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Locations at San Juan and Aguadilla airports and at Condado.


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Rated by Steve on 08/19/14
Do NOT use the Carolina office of USave. The care broke down on our trip, then they tried to charge us because the car broke down. Made our vacation in Puerto Rico a nightmare.

Rated by Brandon on 10/11/12
DO NOT USE U-SAVE CAR AND TRUCK RENTAL!! THEY ARE AWFUL.. I wish I would have read these reviews before ever going with this company. We got charged an extra $52.35 dollars for their rip off toll road e-pass when we paid for all tolls after driving around the island for 1 day. They try to charge an extra 5 dollars a day for this service even, after paying every toll along the way!! They automatically charged us without consent and after signing the car back in. Awful business practice and buyer beware!!

Rated by Orlando Escribano on 01/10/12
REALLY NO STARS worthless car company, used three cars in less than one week because of breakdowns, very unsafe cars, someone needs to shutdown this company before someone gets hurt in their junk cars.

Rated by joe on 11/15/11
Exact same story as everyone else on this site. Don't waste your time or money with this unprofessional, unreliable company.

Rated by kea on 08/18/11
I am disgusted with these people! Who is smart enough to shut them down! I booked U-Save thinking we were getting a value for our needs. Unfortunately all I/we are getting are headaches and runarounds! First, I booked a compact car for $116.00. We get picked up immediately from the airport, then we are brought to a rundown area (That should have been my first wake-up call!) BTW my confirmation page asked that we bring our insurance card, which we did. However, once we give them our information, they said, NO, we have to charge you $25/day for insurance PLUS another $300 deposit incase of damages! I was infuriated...then they bring us this rundown nissan with no bumper, dents, scratches and dings all over the car. I asked my husband to check the inside of the car and he said it looked like someone soiled the passenger seat! We did not take the car...we asked for a refund over $500! They said they did, but unfortunately no refund has shown up on our account! Normally, I check reviews when I book something for the first time, and why I didnt I can't recall! Anyway, for your information "if it sounds too good to be true, it isnt! Use the well known rentals!

Rated by Grace Alcalde on 08/03/11
DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!! This is the worst car rental place in San Juan!!! It was HORRIBLE!!! they have no customer service all they care about is getting money. My car was all scratched up, had a dent was missing a piece of the mirror and the worst was that i realized acouple of days later that we had no horn or an air bag. when i called they told me just to bring the car back and they would exchange it. That car was unsafe i had children in the car and they didn't offer to bring the car to me. i drove over half an hour in the rain to return it and they charged me for gas because i didnt return it the way they gave it to me. They also had a $400.00 hold just in case. The first car smelled and the second one smelled of cigarettes. There cars are all beat up. I did spaek to one of the managers and he refused to credit me for gas even though my car was unsafe he said nobody wrote down the car didnt have a horn therefore he couldnt do anything. OVERALL THEY DON"T EVEN DESERVE THE ONE STAR.

Rated by lauri on 04/07/11
DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE! They have no customer service, my mom's rental broke down and they said that was expected for being an economy car. They asked her to paid extra for another car instead. HORRIBLE SERIVICE!

Rated by Arelys Laureano on 04/03/11
Worst company ever. DO NOT Rent from them. Gave me the car with a hole bunch of scratches. Then want to charge me $350 for a small scratch. Horrible

Rated by Kathy Prince on 02/24/11
Do not rent from this company. We did not take the insurance or the TIRE insurance. We had an accident and took the car to a Macco Auto Repair Shop to get an idea of the damage. They would do the repair for $350. When we returned the car, by the time we got to the airport our credit card was charged with a $300 charge and a $500 charge. Our insurance company finally settled with them for over $900. We did finally get the $800 back, but it took months. Do not rent from the company. The car was the worse car we every rented. The tires were in bad condition and we had a blow out that damaged the entire tire. We had to use the donut to barely get to a place to get a used tire. The donut was almost flat by the time we got to the tire company. Do not rent from this company.

Rated by on 01/30/11
Van picked me up quickly, but the service was terrible at Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. No one to greet us, stairs with no ramp to office, plus they wanted to place a $500 hold on my bank card, plus force me purchase their insurance at $25 per day. I said no thanks and went back to Avis at the airport.

Rated by Angel Alvarez on 11/19/10
DO NOT RENT HERE!... I am a puertorrican living out of the island and these people were the worst! I Had a reservation with them and not only the Isla Verde location is depressing, they ARE RUDE. After dealing with that for 5-10 minutes I went back to the airport and rented with a different company. This is a NO NO car rental company.

Rated by juan on 04/11/10
Too late. I rented for three days and when i got home i had 2 charges of 128 and 153 usd. and i dont know why, they never tell you the reason why those charges. How can i claim for those charges? anyone can help me?

Rated by T.P. on 01/15/10
DO NOT RENT FROM U SAVE! The place is a scam. The cars are JUNK and when you bring them back, they start blaming you for the damage! Before you leave with the car they take you around it so you can agree about what is wrong with it. But what lay person, occupied with their travel will catch everything? They were so rude when I returned. They use the whole experience to confuse you (it works) so that they can tack on extra money without you noiticing. These people were the only dishonest people I met in Puerto Rico. The rest of the island is filled with great folks. DO NOT USE U SAVE, especially at the Isla Verde location!

Rated by Tom on 11/30/09
one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with; a disgrace to the great people of puerto rico. This place is a scam and in my opinion, will certainly seek to charge you unfairly.

Rated by NMCLEOD@NPACES.COM on 09/25/09
DO NOT USE IT. It is NOT customer service oriented. They don't want to help costumers and have no manners. The cars are old and not very well taken care of. We are disputing charges they made on my credit card. Once they charge it, even if they are wrong they are not willing to refund the money. $555.00 they charged and know I am dealing with the credit card company to see what they can do about it. DO NOT USE THEM ANYWHERE. THEY ARE OUT THERE TO GET THE NEXT PERSON.

Rated by Corinne on 08/15/09
We were picked up from the airport over an hour late. We called 3x and were told that we would be picked up within 10 minutes each time we called. There was only 1 person running the entire operation the day we arrived and he was not courteous or customer service oriented. After waiting for so long we at least expected the vehicle to be ready but it was not. We had to unload and reload our own luggage into the van we had rented. After 2 days, the check engine light turned on and the van cut off numerous times. There was not another 15 passenger van so we had to split our group into 2 smaller vans for the rest of our trip. (These vans smelled horrible!!! We had to buy lysol to mask the smell.) I do have to say that our return trip back to the airport was much better, the staff was much friendlier and was very timely. In all, we were very disappointed that no apologies were made or compensation was offered for the experience we had upon our arrival. We will not rent from here again.

Rated by Jason on 07/21/09
Do not rent from the Isla Verde site. We returned a car in the same condition we rented it - the worker specifically said there were no problems when we dropped it off. When we got home, these guys charged us $1200 for a $250 rental!!!! We are disputing the charges but it would be best to avoid these scam artists.

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