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Family Travel Tips

Traveling with children is sometimes a challenge. The challenges a parent faces depends on the specific ages of their children and the type of travel – but these tips should help you whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train; as well as once you’ve reached your destination in the Caribbean or […]

Change is in the (Caribbean) Air

New routes and new names in air travel are taking off around the Caribbean skies this summer. The changes bring connections between islands and airports that did not exist previously, or additional options to existing services. Whether you are returning to familiar island destinations from outside the region, traveling between islands as a Caribbean resident, […]

Cruise Planning Time Line

Booking your cruise is the easy part; all the planning for your departure is what takes the most effort! Careful planning will help ease last minute stress and assure that you have everything you could possibly need when you are ready to set sail.

Three to Six Months Before Departure


Last Minute Cruise Deals

Are you the spontaneous type, last minute planner or just someone who has just found themselves with last minute vacation time? Does and almost all inclusive vacation sound divine? How about a floating paradise where you can relax, eat, have fun and visit a variety of exotic destinations? If so, a last minute cruise bargain just may be in your future. […]

Packing for Your Tropical Paradise Vacation in Barbados

Barbados, the eastern most Caribbean Island, is a tropical paradise dream. The Island’s warm and sunny climate coupled with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches has made it a prime Caribbean tourist destination. Its northeast trade winds allow guests to be comfortable while they enjoy the warmth of tropical sunshine. Short tropical rain showers are common during the rainy season from June-November. […]

Safety Alert for Cruisers Traveling to Nassau

Nassau, a Bohemian Island just 180 miles off the southern Florida shore is a tropical oasis. Each year the Island hosts over two million cruise passengers who come to find sunshine, relaxation and adventure. Recently however, the Island has had the misfortune of bad press. A string of tourist robberies has put visitors to the Island on edge. […]