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5 Great Jamaica Villa Rentals

Jamaica is a Caribbean island where you can visit pristine beaches, enjoy unique food and drink and enjoy adventures like no other. Known as “the Land of Wood and Water,” Jamaica is so diverse and that is why it is such a popular vacation site. Not only can you enjoy its beaches, there are also […]

Jamaica Villa Rentals–A True Sense of Luxury

You’ve decided on a vacation in Jamaica. Now, for a real luxury holiday, consider the comfort of a Jamaica villa rental.

A villa rental has some obvious benefits; privacy would be the first that comes to mind. You have your own private entrance, sharing walls with only those whom you’ve seen fit to invite. (That […]

Your Caribbean Vacation: Why Rent a Private Villa?

Villa Etolie de Mer – St. Martin

If you want to experience the ultimate private getaway, then consider renting a villa. Many people book rooms in large hotels, thinking that they’ll experience the height of luxury, only to find themselves disappointed with the lack of privacy, or by simply feeling restricted in a […]

Caribbean Yacht Racing and Sailing Events for Spring 2012

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Some come to watch or support, some come to defend a title, others come to take part in the wider events surrounding an offshore race that’s a prominent annual feature. From Jamaica to Barbados to St. Martin, the high points on the calendar of major Caribbean yacht racing kick […]

Duty Free Shopping In Jamaica

Tourists visit Jamaica to enjoy the beauty of the Island, the powdery sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation, blue waters and to shop. Duty free shopping, a once kept secret, is a booming business in Jamaica and new and return visitor’s line up every day to take advantage of the great money savings. Diamonds and other […]

Caribbean Reading: The Pirate’s Daughter – Margaret Cezair-Thompson

History, Hollywood, romance and tragedy all come together with varying effects that are never less than memorable and moving in this tale of the post-War years on Jamaica in sleepy Port Antonio as film legend Erroll Flynn makes his presence felt in island lives and landscape with lasting effect.

The Pirate’s Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson […]

Polo – Caribbean Style

(credit: Barbados Tourism Authority)

Every winter season, local enthusiasts join the international elite in a series of high-powered events and local polo clubs from Barbados to Jamaica to Dominican Republic. The polo season on each island is an occasion that’s about the sport, local socializing, and a spectator sport for anyone interested in being […]

Jamaica – Montego Bay’s Water Sport Adventures

Paddle, kayak, sail off Montego Bay (H. Peat)

While it has other attractions on land that make it a strong draw for many travelers to Jamaica, the coastline areas along and near Montego Bay also make it a prime destination for any category of water sport enthusiast.

Where anyone can start:

There are facilities […]

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean Summer Cruising

Do as much as you like while out at sea, or do as little as you prefer. But, some excellent ports of call on its summer sailings make Norwegian Cruise Line a voyage experience where you’ll be excited to check out the island offerings along your route.

NCL is nothing if not innovative in its […]

Caribbean Jazz and Blues Festivals: Summer 2011’s Best

Music is at the heart of the Caribbean, and musical events are a staple on most islands – so if you’re also a lover of jazz and blues, this is one musical category you can probably catch the beat of this year on your own travel in the region. With a little planning, some of […]