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Dining Round Curaçao

(credit: Rojer Gibbs for the Curaçao Tourist Board)

While Curaçao shares much in its foods and their preparation with other islands across the region, it also has its own dishes and recipes that make a meal here a distinct experience from its neighbors. Along with that, the island offers much in the way of […]

Grand Case – Gourmet Dining on St. Martin


Why is Grand Case considered one of the highlights of St. Martin? On the natural side, it may be for the sandy beach, nearby rolling countryside and wonderful bay. On the man-made side, the attractions are its combination of world-class dining that bring gourmands from near and far, along with its fine collection […]

St. Lucia Dining

Boudreau Restaurant (H. Peat)

Thanks to an interior of green abundance along with a coastline that’s home to a varied sea life, St. Lucia has all the natural ingredients to provide a fine culinary voyage for any visitor. Add to that, a strong presence of world-class chefs, free-standing restaurants and food-related events, and St. […]

St. Barts – Gustavia’s New and Classic Restaurant Options

It’s been a high point of travel to the region for culinary fans, and St. Barts maintains that position with its longtime favorite dining spots but also more recent arrivals. There are also food-beverage events putting this little island on the culinary map in a big way nowadays. Recent arrivals and longtime favorite dining […]

Books: St. Croix Food & Wine Experience

One good thing can lead to another in the world of Caribbean cuisine and its celebration by many. That’s certainly shown with the new book St. Croix Food & Wine Experience: A Culinary Guide to the Island Featuring More Than 100 Recipes from Island and Celebrity Chefs, by Jane Watkins with Steve Bennett & Katherine […]

St. Thomas Restaurants

This largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands also has a fine selection of dining spots that combine a range of culinary influence with plenty of exquisite and historic atmosphere. The chefs on St. Thomas are notable for their culinary achievements in this part of the world – the USVI has more per capita wine spectator […]

Dining San Juan Style – Traditional to Nuevo Latino

Everything from international gourmet cuisine to the best in Puerto Rico‘s traditional cooking is within easy driving or even walking distance around San Juan. I found myself intrigued mostly by Puerto Rican criollo fare – it has its own distinct style and use of certain food items, while also having a few other staples and […]

St. Martin’s Fine Dining: Casual to Elegant Options

The French side of St. Martin is a prime destination for experiencing some of the best culinary creativity anywhere in the region, from elegant bistros and restaurant in the main town of Marigot to small cafes and seaside cuisine in popular resort hubs elsewhere along the coast. Here are a few places to add to […]

Dining Round St. Croix

Everything from casual cafes to elegant bistros and world-class food festivals contribute toward making St. Croix an excellent destination for the culinary explorer in the Caribbean. Part of the adventure is also the blend of local food traditions and an infusion of other culinary influences from North America to Europe and Asia.

Casual and fine […]

Caribbean Culinary Fare from Bahamas to Barbados – Autumn 2010

Watching our cook fixing anything from pepperpot soup to rice and peas, a broiled lobster to producing rum and raisin ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, was one of the great treats I enjoyed as a boy. The preparation of food done the Caribbean way goes on being a defining feature of island […]