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Tropical Jewelers is a family owned and operated jewelry store located in the heart of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. They offer their customers extraordinary jewelry at unbeatable, duty-free prices. Tropical Jewelers values high quality, superior customer service, and life-long customer relationships.


   205 Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan
   (787) 721-4770, (866) 721-4770
   Tropical Jewelers Web Site
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Rated by Suresh Kirpalani on 01/08/14
Good place to buy watches . The owner Mr. Kishnani a very fine gentleman.

Rated by Suresh Kirpalani on 01/08/14
Good place to buy watches . The owner Mr. Kishnani a very fine gentleman.

Rated by sherry on 06/10/10
I bought a blue diamond band for 299.00 when another store close by wanted 750. for a band that almost identical. Awesome prices! Can't wait to go back.

Rated by donald on 06/08/10
purchased a new ESQ Fusion, which looks Genuine and has all the characteristics of a genuine ESQ, but they lie when they say they are an autorized reseller....Movado knows nothing of this company, a "real" authorized reseller will have the business name imprinted on the warrenty happy with the watch but buyer beware, they just tell you what you want to here, just like every other salesmen....

Rated by S.Watson on 01/04/10
A great selection of different varieties of exotic gems. We had to hunt for a little while to find it , but getting there was worth the wait.

Rated by DL on 11/24/09
Bought a ring there last week. Service was excellent. Prices were seemed almost a little too good to be true! The owner was very willing to bargain. Great experience, will certainly go back.

Rated by Jen on 06/12/09
Very Very nice people and great prices!! The man who owned it helped us and then we went down the street to his other store and saw his wife he even came down there to help us! great people will go back!!

Rated by Janet on 02/22/08
This is the only place that I shop for jewelry. I get to san juan about 4 times a year and this is always my first stop. Great customer service and unique pieces!

Rated by Cindy from Florida on 02/22/07
Can't wait for the Web Site, the best place to shop in San Juan! Love the unusual Gemstones, can't wait to purchase more!! Great Customer Service. A+

Rated by Colleen on 12/16/06
Great customer service. They didn't have the size diamond earrings I wanted but ordered them for me before returning home. I got a great deal on all my jewelry I bought at their shop and would go back there again.

Rated by Kendall Clark on 01/02/06
Gave me 15% off on the Philip Stein but saw the same watches at 20% in St. Marteen and Nausau. Wish I had waited.

Rated by Rebecca on 12/28/05
I bought a very nice diamond ring with two blue diamonds on the side 1/05. Great ring.

Rated by george on 05/12/05
The site was boring ,incomplete and not well thought out.

Rated by Ken Buzbee on 12/21/04
We found the folks at Tropical Jewelers to be very helpful as we selected pieces that were both beautiful and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Rated by Linda from USA on 07/30/04
Beautiful and unusual jewelry. Great quality and reasonable prices. Don't miss this stop on your next visit.
Linda from USA.

Rated by Susan Johnson on 04/19/04
great customer service. we can't wait to visit tropical jewelers on our next cruise.

Rated by Binoy Agarwal on 02/24/04
I really like this site. They sell nice jewelry at great prices!

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