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Tobago Adventuring – Walk, Bike, Tour

Argyle Falls

Its lack of large-scale hotel resorts and uncompressed, quiet feel makes Tobago an idyllic destination for anyone seeking nature and landscapes to explore at an easy pace.

Tobago’s hiking trails include Argyle Waterfall, where hikers can discover the island’s highest falls at the end of an easy 15-minute hike along a trail […]

Hiking and Diving Tobago

It’s the smaller partner in a two-island nation, but Tobago makes up in locations and activity for what it may lack in geographic size. Tobago is also a notable magnet for diving enthusiasts with its long stretches of beach and extensive coral reefs that are home to the largest brain coral in the world, along […]

Winter/Spring Caribbean Festivals

The first quarter of each new year brings along a wide variety of cultural events tied to local island histoy, arts, sport. Parades. street fairs, parties all unfold around this time – and it’s usually a great first-hand opportunity to connect with an island’s character and its people. Just a few such coming up that […]

Caribbean Culinary Fare from Bahamas to Barbados – Autumn 2010

Watching our cook fixing anything from pepperpot soup to rice and peas, a broiled lobster to producing rum and raisin ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, was one of the great treats I enjoyed as a boy. The preparation of food done the Caribbean way goes on being a defining feature of island […]

Turtle Time – from Tobago to the Turks

It’s that time of the year when the turtles of the Caribbean in all their variety make their way to protected beach location to lay their eggs. Smaller islands from Tobago to the Turks & Caicos often have some of the best protected shores to observe or even help in the ongoing conservancy of this […]

2010 Summer Regattas Get Underway

Whether your passion is a longtime experience in skippering sleek yachts, taking your hobie cat out on your favorite hidden cove, or just savoring the spectacle of the region’s best sailing events, there will be something that fits your category with the great diversity of sailing craft competing on Caribbean waters this summer.

Regatta […]

Experience the Nature of Tobago

Tobago is a tropical paradise located 21 miles (33km) northeast of Trinidad surrounded by the relaxing Caribbean Sea on its northern coast and the exciting surf of the Atlantic Ocean sculpting the southern and western shorelines. The interesting topography of the island nestled in the sultry haven makes it a popular destination […]