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Captain Jack's Spread Eagle II

Modern catamaran. Snorkel-Picnic-Sail to a paradise island. Lunch, beverages, equipment. Free new snorkel. Great for swimmers and non-swimmers.


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Rated by Erin on 10/10/06
An excellent trip! The day was well-planned, the food was delicious, the crew was friendly and we had an awesome time! The website says that the catamaran seats 49 people, but we were in a group of 6 and had the place to ourselves. It was a relaxing cruise and we loved having our own private cruise. Check to make sure when you schedule that it isn't almost full, 49 people would have been way too many on board to not be crowded. The drinks were delicious and we truly enjoyed it. Worth double what we paid for it!! Definitely book a trip with them with confidence. : )

Rated by zahira on 07/08/06

Rated by Rob on 03/01/06
Fantastic. Well worth the cost. Got a nice dark tan and the crew was cool. Our fellow passengers were very diverse.

We arranged for the Spread Eagle's bus to pick us up (for an additional cost) from our B&B in San Juan at 8:20 a.m., and stopped at a couple of other hotels / resorts along the way to pick up others. Be on time for the pickup. We had to wait on a few stragglers who nearly got left behind.

About an hour drive to Fajardo. No big deal, some halfway decent scenery near the mountains and coastline.

At the marina, we checked our shoes and listened to some brief instructions. Very few rules, very laidback.

Once on board, the bar was open, and we munched on fried plantains and soda (rum punch and pina coladas were free, but we were a still a little hungover and didn't want to be tipsy when first snorkeling). There is plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruity drinks, soda, and water.

The boat ride to the island was beautiful - you can sit just about anywhere on the boat. There were only 25 people on board - a perfect fit. I think their advertised 49 capacity would have been way too many.

Stopped at a small island first to "practice snorkel;" walked around the bend of the island enjoying the awesome turquoise water and white sand. Our captain blew a conch shell to let us know lunch was ready, so we went back to the boat for pina coladas, had a great lunch, more pina coladas, and moved on to the next reef.

At the 2nd spot, we anchored in the deeper blue water, and jumped off with mask, fins and snorkel, and toured the reef for over an hour. Be warned - the 2nd spot has some serious currents that can sweep you on to the reef, but don't let it scare you-it's fun.

Bought an underwater camera from the boat for $15 (use the flip up guide on top. It was hard to snap decent pics through the mask). Lots more fish and colorful, bigger coral in deeper water.

Snorkeled for a while and went back to the boat to swim around with everyone else. Hang on to your mask, fins and snorkel so you can watch the fish come up and grab the bread they toss from the boat.

Climbed back on board, switched to rum punch, and headed back to the marina. On the way in, we went close to the shoreline and saw the lighthouse close up, some surfers, and an old shipwreck.

As we neared the marina, a dolphin and her baby surfaced a number of times and swam past our boat.

Closer to the marina, the crew threw leftover veggies onto the shore, where no less than 20 iguanas emerged to scramble for the scraps about 25 feet from the boat.

We could have cared less about the free snorkel when we were done (we just left ours on the boat).

A few things to know:

1. We went on a Monday, and booked the night before at about 6:00 p.m. Before you confirm, ask how many people have booked for the cruise. More than 20-25 would have been crowded. Credit card needed to hold the reservation. Some hotels will book for you.

2. Some of the tourist books will tell you to bring 15+ sunblock. Don't listen - Bring 30+. We went at the end of February '06 and got a LOT of sun. Waterproof and rubproof sunblock are no match for water-driven sand particles, masks and fins.

3. Bring a camera for pics on the boat. In addition, bring or buy an underwater camera for snorkeling. Don't worry-they float.

4. Don't worry about paying as you go-they settle up at the end. Even have a credit card machine on board.

All in all, relaxing and amazing. We were told by our hotel that the Spread Eagle II is the best catamaran company, and we wholeheartedly agree.

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