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Located in Ochos Rios, Gallery Joe James is known to display the best in arts.


   Rio Bueno
   (876) 954-0048


Rated by Mc Tanzanite on 02/19/10
Jo James & Mrs James are great people. At the time of my mothers death in Janaury 2005, Jo James helped me through that tough time in my life. The Art - food & the positive vbirations second to none. 1st choice everytime.

Rated by ORPHA DAWN PINNOCK on 06/16/08
ORPHA "DAWN "PINNOCK, 16/06/08. As a young girl my mother the Late Lodie Williams often take me to the most wonderful and one of jamaica most beautiful spots, can remember as a young girl to me it was like no other. Uncle Joe and aunt Joy was beautiful as ever. On my recent stay there with some friends, We didn't want to leave, The food was to die for, I have to make sure this will be my spot, when I go to Jamaica.I would say to any one going to Jamaica this is a must see. Uncle Joe and Aunt Joy keep up the Good work.

Rated by Lavern McDonald on 04/03/07
My partner and I "discovered" the inn when we dropped in for an impromptu visit on a Saturday afternoon. We saw firsthand the thought and inventiveness that went into the design of many of the rooms. Indeed, if you stay over, your time at the inn will not be a run-of-the-mill experience!

The galleries were full of paintings, sculptures and unique furniture. This was further stimuli for our souls.

After casual reservations for brunch the next day, we celebrated Mother's Day 2006 with Joe James, his granddaugher Zeynab, his lovely cook and a friend (and don't forget the dogs! It was a sight to see the lab mix "rescuing" Zeynab as she went into a face-down float in the shallows near the restaurant.).

My partner and I live in Brooklyn while my parents and my sister live in Fort was a partial family reunion and Mr. James was a wonderful host.

The food and drinks were excellent...but even so, they were no match for the company.

Why not cap off your next visit to Rio Bueno by dropping in on the fascinating Joe James.

PS. We trust Mrs. James is back at the helm now...last year she was off-island on medical business.

Rated by Joy Leach on 12/11/05
My husband and I have known Joe and Joy for 25 years now. Joe's art is a perfect expression of Jamaica and its people. Additionally, Joy is a master chef in caribbean cuisine, and both of them offer an insight into the people of the island. They are warm, hospitable and always wiling to sit down with you and chat. I heartily recommend this stop to any visitor to the island and please say hello to our dear friends for us.

Joy & Bill Leach

(Joe & Joy, Hoping to see you again. Soon come.)

Rated by Cher Schweitzer on 11/29/05
I had passed by this interesting gallery/restaurant/guest-house several times and was very intrigued, but didn't have time to stop...I finally made a point of doing so, and even though I did not have a meal, I spent about an hour wandering through the numerous rooms of this quaint building, absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful pieces of art on display, done mostly by Joe himself...I had an interesting and informative conversation with this uncommon artist who exudes a quiet strength. When visitors come, this will be my first choice to allow them to have a taste of the real Jamaica that I love.

Rated by dd on 05/23/05
Best art gallery in all of Jamaica. Joe and Joy exemplify the Jamaican hospitality and spirit found in most Jamaican homes, which makes this experience in their home to be most authentic and wonderful. Joe's work in art and Joy's work in the art of the culinary make this pair a duet in hospitality exemplifacation. .

Rated by Heather Greene on 12/30/04
I met Mr. James about 10 years ago. A couple of friends went there for a real Back home Jamaican Breakfast, needless to say we were given the red carpet treatment. Mr James and his wife are the absolute best when it comes to the real jamaican hospitality. I think every business in Jamaica should take a page from their book. The service from his waitresses are splendid. The food that Mrs. James prepares is next to none on the island. The warmth that you feel from Mr James when he sits down to have a meal with him is hotter than the Jamaican sun. It is no wonder when I go I end up just relaxing for a good three hours. Mr. James is one of the most talented artist I have seen in a long while. The gallery is next to none. I highly recommend this place if you want to experience the true Jamaican fever, food, and friendship. You will be glad you did..

Heather Greene
New Jersey

Rated by Sherman & Charm on 04/23/04
We stopped by this wonderful warm gallery during our last visit to Jamaica. It was a rainy overcast day, but Joe and his wonderful wife brightened up the day with smiles, and a personal tour of the gallery. This is a must see, his work is alive with the feel of humanity. If you get a chance he operates a guest house and restaurant from the gallery. Getting to know this articulite and inspiring man is getting to know the true Jamaica. We will go back and expand our horizon by spending time at Joe's Gallery!

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