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Caribbean Spas Offer Relaxation While You’re Vacationing

The whole point of a vacation is to relax and unwind. Sure, you want to see some of the sights and experience cultural diversity and perhaps do a little shopping as well. However, all of the “play” can actually make you tired just as if you’d worked all day. That is why it is always […]

Vieques, Puerto Rico – Timeless and Happening

It wasn’t all that long ago that the tinyVieques just off Puerto Rico‘s eastern seaboard was making big headlines for being a target practice for the U.S. Navy. Nowadays, things have changed dramatically – and Vieques has become a target for the uber-hip traveler drawn by this hideaway’s combination of small island charm and […]

Rincon, Puerto Rico




Puerto Rico’s western region, better known as Porta del Sol is home to some of the world’s best beaches and surfing areas. The town of Rincón, known for its beautiful sunsets, is located in the center of the western coast and was highlighted in The […]

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Caribbean Summer Cruising

Do as much as you like while out at sea, or do as little as you prefer. But, some excellent ports of call on its summer sailings make Norwegian Cruise Line a voyage experience where you’ll be excited to check out the island offerings along your route.

NCL is nothing if not innovative in its […]

Caribbean Fishing Tournaments for 2011

Big game fishing events from the Bahamas to Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic and Tobago offer something for everyone during the second half of 2011. You can be a seasoned sport fisherman or a novice angler, there’ll be an event that will include your skills and let you improve them too. Some to consider during […]

Outstanding Surfing Destinations Round the Caribbean

(credit: courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Why call this “round the Caribbean” and not “in the Caribbean” in sharing some suggestions on spots that surfing fans would love in this region? One prime reason is that the islands suggeste all have a windward coastline – that faces the Atlantic and which have some sizable […]

Contemporary and Classic Sides of Old San Juan

One of the reasons that people surely keep coming back to visit the old city of San Juan is to see more of what’s classic and a landmark, but also discover what’s new and changing. It really does have both sides to it – the new Puerto Rico is often to be found right there […]

Dining San Juan Style – Traditional to Nuevo Latino

Everything from international gourmet cuisine to the best in Puerto Rico‘s traditional cooking is within easy driving or even walking distance around San Juan. I found myself intrigued mostly by Puerto Rican criollo fare – it has its own distinct style and use of certain food items, while also having a few other staples and […]

New Air Routes and Carriers in the Caribbean for 2011

When you’re planning a trip that takes you from one point to another within or even into the Caribbean, it definitely helps to know all your options in advance. And with a recovery in tourism being talked about more frequently, one sure sign of that may just be the introduction of new routes and the […]

Kayaking Around the Caribbean

There you are, way out on the middle of a crystal blue watered cove with just the occasional glimmer of fish racing under you, or on a busy lagoon with yachts nearby but a diverse underwater and mangrove life below and beside you — that’s just a little of what the simple pleasure of kayaking […]