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Reader Cruise Review – Adventure of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas

My husband and I both enjoyed the cruise. We booked shore excursions with the cruise line for Curacao and Aruba and had a good time. We went on the aquatour with sea doos in Curacao and saw a great wreck while snorkeling. In Aruba we went on the sail and […]

Reader Caribbean Cruise Review

Four of us on this cruise – mom, dad, 17 year old daughter, and a very fit and active grandma. Ship was great, although we only had one day at sea. Arrived at SJU port at about 4:00; no line – very different from the check-in lines in New Orleans form our last 3 […]

Set Sail With the Largest Ship in the World: Royal Caribbean’s The Oasis of the Sea

Seasoned and new cruisers alike will be awed at Royal Caribbean’s newest masterpiece. Oasis of the Sea set sail for the first time in November, allowing passengers to be fascinated at its 16 deck, 1200 foot long (the length of 4 football fields) vacation oasis. The cruise ship can host over 6000 vacationers on one voyage and does so with the most unique layout of any ship at sea. […]