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Target Rent a Car, a division of Caparra Motor Service, Inc. was founded by Mr. Enrique Blanco Rojo and established on September 1964 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Originally Caparra Motor Service, Inc. was a repair shop, and evolved into Shell Gas Station at Roosevelt Avenue in the Puerto Nuevo sector. After almost two decades, on October of 1979 the operations of Target Rent to Car began providing of short term car rental service. Since the beginnings it was established to cater the necessities of the local Car Rental market, the corporate clients and the internal and external tourism. Two locations in San Juan, Baldorioty and Caparra.


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Rated by Jason Miller on 09/22/10
Absolutely the worst rental car company around!!! They accused my girlfriend and I for scratches on the bumper, when we were told that we would not be held responsble for them before we ever set foot in the car!! Because of the accusation, they held us in the office for an hour trying to investigate, which caused us to miss our plane flight home and we had to be placed on standby. This cost us more money, having to rent another room and get a taxi, as well as missed work. In the process, I left my camera in Puerto Rico at the vacation rental and will probably never see it again. Their agency is poor, poor, poor and if I had the opportunity to make them suffer, I would surely do it!! Mark my words, they were rude, liars, and cost me a lot of money!

Rated by NR on 08/05/10
Overall it was a pleasant experience using the services of Target Rent a car in Puerto Rico. I highly recommend it. Their check in / out process was very efficient. The only mishap is I had a tire that was punctured due to an
uneven sidewalk, and I had to pay out of my pocket to replace the tire. Still I'm very satisfied. I will continue using Target Rent a car everytime I visit Puerto Rico.

Rated by Felix Bermudez on 02/10/10
Poor,poor poor target went as far as to charge me for a broken winsheild a month after I came home from vacation. renting a 15 passanger van and having my own full cover insurance I was told I had to buy coverage from them. like most customers reviews I'v read. pushing target insurance. when I returner the van no one said a thing about a broker windsheld but a month later it showed up on my visa as 255.00 dollars target will never make a dime from me or my faimly,friends ever

Rated by Wanda Otero on 11/03/09
We didn't like our experience with Target. We rented the car from Target through Orbitz. When we arrive at the SJ Airport, we had to wait 30 minutes before the shuttle came to pick us up. Once in the office, the gentleman behind the counter provided a slow service while commenting on the bad conditions of the Island. As guests, we really didn't need to hear such a pesmistic outlook of the Island. It was even worse when returning the car. Upon return, there were two women behind the counter. These woman were so disrespectful, it is a shame. The older one commented, "que calor hace aqui" and then asked the younger one, "tu no tienes calor?" At the same time, the younger woman look at my husband and answered, "yes, hace calor." Such disrespect!!! What they didn't know is that I was born and raised in PR and I know that little old trick. I gave them a dirty look and I'm sure they noticed I wasn't happy about it. They showed no respect for their costumers and I will never rent again from or recommend Target to anyone.

Rated by Anthony on 04/27/07
I always rent cars from Target, and the experience has been fantastic. Ms Torres is very professional and competent. I always rent the Honda Accord and the cars are I always get are very clean and new.
Target really " Aim to Please" the costumer. I see you all in Jun 07.

Rated by Jazmine on 11/21/06
I rented there at the same time and her attitude was the same towards me I totally agree. Funny how things are right?

Rated by William Ottignon on 10/27/06
I recently rented a car from Target during my stay in the recommendation of a close business associate. I can't speak highly enough of the courtesy, professionalism and promptness of both Ms. Torres and the van driver. My Suzuki Aero was new, clean and everything that was promised me. I'm ripping up my Hertz Gold Card! Why should I pay those insane prices when I can get great, friendly service at less than half the price? Bravo've won a new customer!

Rated by jay glaubitz on 12/15/04
Through my San Juan hotel concierge, on December 4th, I rented a car at your Baldorioty Avenue location. I had the unfortunate opportunity to work with Ms. Jocelyn Torres. Never in my life have I had such a poor experience with a car rental agent. Ms. Torres was most unpleasant and rude. She was refusing to accept my AAA insurance card as evidence of coverage and insisted I buy coverage from her. Please let me explain that I have rented cars in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and throughout North America and EVERY single time my AAA insurance card was cheerfully accepted. But apparently it wasn't good enough for Ms. Torres. Upon reflection, I can only assume her rejection of AAA insurance was based on some monetary incentive to sell 3rd party coverage to your rental customers. I find this practice offensive and her cavalier attitude about it made me angry. Further, the condition of the car was terrible. It had not been washed or vacuumed in days and every single body panel was scratched and/or dented.

Upon return to my hotel, I complained to the concierge. He stated that he'd received complaints before and assured me they would no longer arrange rentals with your company. It's regretful that one person, Ms Torres, was able to spoil an otherwise wonderful visit to your island, and affect your company by the loss of future business from that hotel.

Mr. Jay Glaubitz
Sacramento California

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