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Rated by Amante Acompanamiento on 01/05/12
not worth the trouble in the dominican republic with those roaches in the cars ... Dollar Rental Cars... roaches included... come on... roaches in the cars... all of them

Rated by DAVID MC DONALD on 08/08/11
worst expierience ever with a rental service.they stole 460.76 from me,,,,BEWARE OF THESE CROOKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Rated by shahar galili on 06/05/10
Dollar Rent A Car (complaint) – Daylight Robbery

Just to make it clear, we made our car rental reservation through a third party company called Booking Group (known as or When troubles started Dollar blamed everything on the third party company. I'm not buying it…

Dollar robbed us 3 times:
1. According to the voucher we were holding the balance was EUR 127: "€ 127.03 is payable to Dollar on your arrival".
(Approximately $190 at that time)
Dollar charged us $250. After an 11 hours flight it was not easy to argue...what could we do?

Dollar response: "Our records indicate your reservation was booked as $250 in our system for the rental charges, which is what you were charged. Since the Euro amount was quoted to you by the third party company, and they booked the reservation in our system as $250, we must ask you pursue this matter further with the third party."

2. According to the voucher the drop-off location was Manhattan (no fee mentioned):
"Drop-off location: USA New York, Manhattan, Manhattan Downtown"
Dollar charged us with an extra $50, which was a Drop-off fee for returning the car to a different location than the original.

Dollar response: "Since our records indicate this vehicle was reserved with Dollar to return to JFK, we must conclude the third party booked with us incorrectly"

3. Dollar did not explain that the prepaid fuel plan is just an option; we understood that we have to take it.

Dollar response: "It appears you accepted prepaid fuel upon pickup. This was $34.29."

My recommendation: Don't book Dollar Rent-A-Car; Don't do business with Booking Group.

Shahar Galili (on behalf of my wife and sister-in-law)

Bookinggroup ref 38026580 / Dollar ref S3869742 / Dollar Case ID 1337704

Rated by hugopolanco on 04/28/09
Dear sir,

Very disappointed, after so long renting dollar car’s, nearly 10 years ago. In Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. The last two times I have rented, very old cars, with high consume of petrol, with very old tires, and the wheel in a misbalanced condition.

I wonder which is the purpose of the management of the company in that country, but apparently what they want is kill the company and them maybe buy the rest.

Even the fare is not very competitive, so I feel terribly sorry but not DOLLAR anymore. Confirmation #: T9685347,

That was my last reservation which was a complete disaster. I have to change car twice, because none of then were right. The smell in the first one was as disgusting as cod, the cover inside was dirty and half destroyed, the second one was very old, as old as they still play cassettes, which belong to the Palaeolithic’s period. The amount of money I spent on petrol was excessive because the engine is not well regulated. What can I do, complain, complain, not. The right thing is not to recommend dollar to anyone, either not to rent dollar myself anymore.

I feel sorry because the charm of the staff, Juan de la Cruz, Luis Mena, Claudia (gone) Rosa (gone) Confessor, Jonathan, and others.

And the computer system it seem to be from medieval age, the staff still hand writing, and the computer never keeps the information about the last renting, in which world are you living, directors and manager of the company?

Not point for frequent renter, not point for airlines frequent flyer cards….only American express. I am completely lost with dollar after so many years.

Once again are you trying to destroy the company offering to the faithful customers that kind of cars?

No way to revenge, no way to claim, this kind of companies are used to silence all the complaining, only apologize , only saying sorry because our cars, when money in on the game, that is completely useless.

Yours sincerely

Hugo Polanco

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