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Barbados Villa Rental Getaway – Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs, Barbados

In addition to its colonial style and chic new resorts and large scale properties along the western coast, Barbados is also home to an excellent selection of villa rental properties that provide seclusion with service, access to activity and onsite luxury amenities.

Most villa rentals are found along the island’s south […]

Barbados, Off the Beaten Path

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

In addition to its classic resorts, world-class shopping and pristine beaches, Barbados is also worthwhile to explore off the beaten path – both coastal and inland – for its one-of-a-kind encounters with the island’s past and present. The roads are generally excellent in connecting you from one end or […]

Caribbean Yacht Racing and Sailing Events for Spring 2012

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Some come to watch or support, some come to defend a title, others come to take part in the wider events surrounding an offshore race that’s a prominent annual feature. From Jamaica to Barbados to St. Martin, the high points on the calendar of major Caribbean yacht racing kick […]

Polo – Caribbean Style

(credit: Barbados Tourism Authority)

Every winter season, local enthusiasts join the international elite in a series of high-powered events and local polo clubs from Barbados to Jamaica to Dominican Republic. The polo season on each island is an occasion that’s about the sport, local socializing, and a spectator sport for anyone interested in being […]

Caribbean Reading – Rums: A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

With Rums: A Social and Sociable History of the True Spirit of 1776, author Ian Williams provides a lively account of the early history of rum production in the New World, or as he puts it himself – “The origins and role of sugar, molasses and rum with slavery for the development of the Atlantic […]

Outstanding Surfing Destinations Round the Caribbean

(credit: courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Why call this “round the Caribbean” and not “in the Caribbean” in sharing some suggestions on spots that surfing fans would love in this region? One prime reason is that the islands suggeste all have a windward coastline – that faces the Atlantic and which have some sizable […]

5 Must-Do Activities on Barbados

Barbados‘s past and present along with its natural diversity provides it nowadays with a wide choice of outdoor options for any travel taste. Whether you’re more inclined to just launching offshore to do some water sport, or also interested in the nature and history on land, there’s plenty enough to fill in your days […]

Caribbean Honeymoon in a Royal Style

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose a Caribbean island for a hideaway during their royal honeymoon in May 2011? Whatever they decide, ordinary travelers who also dream of seclusion and luxury on a tropical island can find favored past royal Caribbean destinations anywhere between the Bahamas and Barbados and the Grenadines. In fact, royalty […]

Tall Ship Luxury Aboard Star Clipper

While its magnificent sails and classic hull might suggest a voyage aboard will include just the essentials from another era, in fact the Star Clipper, one of three tall sailing ships operated by Star Clippers, provides the perfect combination of past and present in outward design and onboard modern amenities while voyaging between eastern Caribbean […]

Caribbean Culinary Fare from Bahamas to Barbados – Autumn 2010

Watching our cook fixing anything from pepperpot soup to rice and peas, a broiled lobster to producing rum and raisin ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, was one of the great treats I enjoyed as a boy. The preparation of food done the Caribbean way goes on being a defining feature of island […]