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Caribbean Yacht Racing and Sailing Events for Spring 2012

(courtesy – Barbados Tourism Authority)

Some come to watch or support, some come to defend a title, others come to take part in the wider events surrounding an offshore race that’s a prominent annual feature. From Jamaica to Barbados to St. Martin, the high points on the calendar of major Caribbean yacht racing kick […]

Caribbean Reading: The Pirate’s Daughter – Margaret Cezair-Thompson

History, Hollywood, romance and tragedy all come together with varying effects that are never less than memorable and moving in this tale of the post-War years on Jamaica in sleepy Port Antonio as film legend Erroll Flynn makes his presence felt in island lives and landscape with lasting effect.

The Pirate’s Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson […]

Polo – Caribbean Style

(credit: Barbados Tourism Authority)

Every winter season, local enthusiasts join the international elite in a series of high-powered events and local polo clubs from Barbados to Jamaica to Dominican Republic. The polo season on each island is an occasion that’s about the sport, local socializing, and a spectator sport for anyone interested in being […]

Caribbean Jazz and Blues Festivals: Summer 2011’s Best

Music is at the heart of the Caribbean, and musical events are a staple on most islands – so if you’re also a lover of jazz and blues, this is one musical category you can probably catch the beat of this year on your own travel in the region. With a little planning, some of […]

Port Antonio – Jamaica’s Eco-Luxe Retreat

Port Antonio, Jamaica, near the eastern end of the island’s north coast, retains a feeling of serenity and the enduring magic of its landscape – stunning vistas from so many points along its hillsides towards its unspoiled bays, coves and offshore islets. At the same time, magic and reality have been coming together here on […]

Hiking the Caribbean’s Flats, Valleys and Mountains

Hiking or walking expeditions round the Caribbean – from easy to more challenging – can actually include everything from basic shoreline routes to rolling inland valleys and mountains. Aside from that, the terrain of an island that’s very flat can still provide a fantastic hike that’s gentler on the knees, if you need easier on […]

Caribbean Culinary Fare from Bahamas to Barbados – Autumn 2010

Watching our cook fixing anything from pepperpot soup to rice and peas, a broiled lobster to producing rum and raisin ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, was one of the great treats I enjoyed as a boy. The preparation of food done the Caribbean way goes on being a defining feature of island […]

Caribbean Golf Update

Some golf courses have mountain ranges on one side, and are bordered by the Caribbean at another stretch. Others look out across acres and acres of rolling fields of plantation estates. But no matter what the conditions of the location, there is usually much that contributes to making the game of golf something special on […]

Jamaican Farm Dinners by Moonlight

There’s something magical about a leisurely meal taken out under a Caribbean sunset as it deepens into a clear tropical night, with the evening star and all the heavens as your eternal overhead lamps. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this from idyllic locations stretching from the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands to Jamaica and […]

Aerial Trams – A High-Flying Ride through Island Eco-Diversity

We’ve all seen those gondolas that glide hundreds of feet up in the air in mountainous areas like the Swiss Alps, but how brilliant to bring them far from the frozen heights and have them move instead over the dense tropical growth of a Caribbean interior? That’s exactly what one visionary and nature lover by […]