Nowadays just about two hours by regular high-speed ferry from […]

Caribbean Honeymoon in a Royal Style

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose a Caribbean island for a hideaway during their royal honeymoon in May 2011? Whatever they decide, ordinary travelers who also dream of seclusion and luxury on a tropical island can find favored past royal Caribbean destinations anywhere between the Bahamas and Barbados and the Grenadines. In fact, royalty […]

Tall Ship Luxury Aboard Star Clipper

While its magnificent sails and classic hull might suggest a voyage aboard will include just the essentials from another era, in fact the Star Clipper, one of three tall sailing ships operated by Star Clippers, provides the perfect combination of past and present in outward design and onboard modern amenities while voyaging between eastern Caribbean […]

Petit St. Vincent – Private Grenadines Escape Opens Its Doors

Petit St. Vincent – affectionately known as “PSV” – is one of those ultimate getaways where there’s no ‘hotel’ or ‘room’ to speak of, just 22 simple yet luxuriously comfortable cottages spread over 113 acres of softly rolling hills. In keeping with the relaxed atmosphere, there is no formal check in, no keys, no televisions […]

New Air Routes and Carriers in the Caribbean for 2011

When you’re planning a trip that takes you from one point to another within or even into the Caribbean, it definitely helps to know all your options in advance. And with a recovery in tourism being talked about more frequently, one sure sign of that may just be the introduction of new routes and the […]

Bequia Island – Grenadines Yachting Haven

Just nine miles south of St. Vincent and the largest island at seven square miles, Bequia (“BEK-way”) retains its age-old boat building, whaling and fishing traditions. Pretty and clean with colorful houses draped in bougainvillea and shaded by almond trees, Bequia offers good beaches, restaurants, bars and affordable accommodations. It attracts an arty crowd of […]

Summer Spa and Wellness – Rejuvenating Escapes with a Caribbean Edge

It’s surely a loyal trend in travel, and not surprising that everyone likes to escape from stress these days. That’s why the changes and arrivals on the spa and wellness scene around the Caribbean are so interesing right now. It all reflects the wide range of audience that appreciates the benefits of a renewal in […]