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Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean Summer Cruising

Do as much as you like while out at sea, or do as little as you prefer. But, some excellent ports of call on its summer sailings make Norwegian Cruise Line a voyage experience where you’ll be excited to check out the island offerings along your route.

NCL is nothing if not innovative in its […]

Nassau’s Colonial Era Highlights

(courtesy – Graycliff)

You may only catch a glimpse of it at first as you move around the Bahamian capital – it could be something as minor as an elaborate balconied wood frame house, a statue of Queen Victoria, a splendidly uniformed policeman, or the wall of a fortress – but the traces of […]

Dining around Nassau, Bahamas

Along with its growth over several decades as a popular port of call for cruise liners and easily reached destination for many North Americans and Europeans, Nassau, Bahamas has also enjoyed an expansion of the dining scene to cater to the wide range of visitor tastes. That spans everything from American style to European/Asian dining […]

The Caribbean Celebrates the Big Screen

Film festivals continue to be a growing phenomenon in every corner of the Caribbean – witness this week’s premier appearance of the Aruba International Film Festival. This latest festival on Aruba, running from June 4 – 12, and brings together regional talent, up-and-coming filmmakers, and international artists. The inaugural Festival will showcase between 20 and […]

Set Sail With the Largest Ship in the World: Royal Caribbean’s The Oasis of the Sea

Seasoned and new cruisers alike will be awed at Royal Caribbean’s newest masterpiece. Oasis of the Sea set sail for the first time in November, allowing passengers to be fascinated at its 16 deck, 1200 foot long (the length of 4 football fields) vacation oasis. The cruise ship can host over 6000 vacationers on one voyage and does so with the most unique layout of any ship at sea. […]

Safety Alert for Cruisers Traveling to Nassau

Nassau, a Bohemian Island just 180 miles off the southern Florida shore is a tropical oasis. Each year the Island hosts over two million cruise passengers who come to find sunshine, relaxation and adventure. Recently however, the Island has had the misfortune of bad press. A string of tourist robberies has put visitors to the Island on edge. […]